Prob in Excel

I have used the same formula in COL C I.e. col A-col B = 0, NO CHANGE IN QTY. 1st row it works correctly but 2nd row it shows false. I don't know what is the prob

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Problem with opening the database
I have created a database in version 2003 and 2007. the users were able to opened either one of them in their PC but there is one user who could not open the file and access keep saying that it can't change the working directory.

I have labeled the problems according to what comes first in my screen. I.e Prob 1, prob 2, prob 3, prob 4 (where it shows blank screen)

MS Access 97/Outlook 2003 interaction, error msg:not implemented
At work i usse windows xp,MS Acc 97 /outlook 2003. when trying to email a report thru Acc 97 via outlook 2003, i get a err msg "not implemented". Ive tried reinstalling both, still get the same msg. when others on their computer access the same db, they have no prob. Is my prob with Acc 97 or Outlook 2003?

Passing value from one for to another
I can seem to work out the prob pleas help
I need to pass value from form1(form) to form2 and save the value in table 2 of form

Keep From Copying Database
I am wanting to develop an Access database, prob in 2007. When I develop it, I want to be able to sell it. I want a way to have the customer to register it and not be able to give a blank copy to his/her buddies

Exporting to excel. Opening workbook and then editing it...failing
Like the title says I am trying to push a table out to excel. Then open the excel workbook and edit it. I used an excel macro to create the editing part in excel and think I converted it right.

question driven query
I have a query that pulls from just one table. What I would like is once the query is clicked, prob 3 or so to drive the criteria. In the past I have done this for dates but can't figure this one out.

the fields to be queried are all checkboxes. IE: Was the voice Male or Female?(they are both checkboxes) Was it a child? (a checkbox) Which Antennae was it heard on? (6 total options, all checkboxes.

Access to Excel
I'm exporting data from Access to Excel using "DoCmd.OutputTo" and it works fine. However, I need the data formatted in Excel and would like to know if there is another way to export into Excel using a custom template. Or a way to automate formatting of the excel spreadsheet

Importing Excel 2007 spreadsheet into Access 2002
I have an Access 2002 database which a number of users use to import worksheets from excel. Most of my users are using excel 2003 but a few have migrated to excel 2007 to move beyond the row limitation. The GUI for my db uses the docmd.transferspreadsheet command to import the excel tables. I get an error when trying to import an excel 2007 table. Any comment on modifing the vba code to allow import of the excel 2007 data.

Showing % Sign in Access
This is prob a simple query (i hope :-))

On one of my fields within a processing table I am trying to default the data type to show a % sign when a value is enterd without manipulateing data eg user enters 50 shows as 50%

What currently happens is user enters 50 turns into 5000% is there a way I can counter this I have tried to enter different formats but nothing seems to change this

print on macro
Would someone be able to help with a print prob please.

I have a macro which prints a report of a days money.

sometimes the report has two pages.
could you tell me how to only print the last page in the macro lines

Print Access Report to Excel
I have rptITDReports that I need to print to excel AND have excel automatically open with the report. I can send the query to excel but it doesn't give the totals that are in the report. Presently they have a macro for the old version of their report that prints the report in excel format.

The problem is that they have to then hunt to find the report. This was not a bigdeal form them but now there are new users in the office and they want to simplify it but having the report automatically open in excel vs having to print to excel and then hunt to findit.trying to save mouse clicks.

Initiate Export to Access from Excel
Is it possible to initiate an export from Excel to Access from Excel?

I also cannot find it discussed on forums.

Multiple users are using individual, I am attempting to centralize the separate excel files into one access file. Even though the spreadsheetenvironment is not shared and centralized, the access file is centralized.

It is not feasible for me to run docmd.transferSpreadsheet from Access because there are too many excel files to reference. A better way is for the excel files to include an identicalmacro that references on Access file.

Secondary question: is it possible to export excel worksheets to other excel files? In this scenario I could centralize all the data into one excel file before importing that file into Access.

Export Access Table to Excel- with the date as part of the new Excel file name
I have been trying everything I can think of. No matter what destination file name I try to use, it just gets copied over to the Excel file; it just takes whatever I type and treats it as a literal; i.e. Now(), "Random' & Now, and whatever else I try.
Is there no way to have the excel file name dynamic so it will make a new file And not over-write the existing file? I am using the full path name and it is exporting the Excel file to the correct location.

Using Excel macros
I have some excel macros that work great in excel. I am trying to import a sheet into access and need to do some formatting on the sheet before the data can be imported. Like I said, these worked when it was just excel, but when I put them into Access, I run into all kinds of errors.

I have built a connection to the excel file, then have put in the original macros:


The first error I run into highlightsthe xlDown, saying it is an unnamed variable. In excel vba, this is a valid command.

Import Excel file as report template - possible?
The subject pretty much sums it up. Is it possible to import an excel file into Access as a report? I have an Excel file that looks like how I want the data presented, with the data filled in on the Excel sheet. I take it I would have to export to the Excel file and print the Excel file? in that case?

Top 10 reasons to use Access with Excel
When using the Office family of products, should you use Excel or should you use Access to manage your tabular data? Why choose between one or another? If you store your data in Access and connect to it from Excel, you gain the benefits of both. Here are ten reasons why a marriage between Excel and Access makes lots of sense. Excel users, don't be afraid to let go of your data. Think of it this way. You're not losing an Excel daughter; you're gaining an Access son-in-law.

exporting to excel
What is the best way to export data from Access to Excel. We are doing calculations and would like the value of the calculation to go into a specific field in excel. Is there a way to dothat, or would it be easier to just create a new table to place the values in and then export the table itself to excel?

Integration of Access, Excel and Sharepoint possible?
Possible connection between excel, access, and sharepoint?

At this moment, I have all my data stored in Excel like a 'database'. This Excel file is available in a staff Intranet, deployed on Sharepoint. My colleagues accesses the Excel file from the Intranet to update information, and saves the changes after updating to reflect the changes.

After a period of time, inconveniences and loopholes are beginning to surface as my colleagues' needs increase.

I am considering to use Access as my database instead of Excel for a more organized database. Because I am restricted to only use Sharepoint, can I actually integrate Excel, Access and Sharepoint all together? I heard that it is possible to connect Excel to Access, and then apply Sharepoint technologies with both.

Copy Rows to excel
I m trying to create a code that copies selected row (record) to excel.

I need a button that creates simple Copy function. After that I want to click paste in excel. I know it is silly but that is what my boss wants.
maybe there is a way to copy row (record) into specific excel file and specific excel field?

Stop people opening 2 copies of Database
Not sure if anyone has had a similar prob and may have a solution to this?

I am currently running an Access app that is used by about 700 people in 300 locations. When the database is opened for the first time each day, there is some data processing that is done.

For some reason, I have a situation where occasionally there will be a staff member who opens the database twice, and this processing is duplicated?

Does anyone know of a way to prevent the database from being opened for more than a single instance