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Microsoft Access 2010 Web Sample Database

Microsoft Access 2010 Web Sample Database
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Does anyone know how to create the Report Center From from the 2010 Access Sample database. It's the Northwind Traders database. The report center form has command buttons on the right that disply the report in the form, not a separate report, but the report shows up on the form.
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Access Web Database

I have downloaded a sample invoice database from templates of Access 2010.

However its in Web Access format. Can I not edit the fields in this in Design View?

How is best way to go about customising it to my liking?

Also does anyone know if I should use Web DB or Desktop DB for a client who will have database on a PC but could host it on server in the future. Would using Web DB make it sort of future proof?

Access Web Databases: 2010 vs. 2013

Access web databases are dead. But there’s no cause for alarm. Now we have Access web “apps”. With the introduction of Access 2013, Microsoft has made substantial changes to its vision of how to put Access database applications on the web. The differences between Access 2010 web databases and Access 2013 web apps are major, and you should consider them carefully before embarking on an Access web project.

Access 2000 coded forms to Access 2010 web database

Developed an application in A2K need to move it to an Access 2010 web database and in turn publish it to Microsoft Sharepoint live 365.

The Forms contain hundreds of Controls w/thousands of lines of Event code.

Tried import into *.accdb then Save & Publish. In 2010 keep getting: "Forms are Coded" error. Have already tried removing the Events code from the Forms and then pasting it back. NO Go.

Have also tried to import the *.accdb objects into a Blank Web Dbase. Still no go.

Talked w/Microsoft. Told the tech at Microsoft it took a few years to develop the original in A2K and I could probably do it again in half as many years BUT don't have years, have days.

Don't think I'm the only one that has encountered this.

The question: How do You get of the Objects and Code from earlier versions of Access into an Access 2010 Web Dbase?

Where can I see some sample Microsoft Access Database forms/reports/queries etc?

Looking for some ideas or insperation, stuck on something you just can't work out, there are tons of Access/VBA samples on the web, here are some of the ones offered by Microsoft.

Introduction to Data Sheets

Many techniques allow you to create a database, the fastest of which consists of using one of the provided examples. Microsoft Access 97 shipped with 22 sample databases while Microsoft Access 2000 ships with 10. Furthermore, the 97 version allowed to provide sample data into the database. This is not available with the 2000 release. The databases that ship with Microsoft Access can help you in two main ways: they provide a fast means of creating a database and you can learn from their structure.

Creating a Database In MS Access 2010

Microsoft Access has been evolved as one of the best user friendly database programs and it has added itself many features to enhance the user and developer accessibility and ability to work on it. In Microsoft Office 2010, many things have been added compared to its previous versions. We shall see how to create a database in Microsoft Access 2010.

Has Microsoft replaced Data Access Pages in Access 2010 with something else ?

Has Microsoft replaced Data Access Pages in Access 2010 with something else ? I have spent considerable time building a large application in Access 2003 which entails Data Access Pages to graphically display my trend line data.

I have installed MS OFFICE 2010. Now those DAP hyperlinks embedded in my application don't work because ACCESS 2010 does not support DAP so I have heard by coming across that fact by chance on TechNet.

I understand that it may force me to go to Web Services. With Web Services, it sounds like I will now have to build a Web site or at least install IIS.

I don't know much about Web Services. I want to keep it simple without purchasing additional software if possible.

Whats the difference between a Access Web Database and Access Database?

If I had a sample of Access Web Database using the templates within Access, what problems will I encounter when trying to host it and use it on a desktop computer? Not the web or a server.?

2010 Sample Database Required

I have just started using 2010 and would like to study a sample database
but something with quite a bit of sophistication about it. There are many simple ones out there but something using one or more Navigation Forms, if that is advisable, reports, calender date picker and data validation methods and techniques.

I think that I will learn more this way than ploughing through the guides and help etc

Access 2010 and Web Services (not using Sharepoint)

We need to install a database and make data accessible across the internet (via XML/txt or linked tables - can someone give me pointers on this ?

Microsoft's website has a page 'Creating a Web Service data connection' where Access 2010 can create a web service to a source and apparently link tables: the ribbon should have the path 'External Data tab > Import group > Web Service' but my 2010 has External Data > Import & Link > and no web service icon. So I cannot even investigate.

We would like a remote site to ask a question of the server, have the Access database run some selects and transmit to the remote client an XML /txt file etc.