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Open Form to Specific Record not working for all records

Open Form to Specific Record not working for all records
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I've created a customer db that lists customers (I.e. customerID, Cust Name) what I wan is once the user clicks the CustomerID for a specific record I want a separate details form to open and display the corresponding record.

DoCmd.OpenForm "CustomerExisting", acNormal, , "[CustomerID] =" & Me.CustomerID.Value, , acWindowNormal, Me.CustomerID.Value

But again it only works for some records not all,. Can't see any significant differences between records it will and wont open they all pretty much identical.
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MS Access go to specific record when open a form vba

I am working on a form that is bound to a table with user’s name. I need to be able to go to specific record base on a text box value which contain user login name, if there is no match then go to the new record for new entry. I want this to happen when the form open.

The purpose of this is due to a multi-user environment application that I want the user to see his/her profile when open the form.

Creating dynamic hyperlinks

I have a form that lists records in a table. I would like to have a hyperlink beside each record that will open the data entry form and navigate to that specific record. Right now, the use can only open the form for all records and has to use the record navigation buttons to find the desired record

How to open form on specific record?

I'm using the following code to open a form on a specific record. I have a form displaying records in a list which then allows users to click onto the record to open it up in a new form in a single view.

1) DoCmd.OpenForm "FRMBookingDetails", , "[BookingID] = " & Me.BookingID
The form opens only on the first record only and never the chosen record. Sometimes it opens the form on a new record.

I'm guessing this has something to do with filtering but not sure what I should be checking for.

FilterOn property...unable to add new record when opening form with the filter on??

I have a form with the record source set to a query with a couple thousand records. There are two places to open this form in my program. One from the switchboard and it displays all records in the query.

Another from a form that filters to meet a specific Employee Number. When I open the form from the switchboard (all records) the last row is a blank record. When I open with the filter on, the blank record does not exist. I have "Allow Additions" set to true, so what is causing this behavior?

Private Sub btnAddNewRecord_Click()
DoCmd.GoToRecord , , acNewRec 'goes to open record
Me.cboDriverNumber.SetFocus 'sets focus to combo box
End Sub

It works fine when I open from the switchboard (with all records displayed from the query). It does not work and there is no blank record when I open it from the form with the filter applied.

Open form to specific record based on combobox

Here is what I want to do.have a combobox that only displays records on a table where field = 0. got I want to be able to click on record in combobox and have it open up the form to that specific record.

So far I have combobox with.

SELECT tblLoad.LoadID, tblLoad.LoadDate, tblLoad.AutoclaveID, tblLoad.LoadNumber, tblLoad.[Cycle Complete] FROM tblLoad WHERE (((tblLoad.[Cycle Complete])=0));

Bound Column is 1

This works to limit records shown in combbox.yea!
Now I can't figure out how to open form to that particular record.have tried several things in afterupdate of combobox.but no luck

Locate specific records in a database

As your database grows, locating specific records will involve more than a quick glance at a datasheet. In this article, learn five ways to locate specific records based on your needs.
What do you want to do?
* Browse through all records
* Go to a specific record
* Search for a specific record
* Filter to see a limited number of records
* Create a query to find a specific record

Filtering A Specific Record From A Form

I am trying to use a form that displays all 'outstanding' surveys and use a command button that opens another form diplaying thedetails of the specific record.

I have a feeling that this isn't working due to the subform's on the 'Survey' form that open's displaying the specific record. The database table's will need to be re-linked to CSS_BE.mdb before opening.

Open Form to Specific Record

I have a db with two forms. When I leave Form A after working on a particular record and go to Form B, I would like to return to the record I was last working on when I exit B return to Form A. How would I accomplish that

Create a form that edits a specific record

I have a split database and I want to create a form on the front end that allows a user to go in and change a specific record. However, I have 200 records in the database, so a combobox is not realistic. Is there a way to find a specific record without a) scrolling through all of the records or b) using a combo box

Use Dialog Form to Define Recordsource and Go To Specific Record

I'm trying to build a form in Access 2003 which both defines the recordsource at the form's open event and lands on a specific record. I am able to do either one successfully, but not both. I use a dialog form to specify which set of records and which particular record I need. Then, the dialog form runs the following code:
DoCmd.OpenForm frmSomeForm, , , "[somefield] = " & Me.somefieldvalue, , , Me.OpenArgs The somefieldvalue is the record I want to land on. The Me.OpenArgs value is passed to frmSomeForm and processed on that form's open event to determine the recordsource. What happens is that I get the correct recordsource, but am landing on the first record, not the one I want. I have also tried passing both values as a compound OpenArg, but this yields the same result when I open the new form. I have wasted an unbelievable amount of time playing with this and cannot get both things to happen - it's either one or the other