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Send Email With Attachment (report) Via Outlook Using Vba

Send Report and Attachments in Email
User is looking at a job details. Job has pictures and PDF's as external files saved in the filesystem of the computer. User clicks Email Invoice. System attaches report as a PDFand opens Outlook Email message with email address, subject and body filled and the report PDF as an attachment

I can currently send a report as an attachment in an Outlook Email by using the "DoCmd.SendObject acSendReport" code.

That works nicely for me because it attaches the report I specify but has the limitation that I cannot attach any other objects.

I therefore came across the following code which allows me to add multiple attachments to an Outlook email message:


The problem with the above is that I cannot figure out how to attach a report of my choice. I don't know if there is a way to tell access to open a report and attach it as a PDF (in the above code).

Worst comes to worst, I'll try to figure out a way to save the report as a PDF (to the local filesystem) and then attach that as one of the attachments.

Docmd.SendObject and bypassing Outlooks Security Warnings
I have found solutions online to bypass the outlook security message whenever you try to send a email with an attachment using outlook in access but, I do not understand how they work. I was wondering if someone could help me in find a solution to my problem.


I need to create a form that opens which automatically runs a report and sends an email without a user. Meaning that some how I need to bypass the Outlook security message. This is the code I am currently using to send the email out

Email report as body of email
I want the user to click a button (on the form) that generates an html report and sends an email, through Outlook 2010, with that report being the body of the email not as an attachment.

I'm looking to accomplish this through VBA and I have tried everything that I can think of and still am unable to get it to work.

Send stored attachment via email
I am working with Access 2007. In my application users can store files in the database. For that I am using the attachment - datatype.

When a user sends an email from Access through Outlook I would like to attach this file (if there is one stored in that record).

Sending and everything works fine, but how do I select the attachment to get it into the email?

This is the attachment part in my email code:

If Not IsMissing(xxxx) Then
Set objOutlookAttach = .Attachments.Add(xxxx

Send report as attachment
I'm trying to send report called "Harmonogram" as attachment in e-mail. I don't want to use send object method because sometimes I need to sent more files as attachment. Here is the code I use:

Dim objOutlook As Outlook.Application Dim objEmail As Outlook.MailItem
Set objOutlook = CreateObject("Outlook.application") Set objEmail = objOutlook.CreateItem(olMailItem) Set thereport = CurrentDb.OpenRecordset("Harmonogram")
Email = Me.Email
With objEmail .To = Email .Subject = Harmonogram .Body = text .Attachments.Add thereport, olByReference, 1, "Harmonogram" .Display End With
Set objEmail = Nothing

I have found this code on Internet but there is a problem in line: .Attachments.Add thereport, olByReference, 1, "Harmonogram". It shows me an error message: Data type conversion error. - 3421.

Filter a Report Based on an Attribute a to be Emailed VBA
I'm using Windows 7, Access 2007, Outlook 2010

I've written the script to generate the email, attach the report (actually in the body of theemail) and send it to the correct people.

My issue is that I want to send only the relevant records from the report to each person. I've put the relevant person's email into the report (of a query) to make it easier. I want to email all the records with one email address to that email address and so on.

This would mean, for example, there are 6 records with [@email] in the email field of the report and 3 records with [@email]. I want the 6 records with [@email] to be emailed to [@email]and the 3 records with [@email] to be emailed to [@email].

Sending an Access Report as an attachment via Outlook automatically
I'm trying to send an existing Access Report as an attachment via MS Outlook. The SendObject method is not an option.

Since, the report I'm trying to send is an access object it is not stored at a particular path on the PC/network.

Send email with attachment from access
But I want to use vba to add the persons name to the beginning of the email? can not find a way, Was able to Make adoc in word that would add the customer name but can not add the report as an attachment

Display email in Outlook from Access VBA
AS my users do not want to auto-send an email message generated from within Access 2003, I am using .display instead of .send to show the Outlook message (Word is the Outlook word processor).

Can anyone tell me how I can detect whether the "Send" button on the email message was clicked on from within Access VBA?

Send in Email Body vice Attachment
Got a report I want my user to be able to send by just clicking a button on the Switchboard. But the data has to go as part of the body of the eMail and not embedded as an attachment.

