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Save file prompt

Save file prompt
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I have a macro that exports a table to an excel file using the OutputTo option in the macro builder. The macro works fine, but every time I run it, I get a prompt that the file already exists, and it asks if I want to over write the existing file. Is there a way to get rid of the prompt and just automatically over write the file?
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Prompt users to choose the file path where to save the file

I exported the db with the TransferSpreadsheet method, seems like I have to specify the file path when writing the code.

Is there a way that the user can be prompt to choose the file path where to save the file

OutputTo Options

I am building a button to export reports to an excel spreadsheet. I know how to use the OutputTo with variables to save a file to a specific place.

DoCmd.OutputTo acOutputReport, stDocName, acFormatXLS, stDocPath, False

But they want the ability to specify the directory location, kind of like when you do a file save as and then select where you want the file to go.
Other than putting a prompt in for them to type in the path/file name, what other options would allow them to specify the location and name of the file?

Saving & Overwriting existing Excel files

I am using a macro to run and save queries into existing Excel files. I get a prompt for every file, there are nine, asking if I want to overwite the existing file and I am asked to answer yes or know.

I have had a look at similar threads around this and tried using Setwarning to off as the first line of the macro. This worked OK for all of the delete query messages which stopped, but the overwrite message prompt still appears. I even tried putting the Setwarning before every Outputto line, but this didn't work either.

Is it possible to stop the save as prompts using Macro commands

Save Prompt....

I have created a Database form which has more than 25 fields (some of which are combo boxes), there are about 1000+ rows.

On selection of a particular client (via Combo box) records are filled in the respective fields (it reads the row information).

Some of the Combo boxes are Distinct.

Currently, if the user selects anything in the Combo box/fields it get updated/saves the information in the master table.

I don't want a save button on the Form - Is it possible to create a prompt which has a save/cancel/undo button - the prompt checks for any changes done on the form that would include anyfield and Combo boxes - the prompt would occur only after the user select another client - the prompt would not occur if no changes are done.

Access Does Not Prompt to Save Changes in Design View

Does anyone know why Access 2003 does not prompt me to save changes made in design view. It automatically saves the changes. I looked everyone on the internet and I can't find a resolution to this headache.

Opening command prompt and running app with parameters/options

I need to setup our system so it exports a file, and then encrypts it using a specific software.

I got the file exporting, and I can open the command prompt but it doesn't run the supplied information. I've googled around and pieced this bit of code together. Any suggestions would be great.

(By the way, just typing into the command prompt works fine)

Prompt for changes to be saved in Access

Access 2003/XP/2000/97 automatically saves changes to the database when entering information on a form. How can I prompt a user to save changes like in other applications?

Report does NOT open on BUTTON CLICK

I have a button on my form, when user clicks it, it will run

docmd.openreport ("rptDay4")

instead of the report popping up, a box appears showing "now printing" and a save prompt opens asking where I want to save the file

prompt before moving to next record, if no dont move, if yes then save and move

I want to prompt users before they are allowed to go to the next existing record, search for a record, or create a new record. I display the records on a form. The form just opens to the 1st record in the table.

" If they answer yes then save the data for the record they are currently on and allow them to go to another record, either the next , new record, or search. then it stays on that current record.

Export into Excel without saving first?

I have a report that has an Excel and PDF icons and when they are clicked, gives users a prompt to save either in Excel or PDF format.

My question is.would be it possible to override the saving part? Can you export it into Excel first then save? Users just wanna view the file in Excel without having to save the report first.

Is it possible? Can it be done using a macro of some sort