Printing Reports in AC 2003 Hangs

I was wondering if someone could help me with this.

I have some reports that won't print. If you send it to a printer or PDF it will just hang.

The reports come up just fine, they look great just won't print

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Access 2007 hangs
I've been using Access 2007 and I've noticed quite a bit of lag when moving around in various parts of the program.

I might be adding a field to a table and when I tab over to select a field type Access hangs, creating a form hangs, switching views in reports or queries hangs, pretty much any changes made the software hangs. Usually the computer is fine but sometimes it makes the whole system lag.

My CPU usage doesn't go above 25% but it does bounce around from 15-25 when I'm working with it and when it hangs, so I'm not really sure.

a2k set printer before printing reports
I am printing several reports at one time from a command button. I would like to set the printer (same for all reports) for these reports before I open them. I cannot find a way to do this in access 2000.
Currently, I use this code, but it opens the print dialog for each report:

All of the code samples I find are 2003 or later. There are references online to printer utility code for A2000 from Albert Kallal, but all of the links are broken.

Printing Multiple Reports with one command
I have multiple reports that need to be printed at the same time. Aside from printing each one separately (there are roughly 20 different reports) is there a way to create a macros that allows the user to press one print button that prints all the reports

Printing fine but unable output reports
I use Access 2003. I have several reports that are printed with a Macro. The account data is provided from a query. This works fine for printing but now I want to save these reports to a directory and use them as attachments for an email.When I use output in the macro I get garbage. It should be in Rich Text. something is not working right, I'm out of ideas

Heres what I have so far
Object Type =Report
Object Name =Anything
Object Format =Rich Text Format
Object File =C:\Edocs\
Auto Start =No

Margin Error when Printing Reports in Access 2007
I am receiving the following error when printing different reports to several different printers in Access 2007:

"The section width is greater than the page width, and there are no items in the additional space, so some pages may be blank. For example, the report width may be wider than the page width."

According to my co-workers this issue began immediately following the upgrade to version 2007 from 2003.

Printing multiple reports excluding empty reports
Previous threads in this forum have extensively discussed many ways of printing subreports whilst ignoring empty subreports. Interestingly, I came across another thread few years ago describing multiple reports printing using standard module. The VBA script can be, for example:
Public Function OpenMyReports()
DoCmd.OpenReport "Reportname1"
DoCmd.OpenReport "Reportname2"
End Function.
So we can call on this function using codes from a switchboard item.
However, if the report has no values, only labels within that report with no values are printed.
But is there a way of not printing empty reports while using this code?
Could it be that additional codes may be necessary somewhere else

Reports will organize and group the information in a table or query and provide a way to print the data in a database. Learn how to create reports using the wizard, create reports in Design View and Printing reports.

print reports, two-sided printing
When I"m printing out reports two-sided, the other side of the page shows nothing but the page background theme, so page 2 actually starts on page 3.

If I print it one-sided, everything works out perfectly with 2nd page blank in white.

I would like to solve this problem of two-sided printing

Printing issue
Access 2003 data base with many end users. This is a training and incident tracking system and the end users need to print reports for each record. Is there a way to print just one record at a time as opposed to printing all records or having the users have to indicate what pages they need to print

password before printing reports
is there way to print the report in access 2003 after entering password.

Different reports open in same window
On a form I have a button that runs a macro. The macro opens 15 different reports, but the only way I could get it to work was to have each report open in its own window (up to 15 reportwindows stacked on top of each other!).
The problem with this is, if they need printing, each report is sent to the printer as a single page - so the printer lists all 15 reports as a separate print job meaning each 'job' has to be released instead of just one job printing all 15 pages. So much slower and a PITA

Is there a way to get all 15 reports to open in the same window?

- Each of the 15 reports has its own report template as they are all different
- It would be better for me if this could be done in a macro as I know nothing about VBA but i'll prob need comments included so I can see exactly what is doing what etc.

Report + dot matrix printer
I created simple invoice template in Access 2003 reports, I want print out on dot metrix printer (Epson), report including three section page header details and page footer, when I printing one page looks good, but when I printing second page printer starting couting new page from last line in page one, I setup page break but still is wrong.

Multiple chosen reports print preview / prints as 1 document, Office 2003
The database I created allows the user to choose which reports they want or do not want. I need to find a way to merge the reports they choose into one document in a print preview / printing. Currently right now if they choose the print preview it opens up multiple previews for each report rather then one huge report of all merged docs.

automated PDF file from reports
We have many reports we manually save to PDF files and then print. This can take hours just saving to PDF and printing.

Once a report opens we touch our PDF icon on our tool bar(I believe this was downloaded). Then it saves to PDF as if it was printing( I guess this is the norm since we have PDF printer setup.

I would like to save(pdf format) and print theses reports automatically(button) on form.
The name I would like the pdf to be is(reportname-datestamp).

I'm having issues because of the PDF format

Reports printing lines which are not exist
I have a program distributed to a couple of dozen customers. I recently made an update to the program involving some revised reports required by the state government.

In all cases the update worked fine, except for one.

In this case one page of the reports (there are 5 reports in all) has experienced an odd bug. On certain of the lines printed (always the same lines), the printing is degraded so that it appears that a space has been written through the middle of the line of print; or over the upper-half of the line of print.

The error is not random. Reprinting the report multiple times,or reprinting the report using different data gives the identical result

When in display mode, the report appears fine. Only during actual printing does the degradation occur. All other reports (with far more lines to print) are successful.

I've tried moving the location of the printing on the page, But still the net result is unsatisfactory. Since this report is being submitted to a local court, the output is unacceptable.

The user's printer is an HP Officejet 6310 All-in-one. Allegedly, this printer works okay for other printed tasks it has to deal with. It just doesn't like this one.

Collate two Reports to printer
been looking for a week and am at wits end.

Ihave two reports, rpt1 is form letter with employee name and address, rpt2 is report with header and footer calculations of time worked. I need to be able to print these reports together, so wont have to hand collate after printing. Normally prints about 100 reports each month

Macro to send report to outlook hangs and timeouts with lifeboathang error messgae
All of a sudden my macro that sends a report to Outlook hangs with a lifeboathang error on access.exe. I have to continually restart access to send email reports. Not having much luck finding out what the 'lifeboathang' error message means.

Anyone come across this before

Access 2003 reports will not run
We use an access database in our accounting department that runs sales reports. I have a user that when she selects one of the reports nothing will happen, but if I log onto her machine I can run the report on the database.

If I use this users credentials on another computer we can run the reports. I almost seems like a profile issue.

We are running Windows 7 and Access 2003.

Learning about Reports in 2013
In this week's lesson we're going to look at reports; what they are, how you create them, and how you customize them to fit your (or your organization's) needs. Reports show your table data as information so people can make decisions with them. You can create simple reports that show all the data in your tables, or you can summarize or perform calculations on the raw data to create attractive, informational reports. You can even use reports for printing mailing labels. TOC: Learning about Reports; Report Wizard; Customizing Your Report; More Ways to Customize Your Reports.

multiple reports printing as 1 report
I created a program that a user can fill out then choose what reports they want to print out using check boxes. All the reports with a checkmark print, but they print as single document rather then one report. I am trying to have all the choosen reports print as 1 report rather the seperate