The Openreport action was canceled

Y do I always get this msg "The openreport action was canceled
When I go to pull a report and print it out I get this "OpenReport action was canceled." I don't remember changing any settings except that I was removing old files. I must have done it when doing that. But now I don't know how to activate this "OpenReport."

I have to save my work on a thumb drive, take it to another computer, open it, find the report and print it to get a printed copy

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OpenReport action was canceled
When I go to pull a report and print it out I get this "OpenReport action was canceled." I don't remember changing any settings except that I was removing old files. I must have done it when doing that. But now I don't know how to activate this "OpenReport."

I have to save my work on a thumb drive, take it to another computer, open it, find the report and print it to get a printed copy

Access 2010 VBA: "The OpenReport action was canceled"
I have a report that in Private Sub Report_Load() and Private Sub ReportHeader_Format tests for certain parameters and if not found to exist it then exits the Subs because there is no data to generate in the detail of the report. Because there is no data I run the following:

Private Sub Report_NoData(Cancel As Integer)

Msg = "Select a Supplier" & vbCrLf & vbCrLf & "Cancelling Report."
Button = vbExclamation
Title = "Account Report Error 1."
Response = MsgBox(Msg, Button, Title)

Cancel = True

End Sub

This sub displays the message as desired, but on clicking OK the following a MS Access error dialog advising "The OpenReport action was canceled" is displayed. How do I stop this dialog from being displayed?

I've tried inserting an error procedure in the Private Sub Report_NoData() but that just seems to be ignored.

Runtime Error 2501 - openform action was canceled
Should be relatively simple one this, but its just not working.
We've upgraded from 2003 to 2007 in our office, and have many links to reports that need to be printed. The code is fairly simple:

DoCmd.OpenReport "RiskAssess", acViewNormal

Trouble is I get the "Runtime error 2501 - openform action was canceled" error. Double clicking on the guilty report in the navigation gives the following error

"The expression On Open you entered as the event property setting produced the following error: A problem occurred while Microsoft Office Access was communicating with the OLE server or ActiveX Control"

This now occurs for all reports in the database.

Can anyone shed some light as to why our once-working reports now do not work? I've checked the syntaz and apparently the command shouldn't be any different

OpenReport Macro Action
You can use the OpenReport action to open a report in Design view or Print Preview, or to send the report directly to the printer. You can also restrict the records that are printed in the report.

Prevent 'the RunCommand action was canceled.' message
- I am getting the messagebox - 'the RunCommand action was canceled.' After My Msgbox below is displayed. I can click OK to procede but it seems redundant and requires an extra click. Is there a way to prevent this extra (2nd) message box from displaying?

Access RunTime 2010 security settings - "The RunCommand action was canceled"
How can I change the security settings of Access RunTime 2010? We have an access database that users had successfully used when they had the full version of the Access program. They arenow using Access 2010 RunTime, and when they click on a specific button (which runs a few different macros) in the database, they receive a message that says "The RunCommand action wascanceled." Are there any settings in Access 2010 RunTime that I can change (possibly in the registry) that will allow the RunCommand action to work and not be canceled?

The OpenForm action was canceled
Issue: After I make any changes to the front end form, I get the pop up message stating: "The OpenForm action was canceled."I am using a "work in progress" copy of the front end database to make changes/enhancements. This is a copy of the front end database that users are currently using.

I planned onmaking the changes on this front end and then migrating the changes to the "production" environment once I was complete.Why would making 1 change in this front end cause the form to not open?

PrintOut action
I'm trying to create a macro that will print out 5 reports. I know how to OPEN 5 reports with a macro, with the OpenReport action, but I want to print them. The PrintOut action is not in the drop down list of usable actions in the Macro design view, though.

Macro: How to enter parameter from query
I there a way to use Access marco Action to enter parameter? This report get the data from a query which asking enter the parameter (current date). Then, the enter 2nd parameter with 2 daysback and 3rd parameters with yesterday date.

First I put on Action: OpenReport. Then, I am not sure which action that will call to set the date value.

I look up with RunCommand with Command: Queryparameters but it does not show where I need to set/enter these date.

avoid "the OpenForm action was canceled"
I use a combo box on an unbound form to open another form if there is a match to the value chosen in the combo box. I have a command button with this code in the on_click event:


It works as it should - if there is a match, the form opens, other wise I get the message. However, after the message I also get: "The OpenForm action was cancelled". How do I get rid of this second message? I tried adding a statement to set warnings off, but it still appears.

No data for result
I have two form base on query. where I one has a parameter another has two parameter


but if I set the code for two parameter values the mean second form it works but it gives another message that like form open action was canceled.

