Populate field in a table from another table...

And I am exhausted from looking over for the solution so I thought I would tap into the unlimited resource here. I have two tables tblProject and tblInvoice.

In the tblInvoice one of the fields asks for JobNumber. I would like to, based on that JobNumber, to look up tblProject for the corresponding ContractValue and auto fill a field in tblInvoice with that ContractValue.

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Populate table via form using data from another table
Instead of using a drop-down in a table I would like to populate the table via a form using data from an other table.

I have a table with list of lab technicians (labtechs). I have a table (Process) with a process where I would like to add a field with the labtech but only from the list in table: Labtech.

Instead of making a drop-down in the Process table that links to the Labtech table, I would like to populate the labtech field in the Process table via a Form where I only have the choice of labtechs from the Labtech table. So basically I want a drop down in the form but NOT in the table.

Understanding relationships and auto populate...
It may help to understand what kind of tables I currently have in Access 2010.

I have an employee table that shows employees and some basic information about each of them. This table has an employee ID field that is not an autonumber but it is unique to each employee (10004928).

I have other tables that also use that same field and I want the first and last names to auto populate based on the main employee table. These other tables are tracking OT and Vacation time used.

How do I make the later tables auto populate the name fields when you key the employee ID?

10 steps to populate an Access list control using field-level properties
In this article, I'll show you how to populate a list control instantly by setting properties at the field (table) level to create a lookup field. A wizard sets a few field-level properties, and any form you base on that table will automatically populate a list control for you.

Populate fields using data from different tables
I know very little about Access but need to create a database for work. I was hoping there would be a way to select an id based on a previous table and have parts of it populate in this new table.

For example:

Table A - Webinars (Webinar ID, Webinar Title and Client)
Table B - Sessions (Session ID, Date, Webinar Title, Time, Facilitator, Session Occurred, Reason, Conference Call) [Webinar Title I used a look up field and just select the corresponding Webinar Title and it works nicely]
Table C - Users (User ID, Status, Prefix, Last Name, First Name, Email Address, Component, Role and State)
Table D - Registrants (User ID, Session Date, Webinar Title, Attended).

So in Table D I would like to add Role and Component, so when I select User ID #1 the Role and Component Field populate with the info based on Table C.

Does that make sense is there a way it can be done simply

Two ID fields with cross-populating Look-Up
So, the Person table has 2 IDs (neither is the primary key of the table, like SSN and HRID). What the customer wants is to show both IDs in the Orders table.

I'm having trouble getting the table to populate the second ID field based on what is selected from the drop-down in the first ID field.

Person table (ID, FirstName, LastName, SSN, HRID)

Orders table (ID, PersonSSN, PersonHRID, etc.)

If I populate the Look-up field of PersonSSN as 'Select SSN, HRID from Person' (use column 1 as value),
how do I get the HRID field to populate when someone selects a SSN value from the Person drop-down?

And the follow-up, can I get the same thing to happen in reverse (I.e. populating the PersonSSN value when the customer selects an HRID from the PersonHRID drop-down)?

I'm hoping someone understands what I just wrote,

How to populate a table with same item each time
I need to do the following task. I could do this with the help of excel, but feel that would be highly inefficient, cuting and pasting, backwards and forwards.I guess there would be a way to do this wholly (and easily) with Access ? Task. I have a large table of approx 250,000 rows. I need to add a new column (which I can do ! ), and then populate the new column with text, which will identical for each field. (Of course there is more then 1 table, which is where the inefficiency comes in).

DLookup only returning first value from table
I wonder if someone could help.

I am using a DLookup function on a command button to populate a field on a form with value from another table. However it only seems to populate the field with the top value from the table.

Below is the code

Private Sub Command111_Click()
Me.lngEncrpytion_Password = DLookup("[Password]", "[tblpasswords]", "EncryptionID = EncryptionID = '" < myknowngoodpassword &gt

Populating a field from another table using DLookup
I'm trying to populate a field (we'll call it field#2) on a standard form (Customer Record Card) automatically after I've selected the contents of another field on the same form (we'll call it field#1)

The content of field#1 is a pick-list lookup from a separate table. The other table also holds the look-up list I want to use to populate field#2. The relationship between fileds 1 & 2 is direct. Sounds simple ? It's driving me nuts.

I've tried using DLookup and I'm stuggling.

Can it be done using DLookup or another Built-in function or do I need more complex code.

Can anyone tell me what the syntax for the Dlookup function in the above scenario would be . and where should I put it ? "on click" "after update

Linked table query
I have two tables linked where Table A, field 1, is a look up table for Table B in Field 1.
Table A has 3 fields and I want to query Table B based criteria in Table A, field 2 and 3. SQL as follows

SELECT [Table A].[Field 2], [Table B].[Field 2], Sum([Table B].[Field 2]) AS [SumOfField 2]
FROM [Table A] INNER JOIN [Table B] ON [Table A].[Field 1] = [Table B].[Field 1]
GROUP BY [Table A].[Field 2];

I keep getting the error "You tried to execute a query that does not include the specified expression <Table B Field 2> as part of an aggregate function. (Error

Populate a field based on combobox selection
I would like to populate a (another) table field based on user combo box selections.

I would like a combo box with selections A, B, C, D, E, etc.

If combo box A is selected, it would populate with the numeral 1; if B were selected, it would populate with the numeral 2; if C were selected, it would populate with the numeral 3; etc.

So, we would have a combo box in the form, but it would not populate a table field with the combo box selections, but with values driven by the combo box selections.

Create Access Table based on filenames in a specified folder
I have a requirement to automatically populate a table based on the contents of a specified folder.

The file-names follow a protocol of the below -


The extension can be different, e.g. docx or pdf, so the action would be to

1 - Find the directory
2 - Clear the access table
3 - Use code to populate the table with the split out file-name in separated fields.

So I'd need an end result that looked like -

Field Names:


I'd found a database entitled Browsing.mdb from a user but it only displays the information as a report not as an auto populate to a table

Write Value to Form Field
Almost feel like I'm cheating coming here to ask rather than doing all the research and homework myself.

Anyway, I have a button that calculates a value, and I want to then populate a field on my form with that value. I've successfully calculated the value (and have a msgbox to confirm it), but I'm not sure where to go to populate the field.

I know how to write and entire record into a table, but I don't want to go to all that trouble if I don't have to.

The table linked to the form is StudyData, the form is frmDataEntry, the vaule is NewWONumber and the field is WorkOrderNumber

How to populate local table based on ADODB.Recordset
I am breaking my head since 2 days to get populate the local table using ADODB.recordset but can not figure it out.
I have a local table tblLocation_Local which I want to populate/fill with the back-end table tblLocation.

Both the tables have same structures.


I need to get tblLocation_Local populated using ADODB.Recordset method so that it will be faster for users to get data from the local (Static) table instead of being connected the times to the network.

One field value determine value of second field in form?
In my database, I have a table that has a list of procedure codes as one field and a cost assigned to each procedure as a second field.

I have a second table where I enter one of the procedure codes (looked-up from my original table/typed in), and I would like the value associated with this code in the original table toauto-populate a second field "after update".

Is there a way to make this field pull from the same table as the procedure code is pulling rather than having to type hundreds of "If/Then" statements in VBA?

Entering Current date in a field via a form button?
I am trying to figure out to have the current date populate in table field by using a button on a form and not having much luck.

I have a table with 2 date fields, a 'created' field and a 'received' field. I already have the date set to auto populate for the 'created' field but I don't want the 'received' field to populate until the employee has gone into the database to receive the work.

I know I could have the employee just enter the date, but I want to avoid any typos or people simply forgetting to do it.

Ideally I would love the button to enter the current date into the 'received' field and save the entry, but I fine it needs to be 2 separate buttons.

Search a table for value and populate another table with the value?
I have 2 tables and a form. Table1 "PriceIndexWidget"
Table2 "HistoryWidget" and Form "HistoryWidget". I want to use a Checkbox on the form to populate a field value in the HistoryWidget table. I understand that when checkbox w001 is unchecked it = 0 and I populate field "me.widget001" value to 0 in table HistoryWidget.

What I am trying to do is search the PriceIndexWidget table, field Part# for the value of widget001. Widget001 is Part# in table PriceIndexWidget. Then use it's value as the value for Me.Widget001 field on the form.

Code for Checkbox w001 on the form.

Populate table with input from Form with Combo Box (multiple fields)
I am using Access 2007 and have reviewed many blogs and looked at the Northwind db to try to solve this problem. I would like to create a form that functions in the same manner as the "Order Details" form in the Northwind db. Specifically, I want to create a form that will allow me to input a value and have the form get data from another table and populate the table I need populated.

I would like to populate a table "Outside", field names are Key, Name, term, Value, Date.

The table that contains the data is named "CV" and the filed names are Key, Name.

In the form, I would like to enter a value for Key into a combo box, and have it put the value for Key and for Name into the form, and allow me to enter whatever I want to in the Term, Value and Date field. When I tab out, I would like all this data to be in the table "Outside

Auto populating a field based on another fields choice
I have a form used to input Help desk tickets. On the form there is a choice to select a customer- what I would like to do it auto populate another field on the form based on the customer.The "Customer Field is pulled from a separate table and I would like it to populate an account Number field on the form which also comes from the Customer table.

Expr to Form and Table
I am trying to get a Due_Date to automatically populate the Due_Date Field on a Form and Table. I have a working expression which returns a Due_Date 5 days from the Date_Received excluding weekends and holidays. The problem I'm having, is that I cannot get the results of the expression to populate the record on the Form or Table. I'm new to the forum, so if I make any Rookie mistakes, please be kind.

Super simple Count doing my head in.....?
there all,

Im trying out something that should be the easiest thing in access I presume, but for me.im going nuts!

I got a INSERT INTO SQL in VBA, the result is populated an existing table. Then.tata.i want to COUNT the records in that table, use the COUNT to loop through them and populate one field with multiple values I get from another table. The second Table is a linked Table (through an ID) that has multiple values for each record (ID) in the SQL result. The last part I have no problems with.

I know this is easy I just can't find a way to do it.

I know that I should probably build a recordset first do all my looping and populating fields and then populate the table.but I cant get that working either.so I took the easy way I thought through an existing table but I got stuck at the COUNT of the records.

So I know there are multiple ways of doing this, just cant figure out how.any links to examples would be very appreciated