Print report based on current form open

I created an order entry database for some users at work. I created a main form that has customerName, customerAddress, zip, state which drives an orderID and orderDetails table. I have a subform attached that shows Item#, Description and Qty.

I need to make a print button that will print a report based on the information the user entered. How do I make the button print a report based on the current data in that form? Do I usethe forms sql code as the forms control source?

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have a report print from current record
We have quite a large split multi user database. It is utilised by a number of forms.

What I would like to do is create a report that outputs a page based on the details of a current record within a form. IE I would like a button on the form, lets say Print WIP and it run and print the report for the current record only.

I know how to create the query with the information, and build the report based on the query. My question is, how do I get the query to only pull the data from the current record

Logic statement to select report
To simplify my reports, I am planning on making three reports that will all differ to print data from the same form. This is due to some reports needing features that others will not. Whenthe user clicks print on the form, I only want one of the reports to print though.

The report would be selected based on the current record set pulled up in the form. I.E. if that record set contains a number 5 then print report 1, a number 7 then print report 2, or a number 9 then print report 3.

I have the form and report printing fine right now when I reference the report directly in the macro and switch it out for each report.

I tried setting up a Macro with Open, Print, Close commands for each report with conditional statements defining which form to select. It seemed it only looks at the first record in thedata set it is printing and makes the call then moved to the next command which dosent work.

Printing current form record
I have a form that lists job orders for a given day that I enter myself, and then I have a print button with the following code


I have made a report that will print the current record based on the "ID" field. this sort of works except for the fact that when I type in my jobs, and click the print button it just prints a blank report, but if I close the form and then reopen it and go to the record I want and click print, it works fine.

is there any way to remedy this and just click print, instead of having to reopen the form.

Print Report from Form ID
I created a query for the report to pull the information from the current form record but can't get it to work. In the query under criteria I entered this:
=[form]![SAE PHO VA FORM]![ID]

The form gets it's information from a table where I also enter new information to create a new record.

The query works but when the form is open and I want to print that current form record from a command button to a report it asked for a ID. It should pull the current form ID (record) without asking me for the ID.

This works in all versions but Access

report printing
I have been trying to solve this ALL DAY and I am no nearer to solving. I have a report, built from a form. I want to print a one copy of the current record I am viewing, in my form, if I create a print button it wants to print out all the records in the report. I just want to print what I am viewing.

Printing report from Form
I am able to print a report of all records from a command button on a form with

DoCmd.OpenReport "General Input Info", acViewPreview

I can also print just the current form to the report with

DoCmd.OpenReport "General Input Info", acViewPreview [ID] = & [ID].

What I would like to do is print a report showing the current form and all the forms after that form. In other words, none of the records previous to the current form listed but do show the current record and all others after that as determined by the auto number ID field. I am able to filter by form in the ID field with >45 showing me all records with an ID of 46 and above but I want to be able simply print the report from the command button that is on the form.

Printing wrong Form / Report
I have a typical form for user input which, from a button on the form, fires up a report in Print Preview. When I then try to print the Report (just using the standard Print Icon in Access), it prints the Input Form rather than the Report, eventhough the Report has the focus.

When I close the form so that the only window open is the Report, then the Access Print Icon grays out

Button currently prints ALL records instead current one
I have created a form using Access 2010 and added a button using the command button wizard so that it prints the report I made. It is printing all the records, but I only want to print the the current record.

The form and the report are picking up from several tables if that makes a difference. How do I get it to only print the current form/record not every one? I want the layout as per my report...

Print reports with creteria ..
Access 2003, vista. I have a form, which contains a series of filter and sorting criteria in order to create a work plan for an employee.

The filter and sorting criteria form a report with the work plan for the employee.
I need to print, from the form, all the reports that relevant for the work plan. The reports are separated and can differ from one another in their structure and name.
I have 2 questions – 1st each print opens the specific report (because they differ I need to open then one at a time and not as a whole batch), print it, and then close it. In a workplan of 200 reports this procedure is very slow,

2nd – The list of reports are based on a basic query that uses dates as a criteria, and from the form itself I send 8 more filter possibilities, and a sorting preferences. How do I print the list that the criteria in the form represent? And how do I send the printout in the same order as should be in the report (so the user won't have to set the order of the report each time he produces a work plan for the current month). ?

Limiting a report to shown a single record from form
I have a form/subform combination on my database.

