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Print Report from Combo Box

Print Report from Combo Box
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I have a combo box with a list of forms. I want to select a form from that list and print the form. What code do I use on a "button
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Combo box to select report to Print

I created a form where the user selects a report from the combo box to print.

DoCmd.OpenReport Me.cboSelectException, acPreview

Me.cboSelectException is the name of the report in the bound field of the unbound combo box. All works as it should.

Now the tricky part, at least for me is trying to print all the reports from the combo box. I thought I could add an selection in the combo box but I am clueless as to what the code might look like.

I also thought I could create a macro with of the reports in it and add some IF - THEN - ELSE code to make this work.

VBA Code Required for automation

I am having a combo box which have the employee names, I select the employee name and a report is already referenced to this combo box and based on the value of the combo box the report will get generated.

What I am doing now is I select the employee name in that combo box then I open the report and I use Ctrl+P to print the report, but in the printer selection I select “CutePDF Writer”Which is already installed in my pc and I print it as PDF and save that report with that combo box Value (Employee Name).

The combo box have 200 employee names and I am doing this process for each employees by selecting the names from combo box by repeating the process for 200 times.

Printing Problems

I have a report that is viewed based upon a combo box selection in a form. When I preview the report everything is fine. As soon as I hit print it come up with the box for the combo box [Forms]![Frm_packing_list]![Combo0].

Now this selection affects the address in a subreport just an . Why will it come up but wont print?

using a combo box on a form in a tab to select which report to print.

If the title isn't complicated enough, let me continue:

I have a 'welcome' form that has a tab control. One of the tabs is another form with a relitively simple intent: to select a report from a list in a combo box (with a OLE bitmap image of the report) and then either print or open in Preview, based on a checkbox.

The combo box recordsource is a table that has the title of the report. Also contained within each row of that table is a thumbnail image of the report and the name of the report in the Access database.

The idea is this: I select the report in the ComboBox. The form updates to show what the first page of the report is. I click a checkbox so that I can preview the report. I then click on a print button to make the report appear on the screen.

whats what I WANT to happen. I'm stuck at getting the ComboBox to update the form. I'll worry about the unicorn fart to do the printing tomorrow

Open a Report From a Combo Box

I have a report that shows information on oil wells. This report is generated by a query called "print report by well". when I run the query from a button on a form. It opens a criteria box to input a well number. Thus, generating the report by well number. We have 145 oil wells in our area and I would like to make this as user friendly as I can for my employees. What I would like to do is use a combo box that shows the well numbers. When a well number is chosen, it would pull up a report in print preview of the latest information on the specific well from the query

Sigh, having used Access in 5 years and stuck..

I am using Access 97 and I am trying to print a report using a macro. The macro pulls from a query that checks to see what report to print by looking at a combo box when a button is pressed. The combo box pulls it's list from the same table that the report is trying to print. How do I solve this because the list that the user selects from must contain up to the most entered data in the table.

I haven't used access in a while.I used to do this in my sleep now I can't do it with 8 cups of coffee

Use combo to print report between two sets of dates

I am trying to print a report that shows timesheet entries for two sets of dates. The report also prints out based on the data entry person selected. The user selects their name and then uses another combo box to select pre entered dates.

Pass Subform filter to subform in report

I can't seem to figure out how to pass a filter from a subform to a subform in my report so I can open the report in print preview to print.

I have a Main form (Summary) that includes a subform (SummaryQuerySubfrm) which are linked together by ID.

I have a combo box on the main form which filters the subform by using the code below in the after update event of the combo box.

Private Sub SummaryMonth_AfterUpdate()
SummaryQuerySubfrm.Form.Filter = "[SubformField]= '" & ComboBox & "'"
SummaryQuerySubfrm.Form.FilterOn = True
End Sub

I want to be able to print the current main form and the filtered subform the user has selected via a report (Print preview).

I am not sure how to pass the filter from my subform on my main form to the subform on my report.

At the moment when I select the print button on my main form, it brings up the print preview of the report however it does not filter the subform within the report.

Combo Box for Report: report to accept the selected account name

Access 2007,I have a report that is using a query as the control source. This report is based on many Account Names. I have a command button that when clicked will preview the report for printing. This works fine.

What I would like to do is have the ability to pick from probably a combo box just one Account Name in need be and print that selection rather than printing the whole report.

Not quite sure how to set this up. Do I need to create the combo box on my form and have the control source set to the query?

And how do I get the report to accept the selected account name?

Printing Report on opening print preview without dialog box

I was wondering if it were possible to print a report after it opens in print preview but without the dialog box (and here's the kicker) while a form sub is still running. I figured out DoCmd.PrintOut will print without the dialog box but it wont run while Access is still running a sub from a form. (It gives a Run-time error 2585: This action can't be carried out while processing a form or report event.) The other thing I tried was putting RunCommand acCmdPrint after the open report line but that results in the unwanted print dialog box. Is there anyway to achieve this? I need the report to load in Print Preview as there is script in the onload bit of the report that needs to run in order for it to be printed correctly