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problems with "before update event"
I have searched the forum and have not had any luck finding a similarly related post and I hope someone can spare a moment to help out.

I can't get a Before Update Event on a form to execute correctly in a function. The error I get is:
"The expression BeforeUpdate you entered as the event property setting produced the following error: The object doesn't contain the Automation Object 'AuditTrail' "

As part of my attempt to find out why, I opened up the mystical Northwind MDB, created an identical function, tried it out and it works fine.

I used the documenter to compare properties of the forms in my mdb versus the Northwind MDB and didn't see any big show stoppers there.

The only difference I can see is that in my mdb, On the Form properties, Event tab, Before Update line, I try to enter "AuditTrail()" and the system replaces what I type with "[AuditTrail]".

In the Northwind MDB it doesn't replace what I type and keeps it as "Audit Trail()".

Does anyone have an idea if the [ ] is causing the problem and if it is what property setting do I have to change or whatever to make it work?

Tom in a very hot Austin, Texas

Northwind - how to load
In my 2000 version of Access, Northwind was easy to find. According to the book in 2010, I should be able to click on Sample Templates and see several databases including Northwind.

Nothing is listed behind this tab. What do I need to do to load these samples (hopefully, without loading a security number - this caused great difficulty originally)? It seems that using the 2000 version will not the most beneficial.

Also, where can I find out what those little icons mean?

Where can I get Northwind db?
I'm looking for copy of Northwind db

or I also have Access 2007 Bible in .PDF format (1400 pages) if anybody has the sample dbs or whatever else is on the included cd.

Find or Filter Data on Forms
We will look into the Finding or Filtering records using three different methods on the same Form. You can use any one of the three methods or all of them in your Project. We will use the Products Table from the Northwind.mdb sample Database.

Northwind sample database query
I want to ask about the Order form of northwind database that how address, city, postal code and country name of customer appears as the user select Customer ID in the combo box.

Adapting Northwind, Subform Error
They adapted Northwind to do a shirt purchase db. on the Orders/Order Subform, when they select the "Color" listbox a parameter prompt keeps appearing asking for the current ProductID.

He has to type in the product number to get the set of colors specific to a shirt selection.

Another thing that happens, is when a new row is added to the subform, no matter what new shirt is selected, the previous selected product ID "sticks" and only the filtered colorselections from the first selection appear.

but then again I don't know Northwind that well,

Amending northwind template
I am trying to create my own db from the northwind template. Generally it has all the elements I need, but also several I don't, such as 'shipping'. How can I remove these without causingthere deletion to provoke error messages?

working with northwind template
I am trying to use the northwind template and need to know how to edit the data that comes with the template to put in mine. I have been able to edit the logo and name on the forms but in, for example, the inventory list- I can't delete the products listed.

Northwind from 2007 to 2010
I've been using for a while northwind 2007.
How can I keep my records and upgrade it to the new 2010 version.??

Find something simular to "Northwind Trading" that is unlocked
I want to do find something simular to "Northwind Trading" that is unlocked, or has not data in it yet. Northwind has all the things I need, I just can not find a way to replace the existing data, and enter mind.

Access Lockdown
If I create an mdb and used this mdb to store all the tables. If I then link these tables to another mdb and use this mdb to write my code.

I have a mdb that has only tables
I have a 2nd mdb that links to these tables and also has all the queries, forms,

Can I modify the 2nd mdb to:

2. Not allow them to view the tables, forms, queries, macros etc.
3. Can I remove the Ribbon.and all tools including the Home, Create, External Data, Database Tools, and Acrobat

Where their only option to click will be within the forms I create?

Northwind 2007 combined with inventory 2007 database
I am looking to create a stock control database. I have been working with the Inventory 2007 and Northwind 2007 databases.

I like the way that Northwind 2007 database controls purchase orders and allocation of stock.

I am looking to use the stock control database for a beauty salon in a local small college.

I have changed the database to allocate stock from stock in from purchase orders to locations rather than customers however I might want to have a part to record any stock that is sold to customers.

I am interested in have the ablity to add / remove stock from these locations as is made available in the Inventory 2007 database.

Could someone help me, I need some code adding to make it possible for me to remove any amount of stock from the locations.

The Northwind 2007 database does have a "Waste" field in the "inventory transaction types" table but there is no code that I can see that make use of this

Has Anyone noticed the 3rd Quarter doesn't calculate in Northwind
Using Northwind to set up quarterly reports in my db. The MonthOfQuarter: (Month([Inbound Date]) Mod 3) Separates the months quarters into 1,2,0 but the VB Code is set up for 1,2,3. The third month in any quarter shows a quantity of 0 for all Customers when there are numbers there to calculate.

How to Install the Northwind Sample Database
The Northwind database contains some great sample tables, queries, reports and other database features. Here's how to install it.

How to unlock Northwind database forms?
to unlock the Northwind database forms in design view of Access 2007 with the purpose of learning on how to design my databases

Nothwind database
One friend has recently asked me to work out for him a sale and inventory management system, which would certainly need more in depth functions and macros development. I thought that by loading the northwind database and with the help of specialized literature, I would come about all the problems I might face. The Northwind database is limited. Indeed some of the forms cannot be opened in design view, why? In particulars "products"and "employees".

Modifying the template Northwind 2007
I am trying to modify the start up form in access template Northwind 2007. There is an orange bar in the form header. This orange bar is fixed and I can't remove it or change its color.

2 different Qty in order details in northwind
I decide to use northwind template. In order detail both form, I have 2 different Qty, the original Qty is the Qty that will link to Inventory and I add another field Qty1 for invoice purpose. For example, I got 1 roll of tape, 1 roll will be cut into 10 pcs. We need to bill according to customer request qty 10, but actual qty sold is only 1. How to modify it w/o effect the function?

Northwind Template customisation
Good evening, I am a (fairly) novice Access user. I am customising the Access Northwind Template to my own needs ( as you do). I am very close to getting it right but I want to force it to create a Purchase Order for each Item purchased. I dont need the Inventory In/Out/Ordered as I buy from Supplier when it is purchased by a customers. I cant find a way to adjust the 'stock levels', but ideally would just like to remove them totally.

getting there from here
Can code be written so that, when the user opens a particular *.mdb, a second (unlinked) *.mdb is then alos opened, some lines of code in that second *.mdb are ran, and then the original *.mdb, that the user first opened, is closed (while leaving the second acvtive