Getting Run-time error '2501' - The RunSQL action was canceled
I am getting this error- 2501 when I try to press the 'Add Record' button when the form is incomplete. At that point I get this pop-up that says:

MS Access cvan't append all the records in the append query.
Do you want to run the action query anyway ?

When I press No, then I get the 2501 error.

Does anyone know how to handle or trap this error.

I want the functionality that when the incomplete form is being submitted to be entered in the table, then it should warn the user instead of showing this error. I have also attached the screenshots of the pop-up and the error 2501.

OpenReport using aggregate SQL, trying to apply filter fields not in results
I have a report that does an aggregate (Total Charges by Person), and I want to apply dynamic filters (user-entered on a form) that refer to fields not in the report (Ex: Date, Type).

In SQL, it might look like this:

When I call OpenReport, Access prompts the user to supply values for those fields not in the SELECT clause ([Charge].[ChargeType] and [Charge].[ChargeDate]), as if the fields were parameters.

The OpenReport call looks like this:
DoCmd.OpenReport "Summarized Charges by Salesperson", acViewPreview, strSelect (where I dynamically generate the SQL you see above)

If I run the SQL directly in an Access query, I don't get the prompts (in case someone thought I might have misspelled the field names by accident).

I even tried revising the OpenReport call to this, splitting out the Where clause as a separate string, but I get the same result:

Open Multiple Reports one after another, not all at once
I have 3 rather large reports that are being opened (what seems to be) simultaneously and they seem to take quite a while to open. I am wondering if there is a way to open them one at a time (make them visible after they have loaded) before starting the next one. I know that I could put in an event on the previous report to open the next one, but the future consideration is that these reports could be called individually or all together depending on the user's preference.

When a user clicks a button, all the reports are called within VBA one after the other. Below are the calls in my code:

Call OpenReport("RPT1")
Call OpenReport("RPT2")
Call OpenReport("RPT3")

These go to a Module that has some Error Handling and also the "DoCmd.OpenReport rpt, acViewReport" code to open the reports

OpenReport function
I wrote this function in a click event of a boutton

DoCmd.OpenReport "customer_account", acViewPreview, , "[nam]='" & Me.Combo4 & "'"

can I add another condition beside the one in the function. In other words, the last partion of the OpenReport function (condition) could be more than one.

Print different Reports at once
I have three different reports that I like to print at once by a command button on my form. The reason is that the report only holds 22 inches of information on it so I had to split it up into three different reports.

The first report is the one that prints by the ID and the rest just has information that relates to the first report I.e., Definitions etc.

I have created a macro but I can't get it to run properly.
This is how I got the macro setup:
OpenReport | first report by ID
OpenReport | Second report IRB Section
OpenReport | Third report definitions
Runcommand Print Preview

MSAccess Lose Focus on Print Preview
I have a form that has field and button to query a report.
User fill in the field and hit the button to view the report.

I use this command to open the report.
DoCmd.OpenReport sReportType, acViewReport, , sQuery, acWindowNormal, sQuery

On the report itself it has a print preview button, which I use a macro to code it.
Action : OpenReport
Report Name : Import Rpt
View : Print Preview
Filter Name & Where Condition : Left Empty
Window Mode : Normal

It could trigger to open the print preview view of the report. But MSAccess has lost the focus. So user must go somewhere else then go back to MSAccess to have control to the mouse.

I am using MSAccess 2007 SP 2 with Windows 7 OS

Make current action completed before moving to next action
How can I tell my VBA script to wait until previous process / action has finished before continuing with the next process / action?

Seems one process / action is not completed and VBA moves to next process / action which is creating lot of problems.

How to make sure that current process / action completed before moving to next process / action?

deleting control corrupts from
I have a form (with serveral controls tabs, etc.)
As soon as I delete a control (and, actually, I'd like to delete several), then save the form. it no longer opens (presumably, it is corrupt?)
Compact and Repair does not help.

at best, I get these errors
- when opening the form from a command button on another form: "the OpenForm action was canceled"
-when opening the form from the project explorer: "the expresion on Open you entered as the event property setting produced the following error: Object or Class does not support the set of events."

and suggestions about what the problem might be?
Mark - "the Frustrated

OpenReport Macro
I want to run an OpenReport macro, but only if the underlying query returns data for a specified field. I dont want the OpenReport macro to launch if the retun value of the underlying query is null. I used the "where condition" functionality, using >1 for the field in question, but its still opens the report even though the field value is null. I even tried "not isnull" but the report still opens/prints.