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Possible To Set Color Theme On Query ?

DB Design & Table Setup Help
I am trying to design a database for tracking Legos, by sets and parts. I am having a hard time getting the relationships right, to make sure that the data cross references itself properly.

Pretty simple right? How I think the relationships should be based on the following information.

A Lego Part can be in many different colors,
And Colors can go to many different parts
(So a 1 x 1 x 1 brick can be in yellow, blue or red- While The color red can goto a 1x1x1 Brick, a 1x2x3 Brick and a 1x12 Wing)
So this would be a many to many relationship

A Lego Part can only be in one partcategory, where a partcategory can have many different parts. One to Many

A Lego Part, along with whatever color it is, can go to a set. And a set can have many different parts in many different colors. Again Many to Many

A Set can only belong to one theme. But a theme can have many different sets. One to Many

Because I think it should work like this:
I want to see what parts are in a set. So I tell the database, here is the SetNum I want to see, and it runs a query to display all the parts in that set, along with the colors of thoseparts and the quantity of each part.

Change the appearance of Office programs
The appearance of the Ribbon, which is part of the Microsoft Office Fluent user interface, in the 2007 Microsoft Office system follows the Office color scheme and the toolbars, buttons, menus, and dialog boxes in Microsoft Office follow the Microsoft Windows desktop theme settings on your computer. You can change the default Office color scheme and Windows desktop theme to customize the appearance of your Office programs.
What do you want to do?
* Change the Office color scheme
* Change the Windows desktop theme

Combo box background color different than text box
On my form, my by using the autoformat theme, I've noticed that my textboxes have a different background color (white) than my combo box (grey). How do I change the text box background color to the same as the combo box?

I've been looking under properties, especially back color but that doesn't seem to work

Setting the background color of a subform
I have a main form which is called in different modes. For each mode I set a background color with Me.detail = a color number.
But on the form are several subforms, and I would like to change the background color of the subforms to match.
This does not work: Me.Mysubform.detail = a color number.
How do I set the color of a subform

query group by over another group by?
I am new to access sql and got a problem with a query:

I got a table like:

theme subtopic

a fish
a fish
a vegetables
b vegetables
c fruits
c fruits
c fish

now I want to get the number of subtopics for each theme.
anyone got an idea how to solve in a query?

row color in Query
1) how to set odd number rows color different from even number rows?
2) how to set the current row color which is different from all others?

Change the color of hyperlink text
Follow one of the procedures below to change the color of hyperlink text or match the color of hyperlink text with the existing text on a slide. If hyperlinks appear in both the title and sub-title placeholders, do not change hyperlink text in the theme.

query group by over another group by?
I am new to access sql and got a problem with a query:

I got a table like:

theme subtopic

a | fish
a | fish
a | vegetables
b | vegetables
c | fruits
c | fruits
c | fish

now I want to get the number of subtopics for each theme.

access 2007 some combo's won't keep same color formatting
I have searched for this, but can't find a solution that works.

I have 3 combo's all of which were created the same way, the 3 were added at a later time. When I added them I used the format painter to copy over the same "Look" of all the colors. well only the first of the 3 keeps the color you see when clicking the drop down.

In the detail section of my form I have it set to alternate color, on the combos that work, the font fore color remains the same as when it is not clicked, but the highlighted line of the selected choice will light up the font to RED. which is good. BUT. on the non working combo the font changes to BLACK for everything in the list, the color of the bar is correct but the selected shoice turns the Font to White! WTF, I have looked very closely at all the properties, there is no conditional formatting set. this is really annoying, I have my combos set to the perfect color

Creating a template
So I have always done this the long way. Lets say I have a theme for my reports/forms. Green header, certain font, etc. I have always just set the properties of each individually every time I make a new form/report. Something tells me there has to be an eaiser way, so that when the report or form is made from the wizard, it makes it the way I want, instead of the way it wants.

I "think" I understand how the themes work. However, when I pick a certain color say #0102, access automatically makes the header #0102 80% lighter. Any easy way to simply set all these defaults within a database so when the forms are made the are the way I want them

Lookup & Autofill
I have a table with "Color". I want an option group in the form that I can click one of 2 color choices. The option numbers are stored in a separate column called "INTCOLOR". The color choices are stored in a table called "tblINTCOLOR". I want my color field set in design view to look up the number from "INTCOLOR" in "tblINTCOLOR" and automatically put the color NAME into the "COLOR" field automatically. Such a simple query but I'm missing a step somewhere and can't get it to work!