One record on the subform can relate to several records on the subform, i.e

Record 1, has five incidents on it so records in the subform are 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 etc.

I then need a print off of these in report format, I only need a single record for the report though. The issue I'm having is that all of the records are printing on the report! Is there any criteria I can state to print the current form? I know I can create a form button to print current form, but I need the report format

Pass Subform filter to subform in report
I can't seem to figure out how to pass a filter from a subform to a subform in my report so I can open the report in print preview to print.

I have a Main form (Summary) that includes a subform (SummaryQuerySubfrm) which are linked together by ID.

I have a combo box on the main form which filters the subform by using the code below in the after update event of the combo box.

Private Sub SummaryMonth_AfterUpdate()
SummaryQuerySubfrm.Form.Filter = "[SubformField]= '" & ComboBox & "'"
SummaryQuerySubfrm.Form.FilterOn = True
End Sub

I want to be able to print the current main form and the filtered subform the user has selected via a report (Print preview).

I am not sure how to pass the filter from my subform on my main form to the subform on my report.

At the moment when I select the print button on my main form, it brings up the print preview of the report however it does not filter the subform within the report.

open report with current record in forms
I have a form based on parameter query. User needs to give at least two parameters to open the form showing matching records to the parameters.

I have command button on form to open a report and have set open report action on click event of the button.

I wish to open report with records selected in form with the query. But on click it asks for parameters and I wish to get it automatically from the form.

I badly need a solution for this. Please help me as soon as possible.

Print vs. Print Preview
I am adding a report to an Access 2007 Db that will end up being a Runtime version. On the switchboard (actually a form I'm using as my switchboard) I have a button to print this report.

Here's the problem. When I click the button to print the report, it opens the report in "Print Preview", but I'm seeing a blank report and a Print window. if I click on "Print", the report prints AND I get to see the Print Preview.

However, if I click on "Cancel", I am allowed to see the Print Preview, but have then lost theability to Print.

What I was hoping was that the Print Preview would open so my users might decide if they wish to print or cancel.

Button on form to print report for current record
I want to put a button in my input form so it can print a report looking at only the current record I am in using2007.

See names below:

Input Form: CC Form Entry
Unique Field: CC Number
Report: Customer Complaint Form

Trying to print current record
I have a form that I created a button (that activates a macro) to print the current record (so I thought).
Here is the action:
Report Name: DOA Record Report
View: Report |
Filter Name: -----
Where Condition: [ID1]=[Forms]![App 1]![ID1]
Window Mode: Normal

ID1 is the primary key on the form
App 1 is the name of the form.

I would have just used the PRINT RECORD button that's built in, but that's another problem (error popups).

Report on form in view
I want to create a report, and have a button on the form to print a report base on the form. But I only want it to print a report based on the form in view

How do I do this, as at the moment when I print a report it prints all the reports

Print Access Report to Excel
I have rptITDReports that I need to print to excel AND have excel automatically open with the report. I can send the query to excel but it doesn't give the totals that are in the report. Presently they have a macro for the old version of their report that prints the report in excel format.

The problem is that they have to then hunt to find the report. This was not a bigdeal form them but now there are new users in the office and they want to simplify it but having the report automatically open in excel vs having to print to excel and then hunt to findit.trying to save mouse clicks.

Order of events on forms?
This one has me baffled.

From one of my forms, I use this code to open another one in dialog mode:


Pushform is a procedure to hide the current form but not close it. The problem is in the Translate Form. According to Microsoft, the order of events when opening the form should be:

Open -> Load -> Resize -> Activate -> Current

But by using debug.print, I have found the order of events to be this when I open the form:

Current -> Load -> Current -> Open (Activate did not fire at all)

The order is backwards and On Current fires twice! It's a pain because On Current depends on values set by On Load, but which are messed up by On Open.

Printing report crashes access
I have a form that once filled in, I have included a print button that filters the form for the current record and produces a report in print preview. This print preview always works, but when the user clicks the "print" button on the ribbon--about 1/2 the time, access crashes.

Access has to be reopened and the report located to print again (embarrassing in front of customers waiting on their invoice).

How to Print current Transaction?
I have a form where I perform some test and go to print command which is supported by a report for tests.

right now I have put query which ask 1st which test no want to print so I just put testno and print the page but I am looking to print as I enter the record and go to print so must print the last transaction only?

how it can be plz?