Open a password protected MDB/MDW

In the past I've developed several forms, reports, VBA and tables using Access 2003. This was in a previous job and 4 or 5 years ago.
Now I have a task I need to do and I went back to this DB. The problem is I have it tightly secured and I cannot remember username nor password for this!

If I try to open the MDB alone I get an error message saying I don't have permissions. If I try to open the DB using the shortcut which points to the MDW, I get the login screen but again, I don't remember the username and password.

I also tried to import the DB bjects to a new DB (I'm in Access 2007) but again, no permissions screen comes up.

I checked online and found some softwares that are able to recover the password but for such a lame think I'm not willing to spend 20 USD

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Not that Group Policy issue, Access2007 to open password-protected 2003 mdb.
I am trying to with 2007 open a password-proteced mdb file which I believe was created in 2003. In 2003, I can open it by adding username and password into it's command line. Although I have no permissions in design, I do can debug this program and check data. But when I tried to do this the same way in 2007, it always came up a logon window aske me username password, I can't get throught by inputting the right user/pwd pair, it said invalid username or password.

I guess It's not the group issue as other threads has said, because it doesn't come up the user/pass prompt window when opening other files. And I tried to delete that system.mdw file but no use.

Find out if remote db is password protected
using VBA, is it possible to detect if a db is password protected? Reason being-

I have an application that allows you to browse to a separate database and connect but, if the seperate db is password protected, then there may be issues so by detecting if a password is required, I would use a password form

Using VBScript to open password protected db
Does anyone know what to write on a VB Script file to open a password protected db and run a macro?

Convert Password Protected Access MDB File To CSV Format
Export Microsoft Access MDB to CSV is a freeware app utility which allows database users to instantly convert MDB database file in CSV (Comma Separated Value) file. As database tool are not abound, using this app would be extremely useful to export database tables into CSV format which is widely used and can be viewed with a simple text editor. Apart from mere exporting MDB file, it also lets user convert ‘password protected’ MDB file in CSV, CSV separated with tab, and CSV text qualifier format along with revealing the password.

Access Macro
I have a requirement for exporting one of the Access 2000 password protected mdb table data into a csv or tab delimited file on a daily basis .
Please let me know what is the best way to do it .


1. Will macro help in extracting data for a particular date in table(daily basis)
2.Can macro helps in extracting data for this password protected mdb.
3.Any other way .vbs or something ?
4.Some examples if possible

Password protected form or report
I found a sample mdb file on the internet that I want apply its functions on my database. Its works perfectly, however.when I type the password in the inputbox.the password was visible. The inputbox was created using codes not the usual textbox in design view. Is their a way to change its input mask property to PASSWORD

What should I do to protect Ms Access (.MDB ) file?
I have developed a small desktop application using visual basic 6 and Ms Access 2003 as back end. Database is password protected and contains sensitive data. As many password retrievaltools are available, What should I do to protect Ms-Access (.MDB )

password-protected form
Is it possible to password protect a form rather than the entire Database?


I have a commond button on form1 that opens the password-protected form2. If incorrect password is entered, the code above shuts form1 which was opened originally. Can this code be alteredin such way that form1 remains open if incorrect password is entered, and possibly with a pop-up message asking to try again?

Access security ODBC to SQL Server
Access 2002 on XP
I have a secure? client linked to an ODBC SQL Server 2008 db using an mdw file. My question is, if a user has access to the client via a password, what stops the same user from creating another blank mdb and using the same mdw in a path statement to open the data base (SQL Server

how does mdw work?

I have a question:
I have a database and a mdw file
is it ok to rename my database? or do I get in troubel with the security?
does the mdw refer to my database?

my database name = ralph v1.0.mdb
I make some adjustments and I rename my database to ralph v1.1.mdb
is this ok or do I get in trouble

How protecting a mdb database ?
I've looked in the previous post but I did not found what I am looking for.

The issue is: how can I protect a mdb database from password recovery devices ?

In shorts: I have to send this mdb file to somebody, but I don't want him to open this mdb but only to send it some queries.
At the moment, he can open this mdb file with a password recovery device

Wise to set up user level security for a multi FE MDB ??
I am currently using MS 2003 and work on a multi-user database.

I have reviewed previous posts in the forum and followed their advise achieved in splitting the database to FE and BE, and converting the FE as MDE file to protect the codes and Forms in the database.

I am proceeding to User Level Security but encountered couples of problem. Which increased my concerned if it is wised to setup user level security for the multi FE MDB.

1) I could not could not set User Level Security in an MDE file? is that

2) I am now sharing the database by deploying FE copies of MDE file to the
other users' PC, is it the same after setting User Level Security MDB?

3) I found that there is a MDW file as well, and another shortcut was
created for logging to the protected MDB, whenever each time I deploy them as 2) at above, errors comes with not having permission in access to the MDB, likely due to lost of linking with the MDW file and the MDB file how to solve that?

Do I really need to modify the properties inside the "short cut for the secured database" everytime for every users' PC manually?

Multi-user security in Access 2003 with Windows 7
I have a DB in .mdb file created with Access 2003 (one file only, no F/E and B/E). set permissions etc. It works fine as long as I am using shortcut like this one:

"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\OFFICE11\MSACCESS.EXE" "S:\YourSystem.mdb" /WRKGRP "S:\YourWorkgroup.mdw"

or open my .mdb file directly.

When I open my .mdb file using different user account in Windows, it uses default workgroup information file, and no security is applied.

but I can easily bypass multi-user security by deleting workgroup information file. I think I am missing something here.

I guess I have to distribute the shortcut among users. How should I secure .mdw and .mdb file in system level,

System.mdb or System.mdw?
Why [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Jet\4.0\Engi nes] "SystemDB"="System.mdb" isnt path and it isnt a mdw?

How can I use this system.mdb from HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE?

I only get use "SystemDB"="C:\\Documents and Settings\\riella.cgr\\Dados de aplicativos\\Microsoft\\Access\\System.mdw" from [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Office\10.0\A ccess\Jet\4.0\Engines].

I alredy change [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Jet\4.0\Engi nes] "SystemDB"="System.mdb" to "SystemDB"="System.mdw", "SystemDB"="c:\System.mdw" and "SystemDB"="c:\System.mdb" but I dont have any result

Create table link to password protected db
I just wanted to share something that came out of the thread titled "Create db on the fly"

A password protected db was created on the fly using DAO's
db.NewPassword "", NewPassword

I needed to create a link to a table in this db. It appears that you cannot use "DoCmd.TransferDatabase acLink". The pwd parameter refers to the User Password, not the db Password.

With the help of DJkarl I used TableDefs to create the link.

Can someone please confirm that "DoCmd.TransferDatabase acLink" cannot be used on a password protected db. BTW, it can be used on a non-Password protected db

Password Prompt
I have a problem with a password prompt showing up for an access mdb that belongs to a different mdb. We know this because the prompt asks for specific information and when entered lets using, even though that mdb has no password protection.

Both mdb's are on a network drive.

Password Prompt
I have a problem with a password prompt showing up for an access mdb that belongs to a different mdb. We know this because the prompt asks for specific information and when entered lets us in, even though that mdb has no password protection.

Both mdb's are on a network drive

Import data from Password Protected Spreadsheet
I posted this in the Macro Board and havent had any luck. heres my issue:

I have a spreadsheet located on our network called dps2006.xls. This sheet is password protected. I want to know how I can import data from a tab called cream summary. I havent had any luck doing it. I can get non password protected to work fine

access data base form question
I have 2 databases. One is password protected and is saved .mdb for my use only. The other is for all to use saved as .mde. There are forms .mde linked to tables in .mdb. I want it so that someone goes into .mde enters form info close database. That info flows to .mdb and stays. Next user opens .mde and form is blank they enter info, close out and again that new info flows to .mdb with 2 records now. So on and so on. Only time records are taken out of .mdb is when I do it with my password. So far I am linked but .mde shows each record previously entered and current user of .mbe could alter prior records. If I make a form that only allows a single entry (and does not show the rest) how do I design a form so that when the db is closed the infor flows out. I am a newbie with some classes

Opening Access 97 MDB in Access 2010
I have a very old Access mdb file (Access 97 I think) but I can't open it due to insufficient permissions.

Now my understanding is that I need the original mdw file, which I don't have. What I do have is the original user name and password for admin account access to the database.

I know in earlier version of Access I could use the /user and /pwd switched to enter the admin credentials but how do I get into this database using Access 2010.

I have the discs somewhere for Access 97 but I doubt it will even install on Windows 7 64 bit.