Prohibit change on SOME fields after record is created

in Access 97, can particular fields (not all) on a form be locked so that the data (once entered) cannot be changed.
I tried to lock the field, but upon locking you can't even enter NEW data.

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Create record for each new record
I've created two related tables, that have a one-on-one relationship:

Now I would like that when I create a new record in tblProductions,
that automatically a new record with the same ID will be created in

Till now, this does not happen, and I guess it is because mostly none of
the fields of tblPlanning are filled in (except for ID, of course). However,
even if the fields are empty I would still like to have a record for every ID

Learn how to creates a new index on an existing table. To prohibit duplicate values in the indexed field or fields of different records, use the UNIQUE reserved word.

After a field is changed another must be changed as well
I have a form with various fields.
I would like that if I change one of the text fields (it does not matter to what I change it to, just simply change it) another field must also be changed, otherwise the record will not be updated

So eg. if I change the Comment field, I would need to change the Date field as well, otherwise I cant move to the next record

Making existing record active on a form
I've created several linked tables to store information related to medical visits with the visit numbers as key fields. On the form I've created, the user can free-text in the visit number and the system performs a check on the database to see if it already exists (completed on the AfterUpdate Event).

I've created a check field (varCount) to verify if the record already exists so I know it's finding the information, but it won't change focus to the existing record.

Creating a new record
I am looking for suggestions on how to code this:

I have a table that contains some base information used in pricing parts for various customers. (table SetupData)
Everytime there is a price increase or change of terms I add a new record to the table and move my 'current record' flag (Yes/No) to the new one.

In one instance this change only requires a date and percentage changed and I want to progamatically add the record.
This means, copy of last 'current record' data into the new record, update the date and % fields in the new record to ones provided on a form, and then change the 'current record' flag to this new record.

Using a Recordset seems the best way to .AddNew but how can I copy the last current record into it

Fields in form are staying highlighted when a new record is started
I have a few fields that have the a Macro for On Change event that will change the back color. When I start a new record or switch back and forth between records the back color of the field does not return to the default.

Also if I close the form and reopen it those same fields still have the back color changed. Is there a way to fix this?

Form does not update after event
I created a form to display all fields for a record where I created a combo box to select a record. The problem is that after selecting a record from the combo box all other fileds will display correctly however if I go to another record adn return to the same it does not update all other fields

Record is too large. (Error 3047).
I am creating a Access 2007 db based on a questionnaire with long text answers. I received this message and managed to delete the offending record and change some of the text fields to memo fields.

I have received the error again, but I am a bit stuck this time. It looks like a number of my records are too large and unfortunately they have child records, so I can't just delete them. I can't change the records as I just get the same message again and I can't change more text fields to memo fields as I get the same message.

Is there any way round this? Would it help to split the main table into 2 smaller tables?

Updating another record table with command button
I'm new in access. I had a little problem and I can't solve it.

I had a form that have a command button to add a record, but I need it to change a value on another record from another table. So when I click the add record button not only new record created but it also change the value on another table.

In my case when I add a new record from that form I also want to change another record value from default value "available" to become "Unavailable" automatically

Tying records to users
Is there a way to prohibit users from being able to access\delete\modify any records but the ones that are their own? I have created a database that has a logon screen, that basically validates the username with the password that the user enters. The username and password are kept in a table. I would then like to somehow setup a way for the user to only be able to enter records as them? I don't know if that is possible though. Or any other work arounds

Create a duplicate record
I have been asked by a client of mine to create an option that creates a duplicate record in a table. Once the duplicate record is created, they want the initial record locked (uneditable) so the new data can be revised. There are actually many sub-records (or related records in other tables) that must also be copied. The table has more that 50 fields in it so I don't want to use a recordset method (unless I must). I have also considered the INSERT INTO command but I am not sure how to change the value of the primary key (by code) to enable this method.

Am I on the right path or is there an easier way?

Control button on a report to change a field value?
I have set up a system which allows our sales team to initiate a quote for a customer. One of the managers will then complete the quote, seeing that it has been initiated. If accepted, the quote will be converted into an open job where a bunch of documents are created.

At the same time, a report will be updated to show that the new job has been created, so it can be entered into our financial system.

What I would like to accomplish is to create a button which would appear for each record on the report (I have successfully created the button for each record.). I want the button to be tied to the record itself.

Once the information has been entered into the financial system, I want our accountant to be able to hit the button and "delete" the record from the report so they can move on to the next job.

I really just want the button to change the "job status" field to something other than "new job" so the record will no longer appear on the report.

Subform Not changing with the other subforms
I create a Parent form with two Subforms using the Form Wizard. The forms work fine when I change the Main form record the two subform's change with the Main form.

Now I have created a another form and Dragged and dropped it into the main form to make a third Subform .

The problem I have is , that when I change the records ( scroll through using the controls at the bottom ) the original two Subforms change with the Main form , but the Third one I created does not change.

The third subform is linked to one of the the subforms ( One to many relationship )

"You Cannot Add or Change a Record because a Related Record is Required in tbXY"
I have created a basic database for entering surgical data for a medical practice. A picture of the Relationships are attached. When I create a form I get the following message: ""You Cannot Add or Change a Record because a Related Record is Required in tblSurgicalID".

What am I doing wrong here? I have tried everything

View data in the form
I have created a table called Candidates, on which I have designed a data entry form called candidates1. This form will accept candidates information in fields of candidates table. Primary key is set on registration number [reg_no] which is a text box in form.

I have also created a save button which saves the information of a single candidate on given table andmoves to next empty record.

When I want to edit any entered record then I need to view of previous saved info of specific record in a form by just entering registration key. The problem I am facing is that, when I enter a saved value of registration key, form doesn't show remaining fields of this records and it also doesn't apply any change.

Record the change and playback them as a video
I have one form which I need to record the change that may happen to this Form for the last 10 minute (this form was created by VBA code and take his information from an Excel sheet,this form has different values which go up and down based on the value we entered in the excel sheet), and I would like to be able to playback this change in a video.

I need to record all of these changes and be able to go back and see all this change for the last 10 minute as it happened now by pressing a command button called playback.

I mean it is like someone videoing your action for the last 10 minute and play them back.

Duplication of Data on a form
I have a user that needs to enter many records that are basically the same with the exception of one or two fields.

Instead of making keying errors and having to type most of the same stuff a dozen or so times, is there a function that will duplicate the entire record that I could attach to a button so the entire previous record is duplicated where he can change his fields and then it would become a unique record. (the primary keys are part of what will be changed)

Calculated fields
I recently created a database to track status of projects including progress and funding. The table contains several fields that record various aspects of funding.

These fields are added (very simply) and create a calculated field that is a summation of those fields. The table currently contains approx 60 records.

The calculated field functions for 2 or 3 records and will not calculate further. I have tried this in a form as well as a query. The form will change the same number, 2 or 3 records.

When the query is run the result shows only the 2 or 3 records.

change recordsource on subform and show all fields
I have a form with a combobox where the user can make selections (select from approx. 40 queries). After making a selection, I want to have the results displayed on a subform. That subform is in Datasheet View, so the user will be able to change the widths of the columns etc.
The problem is that the queries have different number of fields, and the description is also different for every query.

Does someone know how I can create a subform where I can change the Record Source to another query and have al fields from that query displayed

How can you clear Yes/No fields in a table after entry in a subform
I've created an Access database with a main form for a Class Calendar that lists the name of the class, start and end date, location and instructor.

I then created another form for Registration that lists the user's names, Yes/No fields for Registered and Attended, and also a fields for Notes.

I used the Registration form as a subform in the Class Calendar form so it will have a field for users and I will be able to indicate who attended the class, who registered for the class, and notes.

When I open the Class Calendar Form in the Form View, the form looks correct, however, when I enter checkmarks in the Yes/No fields for each Class Calendar form record, it's recorded in theRegistration table and appears in the next Class Calendar record in the Registration subform.

How can you clear the Yes/No fields for each record created in the Class Calendar form?

Should I have used a different method to create the Class Calendar form with the Yes/No fields for Registration and Attended?