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Making database to keep track of keys

Making database to keep track of keys
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s, and I'm excited to be part of this lively community. I'm trying to make a database for a department to keep track of key assignments. This is what I'm trying to incorporate:

- To keep track of the room keys an employee has
- To be able to look up an employee and see which (and how many) keys he/she has
- To be able to look up a key and see which (and how many) employees have this particular key

I'm a beginner with databasing , and don't know how to do this. Could you please refer me to a template that would allow me to do this? Or could you give me a brief tutorial on how to do this
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Need a database

I am new to Access and need help finding, making a database!

It's for a school and need to keep track of volunteers.

Database Primary and Foreign Keys

Primary and foreign keys are the most basic components on which relational database theory is based. Primary keys enforce entity integrity by uniquely identifying entity instances. Foreign keys enforce referential integrity by completing an association between two entities.

Track users use of Access database

how can I relaise when somebody is using Access database.

I have to track when some change has been made on Access database, or when is it used.

my main idea is to track changes of MDB file - ie. updated date or something like that.

please, if you can help me how to accomplish this request.

hiding forms

I am making a database in which my users will add data to a form then they
will click a command button that runs a macro to view the information on a
report. How can I get the form to hide while they are viewing the report. I
did this in Access 97 with the send keys function and using "%W"h, then
opening the report. But in Access 2000 this does not work. Any ideas? I have
sort of fixed it by having two separate send keys functions; one to press %,
and the other to press wh. But sometimes this works and sometimes it doesn't.

Allocating multiple items to one master key

I am relatively new to using Access and I have been asked to put together a database for allocating keys at our school. Every member of staff has certain keys allocated to them based on their role.

There are also some keys which open multiple rooms. So for example a teacher will need a classroom key and a key for the storeroom and a key for the staffroom. The classroom key and the storeroom key are the same but the staffroom key is different. (This is a simple example).

I have created a table DOOR KEYS with the following fields:

re-use database?

so I have created my very first database. And what I need to know is. can I re-use the database?
What I mean is. I have created a students database that contains information on 1 years' (3 semesters) worth of students.
I will need to do this for each year. I have tried deleting all the information and saving just the database, but then when I went in to enter info for the next years students, the primary keys start again from where they left off instead of from 1.
Is there a way to wip out all the data and re-use the database?
I'm not sure if I'm making any sense. please let me know if you can

Get access to update webform

I am brand new to the forum so 'Hello'. I am a IT Tech for a school and I am making a simple database to track student laptop repairs. To submit a repair request with the laptop manufacture (acer) I have to complete a webform from their website. All the info is duplicated in the database I am making for our own personal tracking needs. I was hoping it would be possible for me to enter the data into the DB I am writing and 'Hit' a button and have the info populate this external webform and then all I have to do is then submit.

Make simple database / template

I need help making a database to track my financial account info. I want to keep track of all my accounts payable and receivable.

I have already set up 2 tables.
1) The contact information for my accounts
2)The specific account information (Acct #, monthly payment amt, due dates,
current/delinquent credit reporting status, account type)

I still need a table for all the receipts I have, and a table for my job incomes.

Such as all the accounts that I have at one place or all the accounts in a negative status. etc.

Is there anyone willing to create a template?

I have tried doing it on my own, but I cannot get past the tables.

I hit really bad financial times, and am starting to clear up my debts. The database will be for my personal reference.

Assigning Auto Keys for Aligning Controls

How to create hot keys to align controls in design view in a Microsoft Access database.

Iif inside an update satement.

The following update query is giving error-- "The operation must use an updatable query" while running.

(SELECT SUM(QNTY) FROM Measurement_Individual_Delivery WHERE Measurement_Key_FK=[@KEYS] ) < (SELECT QUANTITY FROM MEASUREMENT WHERE KEYS=[@KEYS]) , 'Pending','Delivered'))