Populate Form using a Query

I have a table named "Event". I have records in the table that I want to populate the rest of the forms unbound text fields based upon the selection of the combo box "event name" and combo box "event date".

The table fields are:"Event Name", "Event Date","Call for Service", "POC Name", "POC Phone 1", "POC Phone 2", "Event Instructions"

The unbound form field names are:"QEvent Name", "QEvent Date", "QCall for Service", "QPOC Name", "QPOC Phone 1", "QPOC Phone 2", "QEvent Instructions"

POC means Point of Contact.

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how do i populate the value of a field in query into a txtfield into another form
I have an Access 2010 Form that opens a query through OnLoad. While both forms and query are open, I want to populate a field from query into a txtfield on Form. How can I achieve this. a practical example of code through a click on command button would explain it to me better.

populate textboxes from listbox selection
I am trying to populate textboxes on my form when I make a selection from my listbox.

I populated the listbox with a query and this works as it should.

The query loads two columns in the listbox. One is an id (FDID) and the other is the persons last name.

I tried using the control source of the textboxes to get the info from the listbox, but it will only populate 2 out of the 5 textboxes. The ones that populate, of course, are the FDID and last name.

How do I get the rest of the values from the table?

I did a search, but nothing I found fits my needs.

SQL query, populate form input boxes
I am trying to find the easiest way to populate some input boxes on my form based off of two other fields.
For example: THe user enters house number and address. They then click a button which queries a database. The SQL query will have city, state, zip, year built, dwelling type etc. These values will be used to populate a few textboxes in the form.

I think the best way to do this is a simple VBA SQL query from the on click event of the button.but I am having problems with how to take the return SQL string and write them to varaibles to place in the textboxes.

Any thoughts? Am I thinking of this the correct way or is there another way to do this

Trying to populate a text box on form with the result of a query
This is my situation.

I would like for the result(count of records) of a query to populate automatically when you open the form in a unbound text box with out pushing the command button to actually get theresult(with details instead of just a count that I'm looking for).

also the query has different criteria therefore I need the result of the whole query not just a particular column in the query.

Find duplicates query to populate input form
I have a ClientTable that contains client contact information, which has been uploaded from all sales reps for the purpose of making individual sales calls. What I need is a MainForm for thecaller to select a specific RepName from a drop down list and have it populate the results into an InputForm, which will need to be editable to the original table.

What I believe I need is a find duplicates query based on the rep name chosen, but also have it populate into the input form and be editable back to the original table.

Find duplicates query to populate input form
I have a ClientTable that contains client contact information, which has been uploaded from all sales reps for the purpose of making individual sales calls. What I need is a MainForm for the caller to select a specific RepName from a drop down list and have it populate the results into an InputForm, which will need to be editable to the original table.

What I believe I need is a find duplicates query based on the rep name chosen, but also have it populate into the input form and be editable back to the original table

Populate table entries when clicked on form button
I have a MS access 2007 form with two fields say Field1 and Field2 and a button. When button is pressed I want to populate all the entries matching Field1 and Field2 in datasheet view from table Table1.

For this, I have created a sql query using simply SQL query wizard and got a sql query "SELECT Table1.entry1, Table1.entry2, Table1.entry3 Table1.entry4 FROM Table1;".
but I want to populate only the entries that matches Table1.entry1 = Field1 (of Form) and Table1.entry2 = Field2 (of form). I'm sure that I need to use the where clause for this.

But I dont know how to retrieve the form values inside a sql query. Please let me know whether m going in the right direction or is there any other way to do this

Populating an array using a query
I am trying to populate an array using info from a query. The query looks at a specific date, entered on a form by the user, then looks for the number of orders entered by each employee on that date.

I want to display the results on the screen and also be able to print it if needed by the user. Usually there are between 2 and 4 order entry people. I understand some about arrays and how they work but I can't figure out how to populate them from a query.

Or would I be better off using list/combo boxes?

Trying to populate a total from crosstab query into a form.
I have a crosstab query that has a total for that particular inbox(Registered) and I'm trying to create a form that will populate the total. I went into the control source and did the pathto the crosstab query (Total) and it is giving me "#Name?" error.

Populate TextBox using ListBoxe from another form
I am using a ListBox(Combo12) which contains values of ETO from a query[ID-ETO].
I have selected the ETO field from the table [List] to populate my ListBox.
The combo12 is on form named [MainForm].
Now, I have another form [Form_1] which has several textboxes including the ETO, etc. all of which are contained in a table [List].
So How do I use a button on MainFrom to select a particular ETO to open Form_1 to populate different textboxes?
Can someone tell me which events in the property sheet of the corresponding forms, buttons and combo boxes need to be used to trigger this event. I am really confused here and have been stuck

Displaying Query Results in a Form List Box
I have a form that is linked to a query (and vice versa).

