New insert row

I have a table with columns of type text , when I insert a new row manually and set the value of one cell to for example "2010/02/09" it changes it to "20100209" when I read the values.

do you have any idea what the problem is?

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How to insert a row on the product page
I need to be able to insert a row in the products page. I have new products that should be in with alike products. However, When I try to insert a row I cannot. For instance in excel you have to do is make the arrow pop up where you want to insert a row and right click and it gives you an option to insert a new row in between existing rows. I have 2010version.

DoCMD Insert Query Conditional
I have an INSERT statement that takes data from two source tables and creates records in a destination third table.

The new table has three fields lets say Name, Row, and Price.
Source table 1 has Name and Row columns.
Source table 2 has Price_A, Price_B, and Price_C

I want to be able to insert Price_A, Price_B, or Price_C of source table 2 DEPENDING on what the Row column value is in source table 1, into the new table.

Does this make sense guys? How would I go about this

Get new ID from the table BEFORE insert the new row.
I'm programming with VB .NET 2010 and using a Microsoft Access Database file which is bound to my project as a Dataset. Now I want to know: BEFORE inserting a new row into my dataset tablewhat will be the new ID number,

Surely you know the autonumber ID of a table is different with row count number, for there may be deleted rows between the table rows. Like the following example:

Row 0: ID=1
Row 1: ID=2
Row 2: ID=4 (ID number 3 is deleted)
Row 3: ID=5
Row 4: ID=9 (ID numbers 6,7,8 are deleted)

Now how do we know what ID number of Row 5 will be before inserting the new row? Perhaps ID numbers 10 and 11 are either deleted or not, so it may be 10, may be 11 or 12 or whatever! Isthere a way to know it BEFORE adding or inserting the new row into the table?

Looping thru imported Marc21 data
I have an import of a Marc21 database that has over 4M rows. Each row has a tagsubfield (which is a letter) and then in that row there's tagData.

In order for me to insert a row (of data) into another table, I've written a script to iterate through a temporary table of all this imported data, one row at a time, then dependent on the tagsubfield set a variable.

At the end of the current record (which takes 20 rows to get there), I insert into my table. Then the whole process starts again.

sub form insertion / right click
I have a form with a sub form that has a master record of data and a sub-form that is a grid of detail data. One of the columns on the sub-form is a number. I want to right click on the row in the sub-form and insert. I can click New Record for instance. Before inserting the new record, I want to be able to capture the current row's numeric column. I then want to increment the number for every row after that. The code to do that is easy. But I cannot think what event I need to do it on. Before insert fires after I have navigated away.

Insert Into versus Select Into
I was using "SELECT INTO" in access 2007 to insert all values from one table into another. This function deletes the table then reinserts everything. If I wanted to use INSERT INTOand insert all values from 1 row of one table into another how would I write this?

insert new row
on my form I have a subform and what I am trying to do is I have a field [result] that can contain "acc" or "rej" if the field contains "rej" then it will copy this row and insert a row immediately below it with the [result] field empty" any ideas please?

How to get Identity value of Last Inserted Row
I am having a table with one of the Column as SerialNo whose datatype is Autonumber.

whenever I Insert a row I want to get the SerialNo of that row.

In Sql Server , there is @@Identity so if we want last inserted row Serialno we write like this.

Select @@Identity

I want to ask What is the Equivalent of @@Identity in MS ACCESS 2007.

Please If any one knows the solution .help me out

Transferspreadsheet Method
I have a query that I use Transferspreadsheet method to simply export it to a excel document. (row one is column headers and then row 2 is data).

NOW.I would like to be able to insert a TITLE "THIS IS MY NEW DOC" in row 1 of the excel document and shift everything down one row.

Is there an easy way to do this? I have 20+ queries I need to do this to so am looking for basic

Inserting a new row on a continous form
I have searched the internet without any success and would like to know whether it is possible to insert a new row anywhere beside the last row in a continous form

Insert column into a table only when match found, row by row
I have a question, I am comparing two columns from different tables.There are common figures in the two tables.I have compared the two tables using a query.I want the findings from the query to be inserted to the first table, in a new column.Though when inserted in the first table, I need the new column to match the adjacent row.

