Report detail and line spacing capabilities

I have created a report and I'm trying to have as little space as possible between each row of data. I've reduced the font and height of my boxes to 0.1 (think this is the limit) and pushed up the margin.

This seems to be the best I can do. It's close together but I was wondering if I could get it closer. This may be all that Access will allow me to do. Am I right? If so,I can deal with it but just wanted to know if there was anything else I could do.

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line spacing in access 2010
I know this is crazy, but I can't find anything in "access reports 2010" which allows me to adjust the line spacing. Seems like a "no brainer" but I can't find anything. The default spacing is "huge", yet line spacing is set at 0cm.

Quick note: line spacing is the distance between detail lines.

line spacing in access 2010
But I can't find anything in "access reports 2010" which allows me to adjust the line spacing. Seems like a "no brainer" but I can't find anything.The default spacing is "huge", yet line spacing is set at 0cm.

Quick note: line spacing is the distance between detail lines.

Draw line in report detail
I'm trying to draw a line in the detail section of the report using VBA. Can anyone give me some guidance? I've found some help pages from microsoft, but can't get it working.

I'm using Access 2007.

I have:

Me.ScaleMode = 7
Me.Line (1, 1)-(2, 2), RGB(0, 0, 0)

In the OnPrint event of detail. I've also tried the OnPage event of the report and the OnFormat event of the detail

Line Spacing
I have a report that has two lines for a description. The report provides an additional line for the second line of the description in the record. Sometimes, however I only need to use one line, and not the second one. How can I get the report to not provide for the second description line if this field is blank?

Hide Duplicates
I have a report in Access 2003 that creates a report as follows:
Line # detail 1 detail 2 detail 3
1 Joe Frank Steve
2 Blank Blank Jake
3 blank Sam Larry
4 Arnold blank Sarah
5 blank Peter Ruth
6 blank Ralph Joe
7 blank blank Snoopy
I'm expecting to see Sam in detail 2 line 4. I'm trying to rid myself of duplicates of detail 2 resetting on a new detail 1 and duplicates of detail 3 resetting on a change of detail 3. Lines 5 - 7 work as expected. I'm using Hide Duplicates on the text fields for detail 1 and detial 2, but when detail detail 2 is the same in the previous line as the current line then detail 2 doesn't blank out correctly.

I'm expecting to see..
Line # detail 1 detail 2 detail 3
1 Joe Frank Steve
2 blank blank Jake
3 blank Sam Larry
4 Arnold Sam Sarah
5 blank Peter Ruth
6 blank Ralph Joe
7 blank blank Snoopy
Does anyone have suggestions?

Group Header is on same line as detail?
I'm trying to create a report in the format at the bottom of this post.

I've changed the number of columns to 4 and have a new row for each group.

The new row was an attempt to get the rank at least on the left of the report, else it could be the 3rd entry in the detail line after the last detail data.?
However a side effect of multiple columns is that is that the group header appears as the first entry in the detail line, so the report looks like

Rank Name Name Name

How can I achieve the desired layout please?

Desired layout

Rank (Group Header)

Name Name Name Name
Name Name Name Name
Name Name Name Name


Name Name Name Name
Name Name Name Name
Name Name Name Name

Rounding Issues on report display
I have an Access report with several lines of detail with a dollar amount amount calculated by multiplication of salary amounts times certain percentages. This is giving me results of 3-4 decimal places. On the detail line - I formated the amount to currency, and use 2 decimals - and each line is displaying correctly and is rounded correctly. However, I have breaks with summing subtotals in the report - and they are showing a total that is slightly off because it is summing the amount from the detail lines without the 2 decimal place rounding - so a lot of times it is a penny or two off. I have the subtotal amount formatted the same as the detail line - so it displays in a 2 decimal format - but the total is sometimes wrong. Any ideas on how to get my subtotals to correctly add up the rounded amount, and not the unformated/unrounded amount?

how to keep information in footer section in same place on pre-printed form
How do I keep the information in the footer section of a access report from expanding when the detail section changes?

The information in the detail section is description for an invoice. It could be 1 or many lines. In the report footer section are the totals for the detail section, sales tax, sub total, invoice total.

it prints ok when we have just one line in the detail section, but when more then one line, it moves the footer section down

Reports in column format
My report page set-up is for 3 columns with zero spacing between columns. There is a box around the set of controls. I have the palette narrowed to the absolute minimum width so that there is no working space to the right of my controls. The result is a calendar-like presentation. The problem arises when I want to center text in the headers and footers. If I simply place my header text in the header section, it will appear more or less towards the left side of the page. In order to get it centered, I have to widen the palette and then center the text manually. If I do this, then the spacing between columns in the detail section increases - even though the column spacing is set to zero. I think that the solution is finding a way to keep the columns together.

Create Alternating Row Colors on a Report
By default, Access formats each row of a report's detail section with the same background color. When printing a report, shading every other line of the detail section can make it much easier to read. Learn how to apply shading to every other row in a report.

Memo field expansion in details section of report?
I have a Access 2003 report. I have added a memo field to the details section. I have carriage returns in the field and some of the records returned have memo fields with anywheres from 1 to 15 carriage returns.

