Report based on query shows no data

I have created a query and designed a report based on the query in Access 2003, and it was working fine. Fortunately, I exported the results that I needed for today into an rtf file, so I don't have an emergency.

I'm not sure what I changed, but the next time I opened the report, no data appeared - it just shows a few labels that were part of the report format.

I can still see all the data when I view the query in datasheet format.

I tried changing the data source under report properties to use a different query, and then the report works fine. But when go back to using the query that I want to use as a data source, I get no data in the report.

The query I am using is based on external data in Excel files located on another computer on the network.

Before I started having problems, I got a message saying the report had been set up for a different printer, The laptop I am using for Access is not currently set up with a working printer driver. Could that be relevant?

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Report Based on Query showing ID's not Data
I created several tables with Look-Up fields, I have followed the direction for changing the Look-Ups to Text Boxes but that does fix the report.

The Query still shows the data and not the ID's but the report still shows the ID's.

What am I missing?
newbie here, so please be gentle.

I have created an Access 2003 database with several tables and queries.

I have a query that produces data in the order I wish to present it to a report.

Viewing the query in datasheet view shows the data in the correct order.

However when I create a report based on the query, the data is not shown as in the query. It is all over the shop.

Do I need to sort it all over again in the report?, as I do not include some of the sort criteria fields.?

Stop auto rounding in a report.
I have been looking all over for the answer to this, but so far have had no luck. I have a report based off of a query. The feild is currency based and in the query it shows as many decimal places as I would like. When I transfer all of this to my report it does not show any of the decimal places just .00. Is there something that I am missing when I transfer my data to a report to keep it from rounding the number. If you need any more data let me know and I will provide it

group records in Reports
Once a user has a report generated, can he group the records based on a field in the report?

For example, a report pulls all the facilities and tests they can perform. On the report, will the user be able to group the results based on.say city?

So the end result stills shows all the facilities and tests, but all the records are grouped based on city.(i.e. the first 5 rows shows records from city A, the next 10 shows records from city B, etc)

Can this be done directly in the report? or the user has to go back to query and actually specify in the query design criteria

Reporting Issue: Combine query
I have a report that combines 3 queries based on three tables which have one primary key in common (NCR Num). The only issue is that when I combine them together and run the report, I am getting ALL the entries from the tables, instead of just the entries that are associated with that one common primarykey value (NCR Num).

Relationships: Shows the three tables and how they relate

Report Layout: Shows how I have done up the report in design layout

Report Results: Shows the extra values that I do not want. Ex. This is the report for NCR 19 but I am getting information for NCR 20 and 21 in the Problem Section and NCR Employee Section

Data Entry Form: Just shows the data entry for that feeds entries into all three tables.

Query shows only records with data
I have built up a database based on geographical sites. I would like to create a report of each sites with data from related tables. I have created a query, as the base of the report but unfortunately only one site of the recorded 400 turned up in my query. There are a few tables that don't contain any information about most sites yet, still it needs to be part of the query, otherwise I can't build them in the report. I haven't put any criteria to the fields. The report is needed to collect further data about each sites. Shall add '0' or 'NoInfo' as a default to each field? Or is there any other solution

Report Based on CrossTab Query
Hoping someone can help with this. I have a quotes table and want to create a report that shows the total number of quotes created, won and lost over a given period per sales person. I thought a cross tab query would work but having trouble with this.

The quotes created would be a count of quotes created based on DateCreated but the quotes won and lost would be based on StatusChangeDate between dd/mm/yyyy and dd/mm/yyyy.

I can get a query that shows total created and can get a query showing won and lost but can't combine this into 1 query as I get repeating rows for the won and lost columns. Also when a try to create my report from the Won and Lost crosstab query (which works fine as a query) no fields are available to be selected for the report

Problem with Report based on Query
I created a query to extract data from a linked table. The query does not have any sorting. Then I created a Report based on the query. The report does not have any grouping or sorting.

The issue is: When I run the report I get the same data that I get from the query, but it comes out sorted. I cannot even find by which field the data is being sorted.

I have double checked the query and the report and they do not have any sorting or grouping of any kind.
By the way I am using Access 2007.

Problem with Report Based on a Query
I created a query to extract data from a linked table. The query does not have any sorting. Then I created a Report based on the query. The report does not have any grouping or sorting.

The issue is: When I run the report I get the same data that I get from the query, but it comes in a different order.

I have double checked the query and the report and they do not have any sorting or grouping of any kind.
By the way I am using Access 2007.

Changin report's fileds with VBA
I have a report, that is based on a query. I want all the fields in the query to appear on the report. The query uses 3 tables for its data, and one of tables in constantly being deleted/recreated from vba and primary key is being assigned to one of the fields.

Each time the table is recreated, 2 of the fields that are in the query, have their names and data changed. My problem is that when that happens, the query works fine since its SQL is being changed in VBA to reflect the new changes, but the report shows an error in the fields that have beenchanged in the table.

Is there any way for me to dynamically change the report's fields, to the once used in the query.

Duplication in a report
I am creating name tags for a convention. I have a query that finds all names that have not been printed. I created a report to print the name tags in two columns on a 4x3 in cards. (81/2 x11) they look good.

The problem:
The query has the correct number of names and other info. The report is based on the query. When I Print preview the report it appears to have every name in the report duplicated over 6 times. However in the query it only shows up once as they should.

The name tag report should be 12 pages and now I am up to 6000+ pages. It looks like every time I run the report that it is adding to the previous report. Can this happen?

How to show entered criteria from a query on a report?
I have a query that generates a report based on two manually entered dates (Start Date and Stop Date). The report then shows the data that is relevant between the two entered dates.

I would like to be able to display the two entered dates at the top of the report, just as a visual aid to the user.

Form filtered data sent to report with gantt chart for printing
I have some 5 fields in a form and the same in a report. Report has an additional gantt chart kind of thing.
2 fields are start date and end date. Based on these 2 fields number of days is calculated and the chart is populated dynamically by detail_format event of report.

when I filter the form and say preview report based on Me.Filter in where condition of opening report, it shows the filtered report but while printing the same it shows all records irrespective of the form filters.

Inserting a Report into a Form
One of the Forms of my application is simply an information page, which shows file dates/times, the support phone number etc.

I also have a Report (based on a Query) which simple shows some subtotals and totals (about 5 or 6 entries).

I'd like to incorporate the Report into the Form, but i've no idea how to go about it

Field displays number instead of value
I know this may not seem difficult, I have a report based on a query. There's a field in the form that uses a lookup wizard which grabs a list from another table (a list of names)

When I created and ran the query it displays the names. But when I run the report based on that query, it shows a number instead of the name.

I'm grouping the report by name. How can I get the report to show the name instead of a number?

I understand it's the grouping that's killing me here. If I don't group by Name, it displays the name. If I do group by name it shows a number.

Merging 3 queries into one report
I am sure this is possible but I keep getting error messages or blank data showing up.

What I am wanting to do is pull information from the data table based on academic year. I have the queries set up to pick data between certain dates which works fine in the query. When Iwant to use the queries to produce a report - ie combining 3 years worth of data for a member of staff against their staff code - no data is showing up.

I have set the field properties in the report to select from the right query and based the form on the table (not a query) but it won't bring the data up for me.

Issue in copying the report.
I created a report based on a query and it works fine. Then I need another report based on another query. I copied first report and changed the record source. Both queries are same just differing by one criteria.

When I open the second report, it ask to enter date. Why? I can create a new report but want to learn from where it is affecting.

List in Report Shows All Items in Table, But I Only Want...
I have a Form that users enter a customer number into and a Report is generated based off the customer's information in a Table. The problem is, when the report generates, it just puts that customer's data on the top row, but shows all the other customers data below it. I need it to only show the customer entered into the form. Does it have anything to do with the Control Source field in the Preferences of the list in the Report

Pass Through Query Report
I have created a pass through query to show the order volume for a specific group of sales reps. I would like to get a report set up based on that query that will summarize the data (i.e. tell the number of orders entered and the dollar amount for those orders instead of listing all order individually). I tried creating a report, but everytime I try to run it, my database locks up on me. Is there a way to generate a report based on a pass through query

Missing Data in a Report Field
Displaying a report several of the records are missing data in one of the fields. Other records display the data o/k and the field displays correctly in the table,form and query. I have deleted the data and re-entered it redone the query and the report, all to no avail.The report is based on a query and the query returns all the required fields when run.
Interestingly, when I export the query result to MS Excel, all the values are displayed correctly and no data is missing. Have also checked the data types in the table and all seems find there.