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Send as attachment button missing in ribbon

Send in Email Body vice Attachment
Got a report I want my user to be able to send by just clicking a button on the Switchboard. But the data has to go as part of the body of the eMail and not embedded as an attachment.

Is there any way to design a Macro that will let you do this

Ribbon group send right
The ribbon builds itself from left to right. Is there any way to send a group to the far right? All the other group can remain as is, but I'd like 1 particular group to the right-hand side of the ribbon.

Can this be done? Is there a parameter to control this type of thing that I am not aware of?

Ribbon Editig
I have been using Utter Access; apparently their website is down. I downloaded a on-line public Ribbon sample db from them, incorporated only the ribbon table and module from that db into my testing db.

I would like to delete one of the Info buttons from the tab and and add an Export to Excel function button. I have read several articles ref creating Ribbons; however, it is hard to find an individual whom is good at editing ribbons.

From this site, if I send the script for the one ribbon table with the module, I am in a crunch in getting this done appropriately.

email attachment
I have a very large db that I want to send to a friend as an attachment to an email. It will not transfer. Is there a way to send it piece meal, say a table then a query, etc.?

Send Email with fields in message instead of attachment
I have a database of contacts and wish to send an email to each individually. Is it possible to send the information I have in message instead of an attachment

Missing Ribbon 2010
Upon loading Access 2010 the ribbon has disappeared.

How do I unhide the ribbon manually.

I have tried it in code:

DoCmd.ShowToolbar "Ribbon", acToolbarYes

and it had no effect but there must be a manual switch or toggle.

I should have got to grips with Access 2007 as soon as it came out

Getting rid of the RIBBON!!!
Just in case anyone wants to know. I keep reading don different forums that people don't know how. This completely removes the ribbon, the office button, and the QAT.

remove access ribbon

disable access ribbon

DoCmd.ShowToolbar "Ribbon", acToolbarNo

Send OLE object as attachment
I have a form that contains an unbound OLE object (xlsx file)
I would need to send that as an attachment in an email
In my code I use:

olattach.Add Me.OLEobject

but I get an error message that object does not support this property or method

attachment printing
What I want to do is have a button to print the attachment when pressed. if I double click on the attachment the popup window allows you to some thing but not print the attachment unless you open it and then print it,

Emails only send from my computer
i have a program that sends emails at the click of a button - containing text in the - to. subject. body. and an attachment. all works fine until i use this program on another computer. it seems to send but when i look at the outlook send folder there is nothing there and neither has it been sent. as if the command leaves the program but never reaches outlook. even when i create my email account on another computer and make it the default account (im presuming access always sends through the default??) it still wont send

Opening an attachment from a form button
I can use the macro builder to make a button open another form, or report, but, how do I open an attachment that is in a table. The attachment is a pdf, .docx or .xlsx file.

Emailing - Attachment is Blank
Hoping someone can help me?

I have a database built in Access (03) and have a button to email individual spreadsheets to certain people. Normally I click the email button on there page it opens up an outlook message with the attachment. Well for a week now when I do this the attachment is blank. Anyone know why this would be happening and how do I fix it

Send stored attachment via email
I am working with Access 2007. In my application users can store files in the database. For that I am using the attachment - datatype.

When a user sends an email from Access through Outlook I would like to attach this file (if there is one stored in that record).

Sending and everything works fine, but how do I select the attachment to get it into the email?

This is the attachment part in my email code:

If Not IsMissing(xxxx) Then
Set objOutlookAttach = .Attachments.Add(xxxx

send emails for data collection with attachment(?)
I am trying to send out request-for-quote sheets to vendors and I need to send the image of the product as well. when I send emails for data collection, howcan I attach images?

Send an email form Access code with attachment
Send an email form Access code with attachment
I am able to export data to excel file, I would like to send the excel file created to the customer, is there a sample code I can use to do this in a module.

Access DB sends 1st attachment to all recipients
I have an access database that I use to send emails containing different attachments depending on who receives them. It works fine in access 2003 however when I switched over to access 2007 it started sending the 1st attachment to everyone in the list(rather than sending everyone their own attachment). I cannot find out why it is doing this.

Sending an Access Report as an attachment via Outlook automatically
I'm trying to send an existing Access Report as an attachment via MS Outlook. The SendObject method is not an option.

Since, the report I'm trying to send is an access object it is not stored at a particular path on the PC/network.

missing administer tab in database tools
I am missing the administer tab in database tools I have checked options and customize ribbon it is there, but does not show in the ribbon.

How to Disable or Reroute Export to Excel Button in Ribbon?
I had a database user click on the "Export to Excel" button in the ribbon to try and export a report to excel when I already have a button on a report selector that runs VBA code I createdto copy data into an excel templated report.

My question is how can I reroute the ribbon button to my code that works correctly? Or if that can'

Configure Outlook for Lotus Notes
We have seen that sending EMails from MS-Access is easy enough like any other method you are familiar with. With few clicks we can send an email with MS-Access Objects as attachment to the mail. Depending on the object selected for attachment the output format options available may be different. The attachment format for VB Code module is Text format only and will be converted into this format before attaching it to the mail.