For example:

Table A contains figures = A,B,C
Table B contains figures = A,F,c

The match will be figure A,C

I want to compare the match table with Table A and insert that information in a new column.
Not just inserting it cause I know how to do that but I need the figures to align with the compared row

Access 97, ODBC, no error with insert but new row doesn't happen
I'm pointing an Access 97 app to an SQL Server backend. Connections are of course ODBC. Since people will want to see the code I'll post it:

Dim IntakeKey&, InCase$ IntakeKey = 3409 InCase = "1311-059" CurrentDb.Execute "INSERT INTO Intake (InUnique,InCase) VALUES (" & IntakeKey & ",""" & InCase & """);"

I placed the line of code in a new form, closed Access, opened again, relinked tables, and ran. No error is produced but the row does not appear in the table. If I open the table, scroll to the bottom, and insert manually, the row is created. I'm able to insert rows in other tables similar to the above without issue. This is a really weird deal. The SQL Server on my desktop is 2008 R2, but the server the production database will be added to is

stuck populating a row with arrays from multiple
Is there any way to use the SET command in a stored procedure to Select the column data from a temporary table so I can insert that into a main table along with other items? I created thecolumn in each temp table by sending an array from the multiple selection listboxes.

left Join is a more common way of merging temp tables with a main one, but I'm trying to only insert one row of data that includes other non-listbox data.

Insert query into table FROM two table sources
I'm trying to insert data FROM two tables into single records of a different table.

So there are three tables: 1 destination, 2 sources

I'm using the docmd.runsql vba function. here's what I have:

DoCmd.RunSQL ("INSERT INTO SuiteEvents(Account, Section, Row, Seats, NumSeats1, TypeSeat, Name, EventCode, EventDate, MaxSeats, MaxParking, Parking, Price) SELECT AccountNumber, Section, Row, Seats, NumSeats1, TypeSeat FROM SuiteAccounts, SELECT EventName, EventID, EventDate, SuiteMaxSeatCount, SuiteMaxParkingPass, SuiteParkingPass, L_Price FROM EventPrep;")

I know this code is wrong, but how can I use two SELECT statements as sources from different tables, to insert into a new destination table?

automatic row insert
I would like to know if this is possible without using any code.

I have a form tied to table1. Within this form I have a button that opens another form which is tied to table2. Within the relationships I have id from table1 going to id for table2. My question is when I press the button on the form can I have it automatically add a row in table2 with the id from table1 that is currently tied to the form?

Say table1 has person info and table2 is the notes on this person
When I press the notes button for personid = 99 I want there to be a new
row added to table2 with id set equal to 99 without writing any insert statements or vba

How Often Is Now() Calculated During a Query?
I'm using MS Access 2003. I'm wondering whether Now() gets calculated once during a query or once for each record that it applies to. For example, consider the following query:
In practice, every record in tbl_liaImport will have the same CommunicationHeader when this Append query is run.

If every record in tblLiaImport has the same CommunicationHeader value, is it ever possible for the above query to insert two or more records? (I want to insert that single CommunicationHeader, along with the time that it was inserted.) So does the query evaluate Now() once at the beginning of the query, then use that same value for all rows, or does Now() getevaluated for each row under consideration.

If for every row, then I can see the possibility that the query might find more than one distinct record, even though there's only one distinctCommunicationHeader.

checking whether the increased number of entries after I added a new
I have a table with 10 records.I have a problem because if I add new record (11) in table, record update a row not increase the row, the number of all records. After "insert" record count of table remain the same 10 record.
If I insert 200 records the number of records in table still the same 10 a bug whatever doesn't matter. me to verifying if count of records change after I insert new one records. warn with messages the operator that is a problem and must call me to resolv.

I use dcount for current records but I don't know how compare curent record with past record. and if the a bug is a bug ) and I use access

split a string by comma and break it up into rows
i have a string that i need broken up into rows

is that possible? i know how to split it and get each value, but don't know how to insert it into a table one at a time

besides inserting each value, i also have to insert the ID, so for each row i have to insert one email address and the id, and repeat it 8 times number of email addresses is always different

entering new records
I am very new to access and having a pretty hard time using it. Basically I need to develop a database for a bunch of test items. For each test item, there are (or will be) 6 alternate versions. Right now I am using the datasheet function and essentially using the sheet just as I would in excel or SPSS. However, I would like to insert a record (or row) in between other records (as new alternate test items get developed I need to enter them into this sheet) but I am finding that when I try to insert a new record (row) it jumps down to the bottom. I will definitely need to move rows around a lot so I need to know if this is possible, and how.

Alternatively, if someone can recommend a more savvy approach to developing a database to track test items, please advise! Thanks so much for any input!

Using Access VBA to edit Excel document
So I have an Excel macro that has the following:

Sub Test()
[D2] = "ABC"
End Sub

which adds a new row (at row 2) and inserts "ABC" in cell D2. However, I need some way to embed this code behind an Access button in VBA. I understand that you can call an Excel Macro from Access, but the Excel document is changing often and will not always have the macro attached.

So my question is: How can I open the Excel document, insert a Row at line 2 and type "ABC" in cell D2, and save and close the Excel document? ALL from Access VBA,

My .xls file is named "importtest.xls" and the sheet where I want to do this editing is "Sheet1"