How to change color on text using IF
I would like to change color on the text placed in a textbox depending on the value. The value comes from a query connected to a table.

Something like:

in textbox: IF Me.ID = 30 THEN color = #FF0000
ELSEIF Me.ID = 40 THEN color = #00FF00
ELSE color = #000000

Wrong Fore Color in Conditional Formatting
I'm having problems setting the format for the fore color of fields that meet the criteria in conditional formatting. I want the filed to be disable. In fact I set the Enabled property for the field to No and the Locked to Yes.

I only want the Fore Color to change if they meet the criteria. But, if I set the field to enabled in the cell formatting the background changes to the back color that is alre4ady set in the formatting.

Is there a way to set conditional formatting without using the Conditional Formatting Rules manager?

I'm using the following as the criteria:

Use Windows themes in controls on forms
Microsoft Office Access 2007 allows you to apply the current Microsoft Windows visual theme to the controls on your database forms. This creates a more consistent visual experience for the users of your database, because the controls on your forms match the controls in Windows dialog boxes, wizards, and so on. By default, Office Access 2007 enables Windows themes for any new databases that you create but does not enable them for existing databases. When Windows themes are enabled, each control uses the theme either until you disable use of the theme for the current database or until you set or change certain display properties for that control.
The information in this article explains how to enable or disable the use of Windows themes for a database and how to change a Windows visual theme. It also provides a reference that explains which display settings stop the control from using a Windows theme.

Creating subqueries in SQL view
I am stuck and in need of help with an access query. I am supposed to create a query that selects all the fields from a table for all the products that weigh more than 100 pounds. Then, switch to SQL view add a subquery that selects all products whose color is green.

I have the query built, now I just need help on the SQL and adding a subquery. This is what I have:

SELECT tblProduct.[ProductID], tblProduct.[CompanyID], tblProduct.[ProductType], tblProduct.[Price], tblProduct.[Unit], tblProduct.[Color], tblProduct.[Material], tblProduct.[Size], tblProduct.[WeightInLbs], tblProduct.[DiscountOffered]
FROM tblProduct
WHERE (((tblProduct.[WeightInLbs])>100))
AND Color Green
(Select Color
FROM tblProduct
WHERE Color="Green");

The problem is the color. What is wrong with my statement about the color of the product

Alernate row color
Running Access 2007. I set the alternate row color in the detail section to be different than the back color and when I view the report on the screen, it alternates it correctly. Print preview and actually printing comes up with what's attached.

Text Color for Urgent or Important Items
How do I set the text color in one field as Black for regular records & a different color for Special records?

Common SubRoutine to set Controls Back Color
I am using VB 2008 for WinForm Application (exe).

I have 100s of Input Controls on my form (TextBox, ComboBox), now what I want is When the control receives Focus I want it's Back Color set to some color say 'Lemon Yellow' to highlight thecontrol & when it leaves focus set it to it's original.

Writing in Enter Event & Leave Event for every control is not quite a good idea.

So I want a trick to handle this with a single or two events.

Append query with multiple criteria not working
I have an append query that appends records from Table X to Table Y where Color is Null or <> "Red":

WHERE (((tblColors.Color)<>"Red" Or (tblColors.Color) Is Null));

This works fine. But when I try to add a third condition, like <> "Orange", it seems to ignore the <>Red and <>Orange criteria, and appends all records regardless of color.

I've tried it two ways and both have the same result:

WHERE (((tblColors.Color)<>"Red" Or (tblColors.Color)<>"Orange" Or (tblColors.Color) Is Null));

WHERE (((tblColors.Color)<>"Red" Or (tblColors.Color) Is Null)) OR (tblColors.Color)<>"Orange" Or (tblColors.Color) Is Null

nested query: avg, count, group by
I got a table as an example for my problem:

theme /subtopic /partners

a / fish / cornershop
a / fish / supermarket
a / vegetables / supermarket
b / vegetables / cornershop
b / fruits / cornershop
c / fruits / cornershop
c / fruits / cornershop
c / fish / supermarket

First, I want to count the number of partners fro each subtopic. Second, I want to get the Average Number of partners per subtopic for each theme.

I started with this sql statement, but its not working:

SELECT theme, subtopic, Avg(t.NumberofPartners) AS Percentage_Partners FROM (SELECT COUNT(partners) As NumberofPartners FROM my_table GROUP BY subtopic) AS t GROUP BY theme;