I want to display the results of the query in the form.

I have lists boxes on the form, but when I use a button to launch the query, it does exactly what I don't want . launches the query.

I just want the query results to populate the List Boxes that I have linked to the fields in the query.

query column not populating text box.
I have a query that is used to populate some fields in a form. the query has 9 columns: 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8.
when I update a combo box (field 0) the query should populate the rest of the text boxes using columns 1-8.

the problem: column 8 is not populating.
every other text box is filled. For the text box control source, I have used =[query name].[column](#) where # is the column number respectively.

so for the text box =[query name].[column](8) it does not show anything (if I run the query, all data is there)

if in that same text box I put =[query name].[column](1) then it does show something, basically, all of them show except column 8.

below is my sql for the query:

Report filling prebuilt paper form
I have a paper form I scanned into Access and created a report for. I'm looking to use Access to populate the fields on the form. The name, social, etc. are all easy enough to populate but I'm having trouble coming up with a way to populate the middle of the form. There's 19 lines I need to populate with 19 possible entries to be input. The issue is trying to condense all entries to the top of the form.

On the picture I've attached I have the top of the form in the header and the bottom of the form in the footer for the report. The middle, lines 1 through 19 are in the Detail. I'd like to fill from the top down. I know it's possible, but for the life of me I can't seem to think of how to do it. Writer's block

Use some query results and a table to populate a second table
I have a query which goes through my customer and attributes them scores based on various conditions. Somebody will go through this list weekly or more often and attribute customers to case managers based on this score and a few other informations present in the query (location, last interaction date, etc.).

I have a table which lists the case managers so we can use it to populate a List box.

I need to take the information from my query and pair the customer number to the case managers using a form or something, in datasheet view/format. When I try to use the form wizard, it doesn't want to do that.

Says that it can't find the link between the query and the table. I have created an empty table with three fields: ID(PK), Customer_number, Case Manager. I want this table to hold the pairing data once the customers are attributed to a case manager.

However, some customers will not have a case manager, so I don't want to populate this table with superfluous information if I can avoid it.

After all, we're talking about 30k customers, of which about 10% (at the most) will end up having a case manager.

So. how do I do that? I'm sure it's pretty basic, but I can't see my way out of this conundrum.

Multiple "Control Source and Bound Column" ?
Is it possible to have more than one Control Source and Bound Column?

I have a form, embedded in the form is a query, using the Control Source and bound Column parameters of the List Box where the query is shown I can get column 3 (for example ) to populate Text20 when I click, what I really want is column 3 to populate Text20, AND column 2 to populate Text30 when I click.

Multiple source records for the Form
Is it possible to have two sources of record for one form: a table and a query? I want the form to populate the table, but the form also should have some limitations (filters) set up in the query. Is it possible

how populate a textbox with a VBA created query
W7 32bit pro, Access 2003
I have created a query to populate a textbox, the query looks OK but what do I have to do to actually get the results of the query in the textbox?

Populate controls on form via query
How to populate a number of text box controls on an access form with data from a table.

There will be around 15 fields that I need to be auto populated once the user has entered a member number.

I can get this to work using dlookup but it is a bit slow and through my research its seems that dlookup is not preferred?

I have tried to use the following code:

Private Sub Command7_Click()

Dim db As Database
Dim rs As Recordset
Set db = CurrentDb
Set rs = db.OpenRecordset("Select * FROM dbo_MemberMain WHERE [MemberNo] = Me.[memberNo]")
Me.[Forename] = rs!Forename


Set rs = Nothing
Set db = Nothing

End Sub

I tested the query through the query designer and it works but when I come to click the button on the form nothing happens. The code complies but doesn't seem to do anything.

List Box to Populate Form
I have a form (frmDispatched), and a query (qrySchedules).

I would like to have a listbox on the frmDispatched that has the schedules information in it that would allow the user to click on any given schedule and have that information populate into the frmdispatched(table).

From there the user would continue and data enter all other information required for the dispatch.

Dont think I am googling the question correctly as I am not having the best of luck finding a solution to this and I am sure it isnt that difficult.

VBA to copy data to clipboard
I'm looking for some information/ code on how to copy a column in a select query to clipboard. I have a select query that runs records that are being worked to populate a column with fax numbers that the form is going to be sent to.

The macro that will be behind the button will first open the query (Qry_FaxNumbers) which will populate the select query, and then I'm hoping to have the code run to copy these numbers (from column: "Fax Numbers").

The user can then just ctrl + v the numbers into the "to:" in outlook to send a form out.