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Passing multiple parameters to a form

Passing multiple parameters to a form
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We can use the OpenArgs method to pass a parameter to another form. We can also pass multiple parameters to another form using this method, and the following tutorial details how to perform this task.
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Parameters passed to multiple sub reports

looking for a little help in passing parameters from a form to a report which has multiple sub reports.
Ive seen a few articles on how to pass parameters from a form to a report which has one record source but cant seem to find any demonstrating how to pass parameters from the form to multiple sub reports contained within the same main report.

Passing Multiple Parameters to Access Database

I have had a lot of trouble passing multiple parameters from Microsoft Visual Studio 2010 to a query on a Microsoft Access 2010 database. I am coding in C# in Visual Studio. After hours ofsearching,

The main problem is, I do not know the number of parameters I will need to pass into to the query before I run the file (but I could potentially know this number before I run the query). Because of this, I cannot hardcode ?'s into my query and pass the corresponding number of parameters.

The number of parameters I am passing depends on a file searched earlier in my code. So, I could have anywhere from one to hundreds of parameters.

One away around this problem is to call individual queries for each parameter, and compile a table based on each item returned. I would rather not do this because I want to make use of SQL’s ORDER BY function, which I know is more efficient than sorting a table using C# code after I have called the queries.

Passing parameters to forms

First of all I would like to thank RODMC for the advice about that bugging problem with displaying data in datasheet view.thanks very much again.
I got a problem with passing parameters to forms.
The situation is:I have 9 or ten forms with two data fields changing all the time.
The forms are named: answer_form1.ans_form10
the the data table doesn't change.
the columns changing: in answer_form1 = quest2res1
in answer_form2= quest2res2 and so forth.
I want to create a main form and pass the form name and the columns in parameters so that the form will open in the right mode by the user's selection
Can someone help in that or is there an example that I can study that?

Form to enter multiple query parameters

I am trying to create a form that users may use to execute a query. Simple enough however I want to set it so that users may search for multiple parameters in a field from a list on the form.

For example, the form would have something like

FieldName1: Please select one or more of the following.
[this next part would be a selection of some sort, check boxes?, combo box?]

Not Complete

The user would then select which of the 4 items above they want to see in the query (note again that the above parameters are all contained in the same field).

multiple input parameters on a form

I have 4 input parameters on a form, and want the user to be able to enter none, any, or all. I am trying to then build a single query to use whatever parameters they entered (or did not enter) instead of the separate queries in a conditional macro as I have now.

I am using Access 2003

Passing Parameters to Queries for Report Generation

I'm trying to create a subroutine that will run a report for me, and also pass the report a date range in which to use. Using the qdf.Parameter option I am able to set the values of the date parameters in the queries, but when I try and export the report it prompts me to enter the parameters.

Parameters used in multiple queries

I need to build multiple queries and they will all be ran inside of a macro. Several of the queries have dates that I will have user entered parameters each time the query runs. Is there away that I can set up parameters where the user enters them in once and every query that uses dates will use those parameters? Currently, my queries are set-up as simple parameter querieswith this in the date field criteria.

Show error message after query with bad parameters

I have a couple queries that accept their parameters from forms. I have one form with three options, one of which is autofilled, one date picker, and on field the user enters.

When the user enters in parameters and hits Ok, the intended form pulls up, but only the tab of the form. but with blank fields which would tell the user that the parameters were wrong.

If there a way the parameter form show a error message or something if the parameters entered by the user are not found? Probably in VBA I am assuming.

Or it would even be helpful to get the form to at least open, but as of right now the form leaves the user stuck.

Parameter Passing

How can I pass parameters from a combo box on a form into a begin date and an end date field in a query? I may be inputting it improperly, but I tried

Make dialog box to enter multiple parameters at once

I have a report which shows shipping information and currently has a form which outputs the data based on what dates you enter into the form. However, there are certain parts of the report that need information for a different date.

How do I create a sort of "dialog" box that allows the user to enter multiple parameters all at once.