Not stopping at Breakpoints in Debug mode

I am using VS2010 with Win7 and VB.NET solution. Between, everything was working fine for months; the problem started yesterday.

The solution and the projects within it are set for Debug; I deleted the .suo file as recommended in one posting. I ran rebuild on each and every project individually and the entire solution.

I deleted the files in bin\Debug and did the whole thing over again. Still can't debug.

While stepping into (F8) I did get the hollow debug symbol in the margin and when just running the program (F5) the program starts up without stopping at any of several breaks in different functions and subs.

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Get out of break mode
Last time when I close Access, I forgot to clear the breakpoints. When I start Access again, the program break at the points where I set earlier, but no break indicator. "Debug>Clear All Breakpoints" doesn't work. How do I get rid of this pesky behavior?

Cannot enter the project to debug mode
I have a project that was download from the net. It is a open source project. I can run without anyerror with IDE 2005. But I cannot enter the debug mode. I have set the project build to debug. But I cannot still enter to debug.

I also got the following message when I run the project.

The following module was built with optimizations enabled or without debug information:

To debug this module, change its project build configuration to debug mode. To suppress this message, disable the "Warn inf no user code on launch" debugger option

Removing "unremovable" breakpoints in Access 2007, how?
I have a situation of a non removable breakpoint in my Access 2007 applicaiton.

I have done "clear all breakpoints" countless times, complied the code countless times, compacted the database, exit / restart, and on and on.

I can not seem to find a way to get this breakpoint to go away.

Does anyone happen to know where Microsoft keeps the list of breakpoints? Perhaps in one of the hidden tables? Any other ways than "clear all breakpoints" to remove ALL of them?

Form - Top of other forms
I have application with toolbar. When I run the form in debug mode after completing debug form is not opened (Please see the screeshot attached). I need to close the form and open it again.Is there anyway to keep that form open in debug mode (Top of other forms)

Strange debugging behavior
this is weird, never saw this before in 10 years of working with Access:

When I open one particular form in Access, it automatically goes into VBA debugging mode, but only when I go to it from the main menu form. When I open the form from list of forms in the database window, it does not do this.

Last time I used this DB I was debugging that particular form but I cleared the breakpoint.

I have opened both forms and looked over the VBA and there are no breakpoints set. I've tried clearing all breakpoints as well but it keeps happening.

Does anyone know what might be going on?

Docmd.Close act differently in debug mode
A form calls a second form.
When the second form is closed during run-time, the docmd.close works
When in debug mode, stepping through code a line at a time -
The parent window closes (line 210)
Line 220 corrects this problem
It allows debug mode with out the calling form being affected.

170 DoCmd.SetWarnings False
180 DoCmd.RunCommand acCmdSelectRecord
190 DoCmd.RunCommand acCmdDeleteRecord
200 DoCmd.SetWarnings True
210 'DoCmd.Close ' Note: this works in run time, but in debug mode it closes the calling form, next line fixes this problem
220 DoCmd.Close acForm, Me.Name, acSaveNo

Database launching opens in break mode
I can't recreate this on my local copy but my db launches in break mode on another workstation. The debug window opens which of course confuses the user. The db is split with the tables on a shared network drive.

Error trapping is set to break on all unhandled errors and when I compile the db from the debug menu, it doesn't break at all

VB 2010 Express, Windows 7 Debug Not Stopping On Error
I've just installed Visual Studio 2010 Express on a new laptop running Windows 7 64 bit.

When I debug a VB project and an error is encountered a message is sent to the immediate window, but execution is not halted. This means I am unable to look at variables etc.

It's probably just an option I've missed.

removing a break point
I had some break points - I cleared them. But everytime I start the DB the code displays and stops in debug mode.

I cannot get the code debug screen from appearing. Any ideas?

Attached is what happens.

Lost Menubar
In VB 2010 after working on a form in design mode which has a menustrip and the form is taller than the IDE [Design] window and not returning to the top of the window before running in debug mode, the menu is eliminated from the menubar on the running form when the controlbox is set to False for the form and I could not access the menu.

After returning to design mode and scrolling to the top of the form and running debug, the menu returned. Is this a bug in the IDE or what?

Trace not matching code
I'm trying to debug some VBA code I've written, but the step arrow (yellow arrow) does not seem to be linking up correctly with the actual code or breakpoints set.

What can I do to fix this?