Is there any way to design a Macro that will let you do this

Variable Email of a Report
However I am new to access and I have a little situation. My client wants to be able to send a email out which is a report generated invoice of her customers purchase.

This part is all set and ready to go. the query and report creation are taken care of and work great for printing.

now I need to add a cmd button to send a email that pulls the customers email address and fills it in. Sending the email is easy. however pulling the email address data from the customer tbl is where I need some assistance.

To summarize. I am sending report out as a .pdf it needs to auto fill the customers email address into out look also add a bcc to a static email address and also allow to me to have a generic topic and email body for this process.

And the outlook email window should be displayed and the user will manually click send.

email a pdf report
Is there a way to email a pdf report in an MS Access subroutine?

I know that I can use SendObject to send a Snapshot View of a report. But who is at the other end to read it? The CIA could use snapshot format to send secret documents and no one would be able to break the code.

I need to send things as pdf's.

Again, I need to send a pdf from a MS Access program directly to an email attachment.

modifying the From parameter in an email
Is there a way I can use the Outlook email function in Access to send an email. I would like to change the "From" box. I don't want the email to come from me. In outlook I can manually change who the email is coming from. I want to do that in VBA.

Outlook email from Access
In my code I am trying to call outlook application to send email with multiple attachments and I need help with things below.

1. My code is able to create emails with multiple attachments how ever it does not send emails if outlook is not open. How can I open outlook with VBA, hold for few mins (to let outlookstart properly) then run the main macro to send email?

2. I am planing to modify my code for email and make it a function. Can I transfer attachments (excel, pdf) as arguments?

3. In future I may have multiple attachments for same customer say named like cus1_ReptA, cus1_ReptB, cus1_ReptC, How should I write a code to check the file name before attaching the file.Example Cus1 should only get files with names Starting as cus1

Email and Outlook
My goal is to send Email through Outlook from MS Access utilizing certain fields in my form.

The issue I am running into is that the Email field is saves as a Data Type "Hyperlink". I have done this because sometimes I just want to send an email easily without additional text. It causes a problem with the above code as my email looks like this once it opens up the mail client:

Send report inline
I have set up an access 2010 db, and have it generating a nice report. I have it set up to send the report via email, and can select and send a variety of formats (including HTML) as an attachment.

What I need is it embedded into the email as HTML. And how?

Can Access send Email without Outlook
Is it possible to send an email in Access using VBA without using an emailing program like Outlook or Lotus Notes

Automate *.pdf (multiple reports) to send from Access thru MS Outlook
I am trying to automate sending daily reports to a select list of internal employees, and Access 2007 is only letting me send one at a time, not multiple reports in a single email.

Not only do I have this problem, but, each time I try to send one usingthe macro function (this is one report for one email) MS Outlook asks me to accept/deny this priviledge. How do I get around this, so that I can automate the sending of multiple reports, and override the security of MS Outlook that forces me to accept/deny sending the email? My boss would like me to send out the reports on his behalf as if it is from his email box? Can this be done

MsAccess VBA to the outlook outbox
I am trying to send an automatic mail from MsAccess VBA to the outlook outboxes, when this message is sent, this error appears.

A program is trying to automatically send e-mail on your behalf.

The help button says:

A program is trying to send mail using Item.Send
A program is trying to automatically send e-mail using a Microsoft Outlook Visual Basic Application command, Item.Send. If you want this program to send this e-mail, click Yes. To stop the program, click No.
If you are unsure which program is sending the e-mail or why, you may want to click No to avoid any possible spread of viruses.

Note When this message is displayed, the Yes button is not available for 5 seconds.

How can I disable this protection as we use MS Outlook for only sending email?

VBA to use Query email addresses in TO: of Outlook
I have a query that gathers email lists based on whether or not the record is part of the distribution list. I need to be able to either:

1. Open outlook new mail message with the To: field populated with email address, followed by ;


2. Create a listing of the email addresses, with each followed by ; and then I can do the rest.

#1 would be an ideal solution, but I would be satisfied with #2

Here is what I am thinking for the VBA for #2

Dim Outlook

Dim rs As Recordset
Set rs = qryPipeline

Do While Not rs.EOF
Outlook = Outlook + emailaddress + ;

Me.Text0 = Outlook

Then I would set up the email procedure to have this sent every Sunday since the newsletter will be sent monday morning If I use