Refresh open Recordset

I have this ode:

set RsItems = db.openrecordset("Items" RsItems.Addnew RsItems!Quantity = RsItems!quantity + 10 Rs!Items.update Me!Total = RsItems!Quantity RsItems.close

The displayed Value in (total ) is an old value not after adding 10
the problem is the table Items not refreshed
how can I refresh the table before displaying Quantity in (total

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trying to open a recordset from a select statement off of another recordset. access can't find the input table or query.

Is it not possible to open a recordset off the results of a prior opened recordset

How to refresh table data between closing and opening form
I have a function that adds a new record to the backend when clicked on a button. The function is in a module but is originally called by a button on the form I am using.

When I use rs.add in the code and then close and open the form by code it does not show the new record on the form. But if I manually close the form and open it again manually it now appears.

I also checked the table as well and it does the same thing as the form. If I have the form open and I use my function to close and open it. while adding a new record the table still shows no new record but as soon as I manually close the form the table shows the new data.

I thought this would be a simple .requery or refresh I even tried db.recordset.refresh and db.tabledefs.refresh but no luck

Requery vs. Refresh
What exactly is the difference between Form.Requery and Form.Refresh? I know that Form.Requery is the command to run the recordset query again, but Form.Refresh appears to do the same on my form. The only difference I've noticed is that Form.Requery brings the focus back to the top record, but Form.Refresh stays on the current record. Any insight

Using the Recordset with MS Access and ADO
A Connection object may give you access to the database, but that's only half the equation; the Recordset object gives you access to the data. Keep reading to learn more about the Recordset. TOC: Using the Recordset with MS Access and ADO; The Recordset Object, Properties, Methods and events; Write code to Open ADODB connection, Recordset and close open objects; Review recordset properties using code.

Requery vs. Refresh
What exactly is the difference between Form.Requery and Form.Refresh? I know that Form.Requery is the command to run the recordset query again, but Form.Refresh appears to do the same on my form.

The only difference I've noticed is that Form.Requery brings the focus back to the top record, but Form.Refresh stays on the current record.

Recordset dilemma
I'm having a problem dealing with a recordset closing. The problem occurs when I got an error message.
"Operation is not allowed when the object is open."
So I get the bright idea to test if the recordset (rs) is open as in
if rs.state = 1 then
end if
But, when it executes this line I get an error "Operation is not allowed in this context".
Seems like I'm dammed if I do and dammed if I don't. Is there some other way to handle the recordset state?
I have the recordset defined in a module as in:
Dim rs As New ADODB.Recordset
I assumed that once declared all I would have to do is open and close the recordset. Can someone explain the error messages and their cause.
How do I handle a situation where the code encounters an error condition in the main body of code and goes to an error handler? Should I be testing to see if the recordset is open in the event handler and if so close it or will the recordset close when the sub procedure closes

Refresh All goes back to First Record
In the form I have created, which is recordset type - dynaset (inconsistent updates) - since I have linked in Queries that are based on indeterminate relationships.

I need to click "Refresh All" - since its linked to Queries. When I click "Refresh All" above, it automatically reverts back to the First Record.

How can I keep it on the record in view?

Also - is it possible to have the Form, refresh all on its own, without having to click

Is it possible to refresh/requery an open report
I have a database which I keep open all day - it monitors parcels available for picking and despatch. I've just managed to sort it out so that the data in the tables is refreshed every five minutes, but now I'd like to be able to open the report, leave it open and see changes as they happen.

Is it possible therefore to refresh or requery a report (excepting of course that it can be closed and reopened) automatically?

creating a ADODB Recordset and adding records...
Im trying to dynamically create a ADODB recordset and then add records and then set it as the record source for a form.

What I dont understand is the open statement for the recordset. As I have nothing to open.? until I have added records to what am I missing

Open ADO Recordset from Memory
rs.Open strSQL, {Active Connection}, adOpenStatic, , adCmdText

Is it possible to designate an {Active Connection} such that it allows the recordset to be derived from another ADO recordset already in memory?

Or must I hit the original database again

Who was first
I use a shared access database at my work and we use progressive work order numbers to track our projects. What happens often is I refresh, create a new line, save and refresh again and all is ok. Well a couple minutes later someone will say that I took their number and sure enough their name & same number is above mine. How does this happen if I save & refresh every time and after a couple minutes passed? I'm wondering if both people have the database open and I go through my process and save/refresh, but then the other person say doesn't refresh and enters the next number, will theirs be put in first once they do save? I'm not sure if it matters but access 2003 & 2007 are used

Help Refreshing Form
I currently have a dlookup field that I want to refresh. I tried to use the code from the refresh button into the database, but it doesn't work. Even if I create the refresh button, it gives me an error saying that refresh isn't available or something.

The only way I can refresh is with the f5 key. Do you know why this could be? Also, how can I make the f5automatically work within the form?

SQL Recordset Versus Filtering
Currently, I have a form that uses SQL to generate a recordset on the "On Open" event. The form's "On Activate" is then used to filter the recordset based on a command button pressed in the calling form.

Instead of doing this two step process, I am contemplating revising the code to move recordset creation from the "On Open" event to the "On Activate" event. This would eliminate the filtering step, but then I would be creating a new recordset each time the form is called. Of course, I would be adding the "Where" clause to the SQL statement.

Refresh Form
I am trying to get a form to refresh using the (On Got Focus) event.

I have tried Me.Refresh & Me.Requery but this does not seen to work, the form I am trying to refresh is based upon a query with a calculated field

How to: Bind a Form to an ADO Recordset
Describes how to set a form's Recordset property to an open ADO Recordset object.

Compile error: Method of data not found when open recordset with data
I'm trying to open recordset with data and then edit it and it error. Do I need to open differently?

I would like to move to record number x in a recordset using

me.recordset.move x, 1

However, I keep getting a "not a valid bookmark" error.

What am I missing? Does the form's recordset object take different methods to an ADO recordset?

Of course, I can achieve the same effect using:

me.recordset.move x

but that doesn't help me to understand why I can't get .move to work with two parameters

Parameters in QueryDef
I'm trying to open a recordset on a query with a parameter. I understand the way to open a recordset on a query is with Querydef.however
The below does not work:
when I try to run this the error message " Item not found in this collection".

Now SiteID does exist as I field in the "qry_DeveloperandSites" Query.Because I couldn't get to work with a parameter txtSiteID on a form I tried a literal value 763322 thinking if that works then just need to find out the syntax for referencing the field on an open form.

Site Id is a text field so I have placed the correct delimiters round it as I understand it

Ultimately I'm creating two recordsets to transfer to excel the second recordset worked fine on a table but the first recordset on the query has caused me lots of problems

DAO.Recordset Vs ADODB.Recordset Vs Recordset
So I know that there are two types of libraries for retrieving recordsets, either DAO or ADO.
I read somewhere that if you are using DAO, you should use DAO.recordset instead of just "recordset" to make sure it run properly.
Dim rs As DAO.Recordset
instead of
Dim rs As Recordset

but if the default is DAO anyways (I think), would it really cause any problems. (I'm using Access 2003)

So now, which is better DAO or ADO if I'm only using a recordset to update a single field of a record from a table that may contain hundreds of records.

Which is better in general? What exceptions are there? What do other people use

ADO Recordset.Open (SQL) does nothing
Can anyone tell me why the select query doesn't pop up? I get the msgbox, so I know the code is running, but the command produces nothing. What's wrong? Here's my code: