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Number Format With 2 Decimal Places Not Working

Number of Decimals Places Isn't Working
I wanted to change the Currency field to Numeric. For example: $29.95 --> 29.95

I did not define the number of decimal places so the program assumed no decimal places so it changed $29.95 to 30.

I went back in to design view and selected 2 decimal places, closed the table and re-opened it expecting (hoping) that 2 decimal places would be showing for the price in 16511 records.

The 2 decimal places are NOT presenting. For example, 29.95 is still presenting as 30.

How do I get 2 decimal places to present?

Decimal places
I have a report that I can't shorten the number of decimal places on it. I have set the text box and both queries that create the report to fixed format and 1 decimal places. But I keep getting anywhere from 1 to 8 decimal places. What is the obvious thing that I am missing?

Changing decimal places
The results of our analysis may have decimal places ranging from 0-4. I have a field in the table holding the analytical results to tell how many places right of the decimal to print.

How do I use that integer to format the control printing the result on a form. I don't wish to have separate reports for differing decimal places.

Decimal places for numbers exported in ImportExportText
I have a macro to export a query to CSV format by "ImportExportText". My original number field in the query have 4 decimal places. After the export, I see the numbers are in 2 decimal places in CSV file.

Is it a way to change the query or some settings to show 4 decimal places in the output CSV file?

many decimal places in calculated fields
I'm working on a database that creates a report table and prints a report from it. When you go into this table and place the cursor on some of the fields, the number may expand to have 5 to 7 numbers after the decimal place even though it is defined as a a standard number with 2 decimal places. Does anyone know how to prevent this from happening

Report decimal places
I have built a report that displays the average value from a group of scores (0-5) but when I run the report one of the values keeps showing multilpe decimal places. I tried changing the number of decimal places in the property box to 1 but this doesn't seem to work!

Fill my decimal places with 0's when I know there are real numbers?
I have an exchange rate field which is calculated to ten decimal places. This is looked up from a date field and a currency field via a select query which when I test that shows to 10 correct full decimal places.

When I try and show this calculated exchange rate in my form it gives me 10 decimal places but after the first four it just gives 0's when I know there are actuals there.

I've tried various formats including General Number, Fixed etc and currently have it set as 0.0000000000 and my decimal places setting as 10.

I've even currently got my control source as:
=FormatNumber(ExchangeRate([Start Date],[CurrencyID]),10)

format decimal places in a continuous form
I have a continuous form with a currency field (price) that I need to format it
to 4 decimal places if it is less than 1 and to 2 decimal places if it is greater than 1.
How difficult can this be?


However, the format stays as I want it ONLY in the current record.
All the other records inherit the current record's format, doesn't look good!

I can't figure a way to fix it. Can it be done?

Access 2007: Percent Format Issue
I am trying to have a field be a Percent Format.

In access 2007, I am reading that I should just have the properties be:

- Field Size: Long Integer
- Format: Percent
- Decimal Places: 2

However, in the table, when I enter a number that is smaller than 100 now, it automatically shows ZERO. When I enter 100, it shows it as 100% (and the same for any number above 100).

Then, I tried to just change the format to General Number, with 2 decimal places.

When I try to enter say, 0.45 - it changes it to zero. It does not show the two decimals. When I enter in 0.9, it rounds it up to

export table to text file
I am trying to export a table to a text file from Access. The numeric fields have data with 5 decimal places; however, when I export I am only getting a text file with 2 decimal places. I checked properties of tables, and the numeric fields were set to "Double", Decimal places as "Auto". I changed decimal places to b "5" and tried to reexport, but am still getting the numbers cut off. I cannot find anything in the export criteria to allow me to choose number of decimal places.

How can I export table to text file which has more than 2 decimal places? I will appreciate your

Problem with decimal places in an imported spreadsheet
I have a number of spreadsheets I receive from suppliers on a regular database that I have linked into my access 2010 database.

The spreadsheets contain prices of stock we supply to customers, but some of these prices have more than 2 decimal prices.

All the spreadsheets from the suppliers get appended into a main data table, tblAlldata. The field that the supplier price is appended into is set to currency, 2 decimal places - thisseems to have no effect on how the data is appended in though, as it always contains many thousands of records that have more than 2 decimal places.

Is there anyway to append the data in with 2 decimal places
Can I apply a bit of code that will set the price on data within tblAlldata to 2 decimal places

convert long decimal number to 2 decimal places
I have dividing one int field by another and the results varies from 0 to 9999.999999999999

When I add a SUM(newnumber) into a group field in reports I get the error :
This expression is typed incorrectly, or it is too complex to be evaluated.

I think it might have something to do with the large decimal place.

from my query can I convert this number to 9999.99 at most ?
ie, only 2 decimal places.
Access should then beable to add the values,, correct

Limiting decimal places
I would like to limit the decimal places on a percentage. The working Expr is [ActiveHours]/[TotalHrsPaid]#100 What would I need to add to restrict it to display only 2 decimal points and to display the percentage sign

Formatting formulas
I finally figured out how to convert the HH:MM format to a decimal number in an Access query. Now, I cannot get the number to only show 2 decimal places. I am using the property sheet, but it still won't show up how i want it to.

Numbers won't Round
Im trying to construct a query for a report that calculates the internal volume of pipes in litres accurate to two decimal places, but when I view the query the volumes come back with 13 or so decimal places. Im using a function to calculate the internal volume like so.

InternalVolume = Round(((Mysgl_Length * 0.25 * Pi * (Mysgl_ID / 1000) ^ 2) * 1000), 2)

Ive set the field to a general number with two decimal places and even used the Round function within the query. The question is why wont the numbers round down to the number of places Im specifying

How to import a csv number value (n+m+1) into access db
I have the the following fields in csv:
amount_1 and amount_2 with the following format parameter n+m+1.

The complete length of the field should be (13,2) where:
n=13 number of places to the left of the decimal point
m=2 number of places to the right of the decimal point.

I would like to define 2 fields in access with this content:
amount_1= 49950.00
amount_2= 49950.00- (where - or + is a algebraic sign)

Could somebody tell which access data type is appropriate for my case and how to solve it

How to Set the Number of Decimal Places
In Access, you can alter many field properties to help you manage your databases, including how many decimal places appear in a table field

Decimal seperator between different languages
I am forming a Dynamic SQL using a decimal number in a different Regional language, which has comma as a decimal separator. How do I convert the decimal number to the format that can be used inside a query.

Rounded Numbers
I am entering latitude/longitude coordinates. I have both fields set for a fixed number format and manually set for 5 decimal places. For some reason the latitude number appears correctly, but the (negative) longitude value rounds up to the fourth decimal

Exporting CSV Losing Precision
I'm exporting a table to a CSV format and I need my quantity field to retain the 5 or 6 decimal places. It's truncating it to 1 decimal. I tried changing the format from a number to text but I get 'some data may be lost errors'.