Remove spaces from tab delimited text file

Is there a trim function like in Excel to eliminate extra spaces from a text file on import? Can't seem to find what I am looking for.

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Import .txt tab delimited file
I am struggling to write a code that allows me to import a text file that is tab delimited into a MS Access table.

Basically I don't want to use the "saved import" option and run through a macro because the location of the file is going to constantly change.

The code will be run through a form button on-click command, then it will prompt to locate the file with a similar window to that of a "open" or "save as". Once the text file has been selected, it was delete the data currently in "tblImport" and then append the data from the selected tab delimited text file. Also, the text file has field headings.

VBA Parse Tab Delimited Text File
Data supplied in tab delimited text file. Unfortunately there are more than 255 columns in the text file and can't directly import into an MS Access table (max 255 columns). Now trying to parse the text file (using VBA) to remove unwanted columns - idea being that once below 255 columns I can load into table.

I'm okay with parsing on tab character, chr(9), but I've hit problem if data record contains comma character. VBA INPUT verb appears to consider comma to be a variable delimiter.

Convert a text file to a tabbed delimited file
How do you write a procedure or function to convert a text file to a tabbed delimited file w/o using the wizard or a macro? Can this be done? I also need to trim the extra spaces from the fields in the text file

Date format in table exported to tab delimited file
I have a table which contains date fields. When the date fields are exported to a tab delimited text file they need to be in short date format i.e. (12/19/2011) without the time. I have set both the date format in the table to short date as well as the input mask as short date in the field list in design view. When I view the table there is no time displayed, only the short date format (12/19/2011). However, when I export the table to a tab delimited text file, the date comes with the time of 00:00 (12/19/2011 00:00). Can you please help me figure out how to remove this blank 00:00 time in the exported text file?

MS Access a program to convert "test.txt" to a tab delimited file
A similar question has been asked on this forum. However, I need assistance from start to finish assume my knowledge of access is minimal, all information I can get will be helpful as I can put the pieces together by myself.
Here goes

Implement an application in MS Access to convert "test.txt" to a tab delimited file. All fields must be trimmed of extra spaces.
Add form to specify the input and output and a button to run the conversion.Do not use the TransferText function for this objective

convert txt file
is anyone can help me to write a program in Microsoft Access to convert "test.txt" to a tab delimited file.
All fields must be trimmed of extra spaces.

file is attached below.

and then include a form to specify the input and output and a button to run the conversion.
Do not use Macros to perform the conversion (i.e. TransferText)

"test.txt" is a fixed width (811 byte) vertical bar delimited file

Access .tab Importing issues
I have microsoft access 2003, and recently it will not import .tab files into either a new or existing data table. I get no error message when I select .tab files and then attempt to import, however, nothing happens.

The tab file is a delimited text file. It has never given me a problem,

Delimited file - linked table
I have a delimited text file, which is updated by our systems daily between 07:00 and 08:00.

The only way I can tell when the delimited file has been updated is due to the date modified properties.

Is their any way access can look at the text file properties and only update the data if the file has been updated on the same day

Tab Delimited Export Issue
I just got a new machine running Windows 7 with Office 2010. I am trying to export an Access table as a tab delimited text file. I have done this successfully many times in the past on my old machine that was running XP and Office 2010. Now, every time I try to export any Access table or query, Access automatically assumes that it is Comma delimited. Is there any way around this? I am hoping that it is as simple as changing a setting in Access. So far, I have not been able to find anything

Tab Delimited Imports
I am trying to import a tab delimited file containing 300,000+ rows to a new table in Access 2003. As I need to split one of the fields, I use the 'Fixed Width' option in the import text wizard. When I do this, I find that the column breaks I insert jump around as I scroll right to add the last few.

This means that when I import the data, the columns are never as I actually set them and require them so the data is useless. I have tried counting the cells etc but this doesn't work

Macro to export query info to Text Delimited File
I am having trouble creating a macro that exports query info to a text delimited file. I am using the Transfer Text option, type-export delimited, spec name - Web Site Category Data File Export, table name - Products Query, file name -c:\data\Products.csv. I am assuming this is the file name it will save the result as

Can I define the record delimiter when importing a text file into Access 2003?
I'm receiving a text file from another system, and because some of the text fields within the data include CRs, records are delimited within the file by a carat (^) instead of a CR/LF. Ican control the field delimiters, and text qualifiers to ensure quotes within my text field are not misinterpreted, but can I control the record delimited?

Remove spaces in one field.
I am trying to remove front, trailing and mid spaces in a text field (Persons Name).

copy a line in text file to Excel
Is there a way to copy a specific line in a tab delimited text file to an excel file without converting the entire text file to excel? The text file is big and the conversion to excel simply takes too long

Remove blank spaces after strings in fields
I finally got my fields or columns setup the way I need them so I can successfully import an Excel Range.

Well I was going to show you an example, but apparently this forum automatically removes extra spaces, how coincidental, just what I'm looking for

So I tried to use the function Trim in Excel, but it was annoyingly troublesome with so many rows and columns, plus it didn't correct the actual columns, but instead displayed them in a new columns.

So I thought maybe it would be wiser to have Access remove the spaces. Of course with my limited knowledge of Access, I went to Google.

I found this script that looks like what I need exactly, I just don't know how to execute or apply it to my database, specifically to those four fields.

I have it as a file, trmStringExample.mdb and also in text format as I have shown below.

Removing Spaces from a Field
I have a database which is being passed records from another database. The Reference number I am being given has a number of spaces in the value, i.e. - "B25601 - 111128 - 1".

I would like to remove the spaces so the field is "B25601-111128-1".

I know TRIM can be used to remove leading and trailing spaces, can it also be used to remove them from the middle of a string

Removing Spaces in a text field
I have a field which contains a telephone number. I need to remove all the spaces from this field so I am just left with numbers. Ltrim and Rtrim won't work as I want the middle spaces removed not trailing.

This function is required in a query and I'm using Access 97.

For example, 0121 457 8963 will become 01214578963.

importing text file with carriage return between text qualifiers
I'm trying to import a text file into access. The file is tab delimited and uses double quotations as a text qualifier. One of the fields in the text file is a note field and every now and then the person entering the note uses a carriage return (hits the enter key) while doing so. The attachment shows an example of this.

My understanding is that when importing, everything between the two instances of text qualifers should be treated as a single value and the carriage return disregarded. However when I import it the data comes in exactly as it is above which causes field types and column headings to not match up.

Can anyone tell me a way around this short of manually deleting each carriage return

Exporting Dates
I have a query which exports to a tab delimited text file. One of the fields is created on the fly and uses the code Date().

Whilst this shows as (for example): 27/10/2011 when I view the data, when I export it and open the text file is shows as 27/10/2011 00:00:00.

I have tried formatting with no real luck.

A bit of research suggest this may be an Access bug but is there a way round it

Field returns error when I import Text Files to Access
I tried importing a text file to Access and it always gives me error on the fields 5,6,7,8.

I did the following steps:

File - Get External Data - Import

On the Import Text Wizard

Delimited - Tab(First Row Contains Field) - New Table