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Return macro name from a table in VBA

Return macro name from a table in VBA
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I am builing a reporting database where I have a form(Report Dashboard) that has an unbound control where the control source is a table (Reports) and reflects the report name from the table. The table has the report name and another field called Trigger that has the name of the macro to run. When user selects the Report Name from the unbound control (ie on click) I am trying to build a VBA code that runs the macro in the field Trigger from the Reports table. Here is what I have cobbled together but I get an compile error stating "object required" on my set command for strMacro.

Private Sub lstReports_Click()
Dim myDb As DAO.Database
Dim strMacro As String

Set myDb = CurrentDb()
Set strMacro = myDb.OpenRecordset("SELECT Trigger FROM Reports")

DoCmd.RunMacro "strMacro"

On Error GoTo strTrigger_Error

Exit Sub

MsgBox "An error has occured - no associated macro."
Resume strTrigger_Done
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I am a beginner in Access VBA. I have created a macro in access to run a make table query and then rename the table. Now I want the current date to be part of the renamed table.
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Querying a table to return duplicate values

seriously I need help with a table and form. In short I want to know if I can modify a query to return all duplicates but only if it matches a combo box entry if so can I then have the query add the matching data to the same table?
I have a table of customer names and a macro to run a query to find duplicate names from my table after update. I just don't want to keep typing all the details when they are already there basically. So say Mike called and on my form I typed mike into the combo box instead of all the duplicates appear Can I modify it to show only customers called mike?


Oh btw I don't now anything about sql or vba and would be really appreciative of any help given.

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