VS2010 Service attaching to a remote debugger symbols will not load to set a breakpoint
I have a Vb.Net 4.0 Windows Service. The service is setup to run in DEBUG with generate debug set to pdb-only.
Configuration is set to debug.

Installer project is set to DEBUG. VS IDE is set to debug.

I do a clean build and clean install of the DEBUG version. I run x64\msvsmon.exe on remote machine (W2008 R2 64bit). I attach to the process via workstation (XP PRO 32bit) in VS2010 without issue. Everything is set to debug but I get the infamous message breakpoint will not currently be hit,

disable debug error
how to disable debug error in ms access vb,
I mean when I open a form some time showing debug error this is being a disadvantage due user using and user can be edit, if debug error just I want OK button only

debugging in 2008
I want to step through 2008 project file. The code is executed from the postbuild command line. Thus this code is really executed during the build process.

Thus, can you tell me when I can do to debug this 2008 program that is executed from the command line? I know what to do is have the solution (ide) open, set breakpoints, set theproject as the startup file, and run the debugger.

Debug not working in 64bit
I've downloaded the 64bit debug symbols and told the IDE where they were located. But for some reason, VS won't build a 64bit debug EXE.

This is my first time doing 64bit so I never had to worry about it before. Is there something I need to do in the IDE that I don't know about? I went to Project Properties and set things to 64bit debug. But when I compile the program, it makes a 32bit program.

Problem hovering a parameter in debug mode
I am facing a very strange problem when hovering a parameter in debug mode. I have the following line:

Me.frmJobSub.Form.Filter = "custID=" & customerID
customerID stores the value “1”,
I am expecting the result to be:
Me.frmJobSub.Form.Filter = “custID=” 1

Strangely when I hover over the filter parameter I got:
Me.frmJobSub.Form.Filter = "[custID]= 20”,

Moreover, in the form side, the code is behaving correctly and filters record “custID=” 1

By the way, the "[custID]= 20” is an old code, written between brackets [custID]. I tried to compact and repair the database, delete the on_load event and recreate it again but with no progress.

Looking for help with DLookup and Dates
I've just started trying out DLookup (in Access 2003), and hadn't had any problems with it until I tried to use it with Date fields. If I use debug, it stops at statement with Date fieldDLookup, and gives me the following error

Run-time error "2001":
You cancelled the previous operation.

At that point I click on debug and the Date field DLookup line is highlighted. Here are a couple of lines of relevant code - the second is the Date field DLookup I am referring to

sComp = DLookup("[tcode]", "costs", "[rank]=" & iRank)
dDate = DLookup("[date]", "costs", "[tcode]=" & sComp)

I've checked various other values while in debug mode, and they all look fine.

Update after import is not working
I'm trying to update one of the field after loading / importing the data in the table. But somehow that field is not getting updated.

Below is the code I have used for the same.

Set objAccess = CreateObject("Access.Application")
objAccess.OpenCurrentDatabase strCnPDatabaseName, , strCnPDatabasePassword
objAccess.DoCmd.TransferSpreadsheet acImport, acSpreadsheetTypeExcel8, _
strTableName, Input_Dir & "\" & InputFileName1, True, File1Wks1 & "!"
strUpdateSQL = "UPDATE " & strTableName & " SET Last_Updated = '" & gsCurrentDateTime & "' "
gsCnPDatabase.Execute (strUpdateSQL)

If I run the code in debug mode then column is getting updated but if I run without debug mode then it's not getting updated

I suspact it might takes sometime to refresh the data after export that's why records are not getting update. Any solution

I can't debug my code in VB6 IDE
I'm trying to debug the code in VB IDE. This IDE is able to debug the console VB Scripts. But in our project, we are generating the HTML pages using the VB. We wrote the .cls modules for that.

When I try to debug this .cls modules, the control is not going to the particular code line. the properties of my project is alright.

Partial class code behind a dataset object. Is it running in a separate thread?
I am instantiating a form object in my code behind the dataset just to access some form level variables and to occasionally set a label in the navigator bar. Recently in the b2 Team version of VS2010 there are some strange errors thrown in the immediate window and then I'm tossed out of debug mode and back into the IDE.

This code has been operating for some time in this project without this behavior. A team member has just reproduced the behavior in his development machine also.

The error that starts the shutdown of the debug instance is this: Control accessed from a thread other than the thread it was created on

Which is why I am asking about threading of the code behind a dataset.