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printing object dependencies

printing object dependencies
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Is there a way to print 'object dependencies'? Yeah sure, I can view them but I want to print them!
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Searching for text in an MS Access MDB File

I'm using MS Access 2003.

I'd like to be able to search all non-table objects in a given MDB for a given text string. Is this possible? I want to know which MS Access objects contain the specified string. (I haven't seen anything in the menus that looks promising.)

My intention is to identify dependencies: if I want to delete, say, a query, I want to be sure that nothing references it. Yes, I know that there's an Object Dependencies option, but there are some Unsupported Objects that Object Dependencies cannot work with. I have union queries and subqueries that would be a problem for Object Dependencies.

Object Dependencies

When I click on object dependencies for a query, form, report or anything my system (Access 2007) does not show me anything. Is there a option that I need to enable or something?

View Object Dependencies won't work

I am trying to clean up my database using the View/Object Dependencies feature. It won't work and I keep getting a message that Access "cannot enable Name AutoCorrect because it cannot open and save one or more objects."
I have the proper permission, the objects are not open etc. I have tried clearing the Track name AutoCorrect and starting over. I have watched it map tables, queries, forms and reports but I get the "cannot enable Name AutoCorrect" message as soon as it gets to the Macros and Modules.

I know those things aren't supported for viewing dependencies, but why can't I getthe dependencies for the other objects that it appears to have mapped?

Advanced Object Dependencies Viewer

I have a fairly complex database. I've noticed that one can use the object dependencies option to see which objects depend on which.
The code in my forms events use a lot of query definitions which depend on queries.
Is there a way to see which functions depend on which query, that would make things easier in code maintenance

Can't eliminate Object Dependencies

I'm having problems getting rid of object dependencies. I have a query (query1) that used to depend on another query (query2), but then I changed query1 so that it no longer uses any fields in query2. However, Access still thinks that query1 is depends on query2! I've checked the SQL statements, and tried deleting the relationships in the query designer, but still. the dependency persists. Any advice on tracing this down

Table Dependent on another Table?

I am using Access 2007, and have inherited a database from a co-worker that is no longer with our company. This particular database works fine, and has for quite awhile now.

I was reviewing and analyzing all the tables and decided to find out the Object Dependencies for each one.

Much to my surprise I discovered that Table A shows that the objects that depend on it are a bunch of queries, and Table B!

When I click on object dependencies for Table B I find out that the converse is true!
I have checked the primary key/foreign key for each table and these are fine, and have no effect here.
Neither table uses Lok-up as the data type!

Output Object Dependencies

Been a while since, so it is good to see a number of familiar users from that forum.

Is there a utility, add-in or homebrew way to output the object dependency information from Access 2007? I know there are a couple retail solutions out there.

Printing fine but unable output reports

I use Access 2003. I have several reports that are printed with a Macro. The account data is provided from a query. This works fine for printing but now I want to save these reports to a directory and use them as attachments for an email.When I use output in the macro I get garbage. It should be in Rich Text. something is not working right, I'm out of ideas

Heres what I have so far
Object Type =Report
Object Name =Anything
Object Format =Rich Text Format
Object File =C:\Edocs\
Auto Start =No

Missing Dependency Question

I have finished building my database and I was just doing some final checks to make sure that everything is in order and functioning properly when I noticed some missing dependencies.

I went to 'Database Tools', 'Object Dependencies' and started selecting each object to verify what they depended on and what depended on them.

I came across this one and for the life of me I cant figure out what dependency is missing. Every thing works fine but I would still like to know what I did during the build process that caused this to happen and how I can fix it.

A part of me says don't worry about every thing works. The other part that wants to learn something says figure it out and don't leave well enough alone.

With that in mind, the learning part of me is asking for

Table, Query, and Form Printing

Printing consists of writing or drawing, on a piece of paper, the values held by an object of a database. This means that you can print from a table, a query, or a form. Before doing this, of course the object must exist and it must have records.
To print from a table, a query, or a form, in the appropriate section of the database window, right-click the object and click Print... When you do this, the document is sent directly to the printer.
Topics: Table, Query, and Form Printing, Report Fundamentals, Designing a Report, Using a Report and Report Maintenance.