I would like to dynamically expand the vertical size of the details section to only show the required space to show all 15 lines in the memo field, so that if I had 3 detail lines as so:

detail line 1,: memo field has 15 carriage returns
detail line 2: has 1 carriage return

the detail section will really only be approximately 16 lines in height not 30.

Using VBA to hide a report's detail section?
I am using Access 2007. I have created a report with a detail section and some summary information in the group header. Sometimes I want to see the detail section, but other times I would like the detail section to be hidden so that I only get the summary info. Can anyone tell me if there is a relatively easy way I can give myself this choice each time I run the report using VBA? If so, if you could give me a quick sample of how to reference a report's detail section and tell me what is the best event to use if I want to set the .Visible property to False,

Or is it easiest to just create two reports, one with the Detail section visible and one with the detail section not visible?

detail.height not to shrink after accommodate a large text box
Have set detail.height in OnOpen event of report. Have set Detail to can grow/can shrink. Have set text boxes in Detail section to can grow/can shrink. Have set detail.height in OnFormat event of detail section.

However, after the first time the detail section needs to grow (which it does OK) it does not shrink back for other records displayed in Detail section. LIne height is changing as it should,but not Detail section height.

Report Detail Not Displaying As Needed
I am creating a report and am totally stuck on details not displaying how I would like. I cannot seem to figure this out, I would like the report to display "days" each customer account has been serviced - by month.

I've created queries to pull the "day" from each date serviced, and by month. I do have the days showing in the appropriate month column on the report, but I need for them to all start at the top of the detail line. Kinda hard to explain. But essentially my report is looking like this:

Header must grow same amount as detail
I know this may seem odd, but honestly, this is what I need to make the layout proper.

I have GroupHeader1. It Can Grow.
I have GroupHeader2. It Can Grow.
I have Detail. It Can Grow.

The layout results in:
GroupHeader1 | GroupHeader2 | Detail Item1
Detail Item2
Detail Item3
GroupHeader2 | Detail Item1
Detail Item2
GroupHeader1 | GroupHeader2 Detail Item1

The report requires a horizontal row at each Detail Item.

Detail Items may vary in height.
GroupHeader1 Items may vary in height.
GroupHeader2 items may vary in height.

Here's the tricky part: At all times the height of GroupHeader1, GroupHeader2 and Detail Item MUST be the same WHICH EVER IS THE GREATEST AMOUNT.

Otherwise what happens in the horizontal line of Detail may cross through the verbiage of GroupHeader1 or Groupheader2.

The width of the textboxes cannot be adjusted further.

Report Header on own separate page
For some reason, my report header and page footer is in Print Preview on the first page by itself w/o title and detail. This works fine in Report View. Pages 2+ have the page footer at the top of the page again (which is correct), one instance of the title(also correct) and the detail of what is in the report. I want the detail to start on the first page. Here are the elements of what I have in the report:

Report Header:
-I have a basic picture and title

Page Header:
-I have the field headings which


Page Footer:

Report Header:
-I have a bound textbox
-Subform with detail

Replacing one line of data with multiple lines
I have a table, called Data1. Within this table exist raw paroll data but the data is consolidated by certain segments.

I have a 2nd table, called Payroll Detail. Within this table exist the detail payroll data by employee by segment that totals line consolidated line by segment in Data1.

I'm trying to create a query or something that allows me to combine the two sets of information. I need to include some data that is in Data1 and not in Payroll Detail table. However, instead of my results showing the consolidated line by segment, I want it to match up some criteria and give me the detail by employee by segment from Payroll Detail table.

So in otherwords, I want it to replace one line from one table with several lines from the 2nd table.

Multiple detail/record per break to reduce pages
I'm creating a report of 18 fields into a report that I'd like to organize into stacked boxes/grids about 2 1/2" by 2 1/2"

In the report when creating the detail section, I'm able to organize into the stacked box/grid that I'd like, unfortunately each record appears on a new line. With upwards of 25 records, the report ends up to be over 10 pages, but could be compressed into 2 pages if more records were able to be displayed on a line. I'd like to have 3 boxes/grids lined up horizontally.

To visually represent it [ ] will represent a record organized into the box/grid format. Currently output looks like this:

Creating Alternate Row Colours in a Microsoft Access 2007 Report
In previous versions of Microsoft Access, namely 2000, XP and Microsoft Access 2003, we had to use VBA code to produce alternate row colours on a Microsoft Access report.
By default, Access formats each row of a report's detail section with the same background color. When printing a report, shading every other line of the detail section can make it much easier to read. With Microsoft Access 2007 this process has been greatly simplified.

additional detail records to be inserted
I have a report that prints out as per the number of records into the detail section. however, I need to ensure that even if there fwere than 14 records, that the number of line items totals to 14.

in other words if 5 there are 5 records, there must 5 lines in the detail section with the relevent information and 9 empty lines.

Then if there are more than 14 records, a 2nd page must print out but in exactly the same way as the first ie: if there is 16 records, the first page must have 14 in the detail section, te2nd page must have 2 lines with the relevant records and 12 empty lines.