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Rows to columns

Rows to columns
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Rows to columns;
I have a table with three fields
3. aaa,code3
4, bbb,code4

I need a query creating these two columns:
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Two Remove those rows in a table which has already occured for a particular value

I have one table which consits of 5 columns . I have imported it in access database.

I have two columns say column A and D which consists of integer values and the values of the columns are say in the range 1 - 100 ( both the columns ). so there is a row say in column A value is 38 and in column D corresponding value is 37.

So now in the output there should not be any other record with having value 38 and 37 either in column A or D .ie. all those rows which contains these values other than this rows should be omitted.

Similarly for other rows and values also .I tried with the following query but didn't worked

System Requirements for Complex Large Queries

If I have 13 sheets linked from excel containing about 15,000-20,000 rows and 15ish columns. A 3 have about 35,000 rows, 1 has 85,00 rows and 12 columns, 10 columsn and 2 have 400,000 (2-3 columns) then I create multiple quries then from those quries make more quiries.

Can a 2.8ghz, i7 (not sandy) 4gb system handle this OR would adding more RAM help?

It's going really slow right now making the 1st query from the table with about 85,000 rows and 12 columns. Can't wait to combine that with the 20,000 row database with 15ish columns.

Can I perform math on columns in Access?

I bet this has been asked b4 >

how can I perform basic math on Access db columns? I need to multiply a constant by the present column value ($).

the kicker is also only doing partial rows, I.e. some rows X .96, some rows x .99, etc.

if you could hi-lite rows/columns, then do math would be the ticket!

Between: how on earth could MS build access without this basic function? they want you to buy Excel and import/export!

Colouring Rows & Columns

Does anybody know if you can colour rows or columns in Access?

I know you can colour every-other row, but this isn't what I need to do. I need to be able to colour certain rows or columns

Moving and adding rows of data

I have a form with a dozen rows of data in the center of the form. Each row has seven columns: a label and four to six text boxes that display data from a table. I want to insert new rows with similar data at the top of these columns, moving the existing rows down.

How do I insert the desired rows without moving EVERYTHING on the formdown?

Query Criteria hide rows if all numeric fields have zeros

I have a query with six columns. The first column is item description and the next five columns are numeric fields. In some rows, certain numeric fields have zero and the other columns have some integers. In some rows all the five columns have have zeros.
Is it possible to hide the rows only where all the five numeric field collumns have zeros

Same contents in all rows

I am very new to Access and I tried to make a project database based on one of built-in templates. Then I entered design view to add new columns, but the new columns wont work properly. When I enter data in my new column, it automatically fills all rows in that column with the same data. The other columns from the template works fine.

How to get Top 25 rows by each group

I have a table in Access 2007 with almost 200,000 rows with multiple columns for which I need to find the top 25 rows for each group.

The important columns are STOREID (store ID), CUSTID (Customer ID), and QTY (Order amount). I want to select 25 rows per store that reflect the top 25 customers in descending order by their order amount values.

SELECT TOP 25. only gives me the top 25 rows regardless of store so I'm missing something.

Access 2010: How To Insert Rows / Columns In Query Design

Access 2010 offers almost every control on the ribbon which you might need to use while setting up query in query design mode. Many a time while writing conditions for setting up query in a required way, new rows and columns are to be added. This post covers how to add new rows and columns in a query design.

Merging multiple rows into one row with several columns

In a long-term project to update a legacy system we need to create a duplicate output file (output) of the old system, using values made by the new system (input).

This means the following;

1. Several rows from output have to be combined into one row with several added columns in input.
2. Criteria for 'merging' rows are based on the values of several columns in input, if these all match the row can be merged.
3. When there are over 4 identical rows in input for one merge, the data from any of these rows is fine. Result in output is limited to 3 extra columns.
4. A final row in output needs to display the true amount of rows in input.

I've added a simplified and shortened example of the two files in question as an attachment to this posting.

My first instinct, based solely on experience with excel macro's; 1. Concatenate the rows that need to be identical for the merger. Save in temporary row.
2. Create a new table. For each row check if the value in the temporary row has been used before, then write the value in the proper column and update the counter.