Select All Forms In VBA

Please can someone tell me if there is a way to select all open forms in Access in the same thinking that Screen.ActiveForm selects the active form.

I want to run code to change the format of all open forms dynamically

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on close event select listbox x item data. how?
I would like to have a form close and on the form that remains open select a row in a list box. not really bothered which row(as there is only 1). I thought it would be something like this

on click event
select [forms]![frmClientSalePaymentScreen]![lstToPay]![ItemData]

I dont really have a clue about vba but im trying

VBA for opening different forms
I am creating a HR database with forms such as Incident, Investigation, Hazard, Non conformance, appraisal ect. I need queries so that each report can be somehow found without having to go through all the data. I have created a form called "searchcentre" where I have placed unmanaged Combo boxes and text boxes so to help with the queries, ie Name, date, location. This all (to my knowledge is working fine)

Seeing as I have multiple forms, I have created a Combo box containing the form names for the user to select, and would like to create a VBA code for a button placed at the bottom so If Incident report, then open "incident report" If Hazard, then open hazard" ect.
I am only new to VBA and am a little unsure on how to do this, and every thing I try doesn't seem to work.

What causes Inconsistent Behavior of VBA Global Variable?
I declare these global variables:
1) Option Compare Database
2) Option Explicit
3) Public strLOC As String
4) Public strCode As String
5) Public strJCodeKey As String

Load them with this code:
1) Private Sub RadfordMatch_Click()
2) strCode = [Forms]![View RHI Job Pricing Master]![Job Code]
3) strLOC = [Forms]![View RHI Job Pricing Master]![LOC]
4) MsgBox "You will now be selecting matches for this position: " & strCode & " - " & strLOC, vbOKCancel
5) DoCmd.OpenForm "select Radford Jobs", acNormal, , , acFormEdit, acWindowNormal
6) End Sub

And then when a "select" flag is toggled on the following form the fields get copied to the form:
1) Sub Select_Flag_Click()
2) Dim strFlag
3) strFlag = [Forms]![select Radford Jobs]![Select]
4) If strFlag = -1 Then
5) [Forms]![select Radford Jobs]![RHI Job] = [Form_View RHI Job Pricing Master].strCode
6) [Forms]![select Radford Jobs]![LOC] = [Form_View RHI Job Pricing Master].strLOC
7) Else
8) [Forms]![select Radford Jobs]![RHI Job] = ""
9) [Forms]![select Radford Jobs]![LOC] = ""
10) End If
11) End Sub

SELECT in VBA Access (small db)
I want to invoke a small SQL statement to select datums from a table and pass that onto a string variable. Note I don't mean to dump the entire table into VBA but just 1x1 field, one at a time of course.

I have trouble finding how to use SELECT statements within VBA in a simple context as mine surley is. The fact is, the table contains the names of every checkbox in a form, I want VBA to get those names from the table, see if they = TRUE, and then APPEND to a new table (which, thankfully docmd.runSQL works for). It just seems much cleaner than having to pour in sixty control names into the VBA code.

I've heard about using querydefs but they seem way outside the scope of my application, which is small

Renaming a Form Stopped my VBA from Executing
Recently, I renamed my forms and my tables to have numbers in front of them (mostly to establish a temporal order in my forms). I had a code which worked when the form names didn't have numbers in front of them.

However, upon adding numbers to the form names (and trying to update the VBA respectively), the VBA no longer executes.


Run-time error '2450'

Microsoft Office Access can't find the form '13-frm_Transportation' referred to in a macro expression or Visual Basic code.

I've been running into this type of problem with of my forms -- VBA code which previously worked, but referred to other forms in some manner (include opening said forms), no longerwork when numbers are added into the form names!

I've got to ask: does Access not like people to put numbers in their forms? What is the correct syntax for referencing to forms in this manner?

VBA coding for forms and command buttons
I am completely uneducated when it comes to access and VBA programming. I do have some programming knowledge but that is limited to the classes that they have taught us in engineering school.

I am also looking for some clear and concise resources that I can look at for reference.

