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Production Planning

Production Planning
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Does anyone know of an access based production planning / production scheduling tool that is available for download? preferably a free one!
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Pulling data from 2 columns

I am planning to develop a database to monitor th stove production.
I have production table contains 2 fields, called From No. and To No. Since there are a number of pieces of product produced on daily based. eg. I have 100 pieces, every piece needs a unique serial number. If I enter the first serial number into From No. field and last serial number into To No. field.
My question is that: is it possible for access to pull out those serial numbers in a range from those fields and pace them in either query?

Does anyone have a clue

Validation on identical text question

I am working on a database where there are three fields named "Meeting Reason 1," "Meeting Reason 2," and "Meeting Reason 3."

The information in three fields is identical, that is to say, that I created a drop-down list with that information. The users want the ability to list 3 Meeting Reasons, and I don'tthink that Access has the capability to eliminate the options that match when the user selects the first reason, and then the second reason.

Example: Choices for the field are: "Planning," "Production," and "Party."

If I select "Planning" for the first field, I can't force Field 2 to have a drop-down with that choice gone. Field 2 will still have the same four choices.


Therefore, I decided that I would create a Validation Rule. My hope would be that the user could select any option for the first field, but if they selected the same option for the secondfield or the same option for Field 3 that matched 1 or 2, they would get an error (or Validation Rule) message when they tried to save/exit the record.

Example: User selects "Planning" for Field 1, and "Planning" for Field 3. That should invoke an error and an error message.


Duplicate field(s) and move to new record

I am buidling a 10 day planner. I'll try to explain as simple as possible.I have a Planning table (with field'sm PlanName, StartDate and Issues) This Planning table would tie to an Issues table (id, IssueName, IssueDescription, Status).

Here's where I get lost. When I create a new Plan (or another record in the Planning table), I want it to copy any Issues that do not have a Status of Complete to the new Planning record.This way I can keep issues active but still go back and see what was on previous Plans.

Unique data to a report?

I have this query.
SELECT [Print Production Input Table].[Project Name], [Print Production Input Table].[Print File Name], [Print Production Input Table].[Machine Envelope Count] AS [Envelope Count]
FROM [Print Production Input Table]
WHERE [Print Production Input Table].[Print Date] Between Forms![Print Production Input: Envelope Count Report Form]![StartDate] And Forms![Print Production Input: Envelope Count Report Form]![EndDate];

NOW, say in the report that this query is a part of, I want a Project to only be listed once with a calculation of the envelopes from the various Print File Names that are a part of the particular Project Name. Right now, it prints out the Project Name over and over with each Print File Name. I want to condense that


Within my qry I would like to calculate the average daily production for the month. The data I'm working with is: production volume,) and ID number. I'm working with tons of data that have production for each day of the year dating back 5 or more yrs. However I'd like to narrow my daily data to only 6-months prior summed up to monthly data and averaged.

Create multiple records/fields simultaneously

I am extremely handicapped in Access 2010. I am currently trying to create a database for a small company I am interning in. One of the things I would like todo is to update or create multiple fields in different tables simultaneously.

To explain, I have two tables, Production Activity in CY 2012 and Production Activity in $ 2012. Both tables have a field "Date of Activity." In addition to some other fields, ProductionActivity in CY has a field "Actual Production in CY" and Production Activity in $ has a field "Actual Production in $".

Now I had initially created two forms, each dedicated to one table, however my supervisor wants to use only one form to update both fields.

SQL Database connection error

I'm not sure if this is the correct spot for this thread so here goes.
I created an access project using link tables to a SQL development database. I finished the project on the development side and need to connect to production database. I created the SQL user objects on production database, validated that the user can connect directly to database via SQL Enterprise manager. Created ODBC connection on my laptop and tested connection. Modified Global module for the SQL connection for the VB code to point to production database. Open the access project that now points to production database, typed in login credentials to receive user cannot login to database.
What else do I need to modify to point the access project to production database?

Access IFF Statments not working

this statement to generate N/A if both fields from the tables are Null. Here is the Criteria I wrote:

IIf(IsNull([CPC_Old].[Project released for planning Actual]) & IsNull([CPC_New].[Project released for planning Actual]),"","N/A") & IIf([CPC_Old].[Projectreleased for planning Actual]=[CPC_New].[Project released for planning Actual],"No","Yes")

The output I'm getting is Yes if they both fields match, No is they are different.this is working.but it appears that if both fields are null then it defaults to Yes.

Totals from Subreports

I am trying to create an oil/gas report focusing on monthly adjustments. Here is the table structure of my database:

Each "Well" has many monthly "Production Entry"
Each "Production Entry" can have many "Adjustments"

I am trying to create a report that will resemble the following, but I am unable to get my totals to work:

Well Name
Production Date, Production Amount
Adjustment Date, Adjusted Amount (negative value to zero entry)
Adjustment Date, Adjusted Amount (positive value for new entry)

[Total of Adjusted Amounts]
[Total of Adjusted Amounts +/- Production Amount]

Listbox question

I'm creating an issue tracking database. This will track issues I'm having on multiple production lines. One of my fields in the issue table is what production line the issue is occurring on. Some issues can occur on multiple lines though. I set field in the table as a list box that will allow multiple values, on my form is there a way I can have the production line selection appear as radio buttons or check boxes? and still have them linked to the table