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Modal right choice for quick filter query form?

Modal right choice for quick filter query form?
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Want to provide users a way to choose from a few dropdowns to build a query, show the results in a datasheet, then click save and load the result set into another table.

Questions: can you access form fields on the parent form?
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Modal right choice for quick filter query form?

Want to provide users a way to choose from a few dropdowns to build a query, show the results in a datasheet, then click save and load the result set into another table.

Questions: can you access form fields on the parent form?

passing variable from modal form to main form

On my main form, I have a search option that opens a modal form. When the modal form is opened, the main form remains open. The modal form determines a variable. Clicking ok on the modal form, passes the focus back to the main form and closes the modal form. How do I reload the main form based on the variable from the modal form. The modal form is using a global variable

Modal Form

I have a form that has a Frame Yes/No (1/2) question.I have gotten a select code to work that says if Frame is 1 to open my modal form.the modal form will have additional information for the individual to complete based on the Yes answer.the problem I am having is.I have one how do I get the information from my modal to populate in the table, on the record that is active?

Here is the code:
Private Sub Frame24_AfterUpdate()
Select Case Frame24
DoCmd.OpenForm "frm400Q1", acNormal
Case Else
End Select
End Sub
The modal form is after I input the data, it is not carrying over to the table.what I did was for the questions in the modal form I dropped into a separate query and based the record source of the modal on the query

Modal Form Close

I have a modal form which has a button on it that when I press it opens a query. how do I get this modal form to hide behind the query when it opens?

I have managed to do it for a report but I dont know where to add vba codes in for a query

Modal Dialog Form

I am struck with a Modal Dialog Form.
Basically I've got a main form with a datasheet subform which is not editable which has a Primary key and a foreign key columns in it. The only way to add some data to this datasheet view form is by clickin' a cmd Button.

Once I click the button a Modal Dialog form appears and then the user selects or enters the details in it which then gets appended to the table.

I've made this Modal Dialog form to go to new record every time it loads but I am wondering if there is a way to link it to the main form I mean when I click the cmd button I want this modal form to appear but want the foreign key to be selected by default.

I hope I've managed to phrase my query properly

Referencing properties of a modal form in VBA

How do I reference properties of a modal form in VBA.
e.g. I have a modal form called "DatesForm" and I invoke it as follows:
DoCmd.OpenForm "DatesForm"
How do I reference the modal result and the fields on the form (what syntax do I use) ?
I want to set the value of a text box called CompanyText, on the form.

Efficiency in Form/Query

Possibly quick question: Is it more efficient to have my underlying query for a form filter out my records as opposed to doing it in the Filter property of the form?

To break it down further: I have added a function where the user can show the last 30/90/180/all days on split form with the datasheet on the bottom. This function uses the filter property to grab the last month/3 months/6 months/ or all records.

Would it be best to change a variable within the underlying query instead of using the filtering?

I only ask because I am working over a VPN right now and I noticed that the form was slow to load and I was thinking of what would be fastest.

modal property not working

I have a button on a form that opens a form called itemqueryform2 with this code:
Private Sub lookupitemsbutton_Click()
DoCmd.OpenForm "itemqueryform2", , , , , acDialog
I want it to open in a Dialog window, with the modal property set to No so that my user can switch easily between the dialog and the form she is using underneath.

In the properties panel, I selected Popup YES and Modal NO, but my form still does not allow users to click out of it without closing the form.

Trouble selecting active record in datasheet

The form shows the default MealItems set for production. At the last minute the end user may need to select an alternate meal item, and substitute corn for green beans.

I have it set up so that the end user double clicks on the ItemName field on the data sheet and that opens a modal form with a query behind it.

I want the query behind the modal form to pick up the Meal3ID which is the primary key of the table behind the data sheet. and pull that record from the underlying tableTbl_ScheduledMealItems and display the fields on the modal form.

Everything works fine except:

The double click only calls up the first record in the underlying table. It does not pull up the active record (The one the end user clicked on.)

How can I make my double click on the ItemName field capture the Active Record clicked on and pull up that specific record in my Modal form?

Adding a Filter to a Form

A filter can restrict or sort the information displayed in the form without creating a new query. You can define a filter as: Filter by Selection; Filter by Form; Advanced Filter definition facility.