I have an initial start up page where someone in any division can go and select their division from a combo box. What I want them then to be able to do is click one of the forms (New Entry,Edit Entry,.).

For the form New entry I am looking to open the form with the division name to filled into a text box. I also would like to have that box that box also correspond to a field in a the table for a new entry.

VBA to select record in listbox based on textbox value
I've been reading up on selecting records in a list box using VBA but so far I can only find details of selecting a record based on counting how many there are.
Can anyone tell me how to select a record based on its value.
Eg I have txtbox1 which contains =Format(Now(),WW) to give me the week number.
I want to look that week number up in LstBox1 and select it using VBA.

Hide x Forms

Got a lil problem. I want to lock down my dB after inactivity. working good. But if one clicks on the dB they can see what is on the screen (but not do anything as the prompt is modal!). Coolie. But, they can still see. So I want to hide the forms. Great, so hide any form. Problem is, how would VBA know which forms were open. It farts (breaks) if any one form is not loaded and viola, lockout does not occur. Ooops.

So, I tried a multitude of conditionals but I can not seem to get it to consider what is open and what is not before invoking actions on the forms which renders a error if said form is not open.

How can I get VBA to understand what forms are open, so it may hide them?
Matt L - new father, drunk, and OCD

Filtering a query using a multi select list Box
I have not used VBA and I am a novice at creating forms in Access so I'm having difficulty with a form that I'm trying to put together. I am trying to build a form to use to filter the data in a query. My issue is that I have two multi select list boxes where I need to be able to select all or some of the items in each of the boxes and then have the query run based on the criteria selected on the form.

I'm able to get the query to run if I limit the list box to only one selection, but if I enable the multi select to Extended and run the query it returns an empty record set.

I apologize, but I'm not as tech savy/smart as most and I've not used VBA so I'm not able to translate someone elses code to suite my purposes.

I wanted to attached a copy of my database in order for you to see what I'm trying to accomplish. But I am unable to upload any files to this forum site, I keep getting an error message

Changing select query to append query with VBA
I have a select query that uses a criteria to select some records and puts them in a table for the user to modify them. The SQL for the query is being changed with VBA when the form is launched because the criteria is dynamic Once it is done being changed I would like to be able to put the records in a different table than the one the records came from.

The only way to do that (than I seem to think of) is to use VBA and change the SQL of the query making it an append query.

So this query would be changed back and forth in VBA. Is this the right way to do thisand common practice or do I need to look for a different solution?

Where does VBA comes in
I have made a couple of databases and tried to apply the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Norm as much as possible.
So starting off with the business concept, making tables, queries, relationships, entry forms, overview forms, reports and the like, I always struggled where and when to use VBA. I seldom use any macro's.

Changing select query to append query with VBA
I have a select query that uses a criteria to select some records and puts them in a table for the user to modify them. The SQL for the query is being changed with VBA when the form is launched because the criteria is dynamic Once it is done being changed I would like to be able to put the records in a different table than the one the records came from. The only way to do that (than I seem to think of) is to use VBA and change the SQL of the query making it an append query. So this query would be changed back and forth in VBA. Is this the right way to do this and common practice or do I need to look for a different solution

ms access and maybe its VBA
all, I need some thoughts here. I pick up a small side job, so I thought. When I first open it was access. When I tried to see all the objects, it just had the queries and tables. So when I install the complete application the forms came into play. So then my next thought the forms are hidden. Bottom line I could not find any forms or macros. When I look a little bit closer I found that the task bar is completely different. So now I am thinking maybe VBA and MS Access combined. Could that be possible? Now this was created in 1999.

Would there be any way I can see how the forms were designed?

As of right now I am just looking at the end result of the form and trying to see how it all came together from the tables and queries.

Access crashes when editing VBA
I can start Access and VBA module without problems.
But when I edit VBA (first keystroke) Access VBA plugin freezes and crashes.

