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Make application run on network computer not on local computer

Make application run on network computer not on local computer
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What I would like to do is click a command button on a form that would open an application, "RealPlayer", on another network computer and play a .wav file on that computer. I currently have a command button on a form with a macro RunApp and the argument "[LINK]" "[LINK]" however it opens up on the local machine and plays the wav file.

The formprints out to the network printer beside this network computer, and this would give the person an audible signal that the form is printed and ready to be looked at.
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Windows 7 scheduler

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I recently migrated a local SQL Express database to a network SQL Server. I re-did the links to my Access program and everything was running correctly when I was working with it. I tested all the functions and procedures and everthing was running correctly, but the scheduler that I had been working with on windows 7 is now no longer running.

The code works just fine when I log in and run the the scheduler and has been running correctly for month's on my local computer.

The problem seems to be that when I try to run on a scheduler in Windows 7 there are no network connections.

Anytime I try to connect to a folder on the network the procedure fails when running on the Windows Scheduler.

Run Access Sub Routine from Excel

Run Access Sub Routine from Excel Icon
I have an Access Db Module on another computer that contains a Sub Routine I would like to execute from Excel. How can I execute the routine and have it open and run on the host computer from an Excel workbook on my computer? I tried the code below but ran into two problems (1.) It opens the Access DB on my computer instead of the Host (2.) the appAccess.Run command didn't run the sub routine in Access

Sub RunAccessSub()
Dim appAccess As Access.Application
' Create instance of Access Application object. Set appAccess = CreateObject("Access.Application")
' Open WizCode database in Microsoft Access window.
appAccess.OpenCurrentDatabase "B:\Documents and Settings\bconner\Desktop\Template Month End Reports v1.2.mdb", False
' Run Sub procedure.
appAccess.Run "MonthEndReports" Set appAccess = Nothing

split/link/synchronize what the deal

split/link/synchronize what the deal Icon
I’ve worked far too many hours to say and am now ready to put into action. I have multi uses that will use the db on our in-house network. So I plan to split the db.

However I have other uses that must use the db that can not access the network.
1. split the db
a. Main be on the network
b. Make multi copies of fe for all the others including off network. 2. Make replica for the off network db from the be on the network drive.
3. Copy to offsite computer and Re link the off network db with the replica | db.
4. Copy the replicas to the network drive daily and synchronize with the be on the network. (our network is to slow to work online)

Recordset not updateable : one of the computers on the network has read-only access

Recordset not updateable : one of the computers on the network has read-only access Icon
I am having a problem with a network computer unable to update data in any linked tables. I recently separated a database into a frontend and backend, linking tables from the backend mdb files to the frontend mdb file.

The problem is one of the computers on the network has read-only access to the frontend mdb file whereas a different computer on the network as well as the host computer have full access to the database.

At first I thought the problem was read/write permissions for the computer on this network drive, but that is not the issue. I can add/delete/modify files on the drive from this computer.

VISTA and Jet Access problems...

VISTA and Jet Access problems... Icon
I have an app that has run on my XP computers for years. Not a single problem at all. Well, I just added a new computer to the network, and it is running 32 bit VISTA. The program accesses a database over a wireless network, so all computers share the same database through the network. the time I change a couple records from the VISTA machine, the database gets corrupted somehow.

I then have to go in to access and compress and repair the database. This will then work on the other computers, until I go use the VISTA computer again. I can't figure it out for the life of me.

1. Has something changed with VISTA and JET support?
2. Could there be a network issue with VISTA that is crashing the data?

make the access file lock

make the access file lock Icon
I have designed the database and the front end forms too in a sing access file. now I need to lock it. i.e when and put into one computer only in that computer it should run the user should not copy and use that in another computer,. how can I make it

Problems with network rights and Access

Problems with network rights and Access Icon
I am developing an application that will be used on a network with Windows XP as the OS. We will be upgrading to Windows 7 soon. I am having issues with the network security. I get thewarning for a non trusted location and a major part of the application uses Word merge documents which don’t work on the network.
If I logon to the local PC with Administrator rights the program works fine. If I logon on to the local machine with “Power User” rights – it fails. I have given myself Administrator rights while logged on to the network – fails.

I have removed runtime as a factor but it doesn't’t matter. I have tried everything I can think of with Trusted Documents – it doesn't’t matter. Nothing I have tried with Trusted Documents seems to fix the problem.

multiuser for access database

multiuser for access database Icon
I have a Application Software with VB6.0 as Front End and MS-Access2007 as its Back End. Both are running quiet well in a my PC in Offline, now I have to do the certain changes, ie, I need to install the only the Application Software in other PC, but not the MS-Access database. any updation in database done in the other PC should cause changes to my database on my PC.
For eg: 'A' is a computer which has both the Application Software and the Access database.
'B' is a Computer with only Application Software.
'C' is a Computer with only Application Software.

Any insert, update,delete done on the System 'B' & 'C' Must affect the actual database in Computer 'A

Why will my database work on some computers but not others?

Why will my database work on some computers but not others? Icon
I have created an Access 2010 database and packaged it to run on Access Runtime Viewer 2010. When I install it on some computers, it works fine. On others, it doesn't work. But some of the computers that don't work and do some things but not others.

So far I have gotten two different error messages. First I get a "Unknown function 'Date' in validation expression or default value on 'tblACHFiles.DateEntered'." Then later I get another error message that says "Execution of this application has stopped due to a run-time error.

The application can't continue and will be shut down." The part that stumps me is that it works on two computers.

At first I thought that there was something on my computer that allowed me to make it work so I installed it on another computer and it worked.

One interesting note is that the two computers that I have gotten it to work on are in a workgroup while the computers that it doesn't work on are part of the network domain.

The back-end of the database is stored on a server in the domain. I checked the permissions on the folder containing the BE and it gives Read/Write/Execute/Modify permissions to everyone involved.

Linked table structure idea

Linked table structure idea Icon
Just something that occurred to me as I was working, more of a discussion that a problem.

We use a frontend to backend connection. each copy of the frontend is held on each users local computer (in the D: drive), and has linked tables pointing to a folder on a file server(nothing special, just a normal server for holding documents).

We do have 60 users adding and amