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This Operations Requires An Updateable Query

This Operations Requires An Updateable Query
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One table is "mine", and it is linked from FE to BE (FE is on my "personal" network drive, BE is on a shared network drive). That table is 30accounts. The other table in the query is just a link odbc view to my company's data warehouse.

I'm wanting to run an update query every day, and just catch records that have a CLOSE_CODE of "1", (in data warehouse), and have a Null value for UserNotified and PaidOff (in my table), and update those records in my table.

I get an error about needing an updateable query. But I'm not trying to update a field in the data warehouse table ?
UPDATE 30accounts INNER JOIN DWVIEWSPROD_V_PORTFOLIO_CURRENT ON [30accounts].Account = DWVIEWSPROD_V_PORTFOLIO_CURRENT.ACCOUNT_NUMBER SET [30accounts].PaidOff = "Yes", [30accounts].UserNotified = "Yes-" & Now()
WHERE ((([30accounts].PaidOff) Is Null) AND (([30accounts].UserNotified) Is Null) AND ((DWVIEWSPROD_V_PORTFOLIO_CURRENT.CLOSE
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Is there some site that publishes rules for making and updateable query? I sometimes get the not updateable situation when there seems to be no logic for it-very frustrating

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I've created an update query that pulls information from a source that I do not have write permissions to. It then updates a table with a portion of this information (MAX of a field). I get an error that "Operation must use an updateable query." The table is updateable and I'm not going to get write permissions on this table. What is the best practices method around this

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Are only simple select query recordsets updateable?

When I create a form based on a query with even a simple join it wont let me update the recordset.

Is this always the case?

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I get 'Must use and updateable query' error when running the script. The script above is about as updateable as you can get...

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I have a Query based off a table that is not allowing me to update “Record set is not updateable”

Within the query I’m using the “Totals” function to segregate my data. This seems to be my issue, because once I remove this “Totals” it allow me to change my data. Is there a way around this issue?

Calling query SQL from VBA - Error 3326, Not Updateable

I am trying something new in my database in that I would like to call ALL or at least most of my queries from VBA. I have managed to test that out with my first query successfully, however I get the error 3326 - this record is not updateable when I use the code. In the current state the user would need to End or Debug, which I would like to suppress if possible. Is there a problem with calling SQL code from VBA that can't be updated? It seems to me just a normal result of some query structures.

Operation must use an updateable query

I receive the following error message when trying to save changes i made to database: microsoft ole db provider for odbc drivers error '80004005' [microsoft][odbc microsoft access driver] operation must use an updateable query. /tablename_edit.asp, line xxx

updateable query with max()

I'm having a problem with a query. I'll try to condense it to the basics.

There's a table A with following fields
ID (autonumber, unique)
Selected (boolean)
Notes (text)

and a table B with following fields
ID (integer, not-unique)
score (integer)

The tables need to be joined on their ID fields; all records from A need to be shown, from table B the maximum score needs to be sought for each given ID.


However, this query is not updatable, and therefore not usable for the application I have in mind. Is there a way to create a similar query in which (at least) the Selected field *is* updateable?

Operation must use an updateable query - in Access 2003

I have a legacy query that used to work in Access 2000 fine. After installation of Access 2003 (now I have both 2000 and 2003), I started getting this message - "Operation must use an updateable query".

I found a link to an article that explains this "improvement" -, but I still have Access 2000 and the query would not work there too

Non Updateable Form Trouble

I have a form that is driven from a query. The query just had one table and two of the fields were facility id and unit id stored as numbers with the actual descriptive value stored in a lookup table.

My first thought was to link the Unit and Facility table in the query that was driving the form, but that made the form non updatable.

I need to show the actual values of facility and unit that are in the lookup tables on my form without adding any joins to the query because I need it to remain updateable.