Problem is on all databases using VBA
If I log on as a other user, problem isn't there.
I use Win7 64bit, Access 2010 32bit
I use .mdb format only
I've tried access.exe mydatabase.mdb /decompile

I would log on as other user, rename c:\users\myprofile and thus force it to create a new profile for me. But Windows 7 just creates a temporary profile as it can't find the old one.
I would prefer not to delete my profile through control panel, as I would like to be able to undo the change

EDIT: Actually, this might not be an VBA issue - I found out that I have no problems editing VBA code that has no forms (GUI), so the problem just might be regarding Forms and not VBA

Select Query From VBA
To cut down on some of the clutter in the objects panel I wanted to code as many of my queries as possible.

The question: Is there any feasible workaround for coding a Select Query in VBA.

I understand that commands like execute and DoCmd can't be used with Select queries.

I've been trying some code like this but have not found success

Transferring VBA functions from one database to another?
I just had some sort of critical error while loading my database and I seem to have lost all VBA functions that were programmed and made the forms I had function properly. I have not lostany tables, queries, forms or reports, simply the code that powers form buttons.

I have these VBA functions backed up on another (much older) version of the database I am working on and was wondering if there is a way I can export of them to the newer version of my database?

Function Select Sum
I have:

1) Table1 containing fields: ID, Name, Wage, WorkingHours, Date,
2) Form1 containing: txtDate, txtCO

I must create a Function that Sum the Wage from last 5 days.

Exp1 = DSUM([Wage],[Table1],Where Date <[Forms]![Form1]![txtDate]-5)

But I must do it in SQL (VBA).

I can't undesternd how to VBA.

Function WA(CO) As Integer
Dim db As DAO.Database Dim rs As DAO.Recordset
Dim strSQL As String Set db = CurrentDb
If CO>0 Then
strSQL = "SELECT Sum(Wage) AS [SumOfWage] FROM [Table1] WHERE Date < Forms![Form1]![txtData]-5
Set rs = db.OpenRecordset(strSQL)
WA= rsTot("SumOfWage")
rs.Close db.Close Set db = Nothing

Clicking a button via VBA
I am trying to (using VBA), open a form, populate a combo box, and then clicka button on the newly opened form.

I have tried the following:

DoCmd.OpenForm "frm01_Services"

Forms.frm01_Services.cmbServer.Value = Me!Server
Forms!frm01_Services.cmbserver_Click | -----Error

Line # 3 bombs - is there a function in access that allows me to do this?

Create graph and running sum module for report
Bear with me as I am a VBA newbie!

I have a cross tab query that emits a report:

PARAMETERS [Forms]![frmRptDialogSingle]![begdate] DateTime, [Forms]![frmRptDialogSingle]![enddate] DateTime;
TRANSFORM Count(qry_cardiology1.EpisodeID) AS CountOfEpisodeID
SELECT Format([RequestDatetime],"yyyy/mm") AS [Date]
FROM qry_cardiology1
WHERE (((qry_cardiology1.RequestDatetime) Between [Forms]![frmRptDialogSingle]![begdate] And [Forms]![frmRptDialogSingle]![enddate]))
GROUP BY Format([RequestDatetime],"yyyy/mm")
PIVOT qry_cardiology1.Days In (0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12);

I am trying to create a report with a chart. Attached is the xls spreadsheet for explanation. I have tried and failed do create a query to do this and have read that a VBA report maybe more efficient buy I havent a clue how to do this.

You can see that I would need to generate a running total column for Count of Episodes as well as a Percentage column

Corrupt VBA code
I am using Access 2007. When I try to open my accdb I get a "The database cannot be opened because the VBA project contained cannot be read. The database can be opened only if the VBA project is first deleted.

Deleting the VBA project removes code from modules, forms and reports. You should back up your database before attempting to open the database and delete theVBA project." message.

- I can't use the backup feature (I get the same error message)
- I can't compact and repair (I get the same error message)
- I can't move the forms into a new db (I get the same error message)
- I can't decompile (I get the same error message)
- when I save the forms as text - I get empty text files
- I can't open vba window (I get the same error message)