Programming language similar to VBA

I like using VBA but demand for this in UK is low and doesn't pay much either. Interested to hear what the situation in the US is like.

Does anyone know what is the nearest language that is similar to VBA and has visual stuff as well i.e. forms, text boxes, etc. that is in demand currently

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Learning the basics of programming
ACCESS provides two ways of interacting with the VBA language. The most useful of the two is saved modules that contain VBA procedures. Procedures are batches of programming commands that can be executed to do interesting things like process transactions against master tables, provide sophisticated error checking, and so on. The second way to interact with VBA is directly through the interpreter. When you type a
statement into the interpreter, it is executed immediately. Although there is little business use for this feature, it does making learning the language and testing new statements easier. (pdf file, install Acrobat Reader to read this tutorial)

Programming Language like Access
Can anyone suggest a database programming language like MS Access with Gui interface that will compile to a stand alone exe and doesn't require the ownership of other software like MS Access

VBA For MS Access
Microsoft Access is a development environment used to create computer-based databases. To complement it, it ships with a programming language called Visual Basic For Application (VBA). This tutorial provides, examples, and tutorials on how to use VBA in MS Access.

VBA For MS Access
Microsoft Access is a development environment used to create computer-based databases. To complement it, it ships with a programming language called Visual Basic For Application (VBA). This FunctionX site provides lessons, examples, and tutorials on how to use VBA in MS Access.

Introduction to SQL
The Structured Query Language (SQL) is the most popular language used in computers to create and manage databases. SQL is a language with its own syntax and grammar. SQL is a universal language that doesn't belong to a particular company. This makes it easy for different companies or programming environments to adopt it. In this site, we will study techniques of creating databases and we will use the SQL.

Event-driven programming
Learning objectives: understand the basic concepts of event driven programming; create a button that executes several actions when pressed; understand the difference between the ACCESS macro language and VBA; use input from users to execute multi step procedures; understand how objects within ACCESS are named.

VBA Object Orientated / Class Programming
They are yet to discover the power of Classes.

I knew class based programming before using Access / VBA. So I learned using other tools. I just checked and nothing clear / concise jumped out at me on the Internet as far as a tutorial for VBA.

changing system language via VBA
I have Yes/No fields in my Access database. I'm trying to export to Excel for a US customer. Since my system language is Italian, Excel outpouts VERO/FALSO values on Yes/No fields, while I would like it to output TRUE/FALSE values. Any way to change system language via VBA

Is it possible to use vba programming to communicate with other database systems
Is it possible to use vba programming to communicate with other database systems; in particular non Microsoft systems. If so, would you know of any sample code to do this or websites that illustrate how vba programming can import data from Access into non Microsoft Database systems? And thanks foryour contributions!

Modules and VBA Programming
Here you will find articles relating to Microsoft Access Modules and Microsoft Access VBA Programming and Coding. These programming routines will allow you to add customised features to your Microsoft Access database applications.

Introduction to DAO, ADO, ADOX, and SQL
Microsoft Access ships with a language named Visual Basic For Applications, or VBA. This allows you to complement MS Access with code that can perform complex operations. This language is used throughout the Microsoft Visual Office family of applications, including Microsoft Excel, Work, PowerPoint, Visio, etc. This language is also used by applications published by companies other than Microsoft. An example is Autodesk that publishes AutoCAD. To customize the VBA language for our database environment, Microsoft Access includes a library called Microsoft Access Object Library.
Topics Microsoft Access Object Library and VBA, Microsoft Data Access Objects, Database Creation With DAO, The Structured Query Language, Introduction to SQL Operators, Unary Operators, Binary Operators, Microsoft ActiveX Data Objects, ADOX Fundamentals, The Data Source of an Application and The Connection to a Database.

Same applies for Web Apps, only the file.mdb file needed
When a programming language like VB2008 or JAVA SE6, uses an Access database the use only the file.mdb file and sometimes (or always?) needed driver if not the programming language do NOT have it, itself?

Same applies for Web Apps, only the file.mdb file needed

Microsoft Access 2003
Microsoft Access is a development environment used to create computer databases for the Microsoft Windows family of operating systems. This site provides lessons, examples, and links on how to use and explore MS Access. We also provide some guidance on VBA, the programming language that ships with Microsoft Access.

Use VBA to switch dictionaries when using spell check
I have this VBA function: when I exit a field, it launches the spell checker automatically. However I have fields in English and others in French, so I am looking for a way to set the Dictionnary language for each field so that Access knows which dictionnary/grammar checker to use. So for instance how would you include the French language in this code?

Naming Conventions
When programming in Microsoft Access or any other programming language, a common mistake that may occur is when one variable of one type is used as if it is of another variable type.
You may mistake in a line of code when you try to subtract a date value from a string value, which will throw up an error in your code.

Set display and editing languages
Microsoft Office 2007 Language Settings turn on language-specific options in 2007 Microsoft Office system, such as options available for a particular language in the Ribbon and dialog boxes. For example, when you turn on the language options for Japanese, the Phonetic Guide and Enclose characters language options are turned on.
What do you want to do?
* Enable language-specific options
* Set the primary language
* Change the user interface language for the Ribbon, menus, dialog boxes, and Help
* Issues enabling a language
* More information

VBA Basics in Access 2003/XP/2000/97 (page 1 of 7)
What is VBA?
VBA standards for Visual Basic for Applications and is the language embedded within your Access database.

Tips to make access database easy to maintain
I am in the process of creating a utility for work based on MS Access. The only problem I have as it will not be supported by my companies IT department, it will have to supported by my team and I'm the only one in my team who has VBA programming experience. The only way I think I can get round this is by the following:

Fully comment the code
Write documenation explaining what each function does
Put all non-form based VBA code into seperate modules
Use fully descriptive variables

Hopefully with some of my colleagues can pick up some programming experience and be able to help me support it although to be honest once I get it up and running, there shouldn't be any need for maintanance once it is working. Does anybody have any ideas or tips to make MS Access VBA code easier to understand for people who have little programming experience?

How to change system keyboard lenguage with vba
how to change system keyboard lenguage with vba

I tried changing keyboard property in the control property and it works
but I need change in one control only, and if I change property it change for all contols after
so I need code on exit control event to change the system keyboard language
************************************************** **
Private Sub A_Enter()
Me.A.KeyboardLanguage = 49
End Sub
Private Sub A_Exit(Cancel As Integer)
Me.A.KeyboardLanguage = 11
'this works(it means that keyboard language for ctl is changed back on english - 11, but system keyboard language remain on 49)
' so I need here to change system keyboard language

End Sub

Can access be used for VBA?
I have found what I need to do - but its a VBA tutorial.

the code looks very similar to what I've been working with in Access, but I was just wandering, what is the actual difference between raw VBA and the VBA access uses?