Repeat the value from the previous record

In a field in a record, you can insert the value that is in the same field in the previous record.
In a Form I have a Date field which is repeated many times from the previous Record. Is there any type of format or rule I can create whereby when I enter into a new Record the date from the preceding Record will automatically be entered?

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How to repeat data?
In a Form I have a Date field which is repeated many times from the previous Record. Is there any type of format or rule I can create whereby when I enter into a new Record the date from the preceding Record will automatically be entered?

Stoping Macro on last record
I'm trying to run a macro which loops going to each record on a form. I know I can run a macro within a macro and use the repeat count & repeat expression. Using the repeat count isn't an option as I cannot be sure how many records I have at any one time. I would like to use the Repeat expression option, to stop the macro when it reaches the last record, but I am unable to figure out a way to do it

Entering duplicate data in Form
I find myself entering the same data in some particular fields from one record to the next. (In a form view). What I would like to be able to do, with a few keystrokes, enter the same data for any field that that has focus that would match what was entered into that same field on the previous record. For example, if I am entering data for record #107 and the [PhoneNumber] in the same as the previous record (#106) [PhoneNumber] record rather then type the phone number again it could be entered again with a few keystrokes. I would like this option for entering any, all or none of the fields in the record I am working on and exercising that option in each field as it has focus. Again, whatever field I was going to repeat, it would always be the same as that same field in the previous record. On more thing, I may sometime need to make a minor change in a repeated field value without changing the field that is being repeated

Repeating info on form
I found the threads discussing this topic but I'm not understanding it. I would like to have certain fields in a form repeat the data from the previous record to expedite data entry

previous record not showing
I split access 2007 into FE and BE. When I fill the form , When I now try to access the previous patients record, I am able to get a blank record instead of the last record of an inputed patient. However when I look at the table, Why is the previous record not coming back on the form so I can continue to input further info on the patient

Refer to previous record in current record query
In my query, I want to automatically display the value of another field from the previous record in a field in my current record. I.e.

Name | Value | Previous
Record 1 | 1 |
Record 2 | 2 | 1
Record 3 | 7 | 2
Record 4 | 1 | 7

Is it possible to create some kind of simple expression to refer to data in another record?

Copying Data from the previous record
Can someone tell me how I can copy just one field from the previous record into the next record? On the keyboard (German) this can be done by ctrl-hash. I want to put a procedure on doubleclick that will copy the field from the previous record.

Check if record exists in database, if it doesn't then insert on db
The next code is working but when I try to insert an existing record, it gives me an error and I want to add a msgbox to let people now that the username is already taken.
Only the username cannot repeat on the database because it's the primary key. the rest of the table rows can repeat.

DLookUp for unknown record number
I am using a continous form for calculating petrol usage
For each record I enter the current odometer reading and the previous odometer reading (plus other data).
I would rather not have to enter the previous odometer reading each time as that value is already stored in the previous record as the current odometer record.
My reading of DLookUp is that you have to specify the record you want to look up wheras I just want to use the previous record.
This would of course be a different value for each record displayed on the continuous form

Repeat macro until record count of query = 0 - Repeat Expression syntax
I have a macro that needs to run repeatedly until the number of records in a query =0 but I can't seem to get the Repeat Expression set properly.

My query is called sqMatchCount:
SELECT Count(sqCompare_Parts_Matched_1st.BRP_Entry_Num) AS MatchCount FROM sqCompare_Parts_Matched_1st;

The theory is if I don't have any more matches then I do not want the macro to run any more. In other words, MatchCount will = 0 when there are no more matches.

I have tried a variety of syntax using DCount in the Repeat Expression:

multi-column sub report repeat page header
I have a multi column report which is a sub report of master report. I wanted to repeat the page header every time change pages. If I put page header on the page header than the page header does not | print on the second page.

I tried to create a group and has a group header and have my header on | the group header and set repeat to true. It does repeat header on the left side of the report, but the right | side of the report without header and have a detail record on the | header position.

Are there any way to have multi column sub report repeat header for continue pages?

Text box populate with previous form items
This is my first posting and an attempt at setting up a simple database.

I have seven text boxes on a form for data entry. I have a number of documents to enter into the data base, each document has seven pieces of information that need to be recorded. The seven pieces of document information can be very similar, to the previous entries, and I am trying to work out how to repeat the previous data from the previous form, so that only minor changes are needed to speed data entry.

I have looked at various solutions online but can't seem to follow or understand how to do it for seven text boxes on the same form.

Need to migrate phone no into the next record if the family
I need to create a formula/sql that brings the previous record forward. I have a phone number which needs to be populated into the next record where the family member is the same. I did this in an IF statement in excel. but in Access I could not make it look up the previous continues record to update the next record.

need to check a field for previous record in form
I have a form based on a table; in the table there is a Yes/No field that I use as a flag to know whether the data was updated. I have 'next record' and 'previous record' command buttons on the form.

I want to be able to add code to the 'next record' button that will look at the Yes/No field (flag) for the PREVIOUS record to see if it is set to yes, ie updated and if not, I want a message to pop up saying the previous record was not updated. I'm not sure how to do that.

Copy previous record, VBA
I have a form with a subform where we enter new cable references. Most of the time the new record that you put in will be a duplicate of the previous record + 1(on the primary key/cable reference).

What I wish to make is a small vba action that simply copies the previous values from the record above (if it exists and maybe only if there is no values in the field when you enter.)

I have programmed VB a bit but are all new to the syntax in access. Does anybody have a some code for this? or other example code in the same area

Selecting records based on particular value
I have three columns in my access database table:
student_id, name, result
the student id is not unique (it is not the primary key of the table)
Now the situation is, there can be more than one record against
one student id e.g.

student_id, name, result
STD1, John, Pass
STD1, John, Absent
STD1, John, Repeat

or two records for one student id e.g.
student_id, name, result
STD2, John, Absent
STD2, John, Repeat

I want to get the records where student is not yet passed i.e. it is absent or repeat in the result column.
So if the student is passed but Absent and Repeat rows also exists, then I dont want to select this student.
If a student is Absent or Repeat and Not passed, then I want to select
all such students

plz help, I am using MS Access 2003

previous record not showing
I have installed BE and FE access 2007 and the form are communicating with tables in server. When I close record and look at the table, I can see all the patients . When I return to the form and click button that asks for previous patient, the form is supposed to populate with the last patient record so that I can continue to put further detail about patient. I however get nothing, Why are my previous records not showing. They are there , just not coming out.

Moving through records via Page Down
I have a subform that diplays 6 records in the open window. I have place record movement buttons to help the oporator move through the form (I.E. First record, Previous Record, Next Record, Last Record) This works to a point. I need to be able to have the Previous Record and Next record move the cursor to the First Record of the next page. or the first record of the Previous Page. I have tried the
"DoCmd.GoToRecord,,acNext, 6"
This does well but skips displaying some records.
I have found manually using the Page Up and Page Down works excellently so how do I program the Prev Rec Next Rec buttons to do this.

SubQueries to obtain a value in the previous record
I am running Access 2007 SP2 on Windows XP Professional SP 3. I have a query that I need to run a subquery to obtain a value in the previous record. Basically I have a query that contains mileages grouped by EquipmentID and month. I need to calculate miles driven in a given month. I need the last mileage reading in the previous months record to run the calculation on the month that has focus. I know that I have to alias the query, but that is where my memory ends.

using value from previous record
have a form (or query) where each record need info from one field of the previous record for a calculation. How do I get the previous record field info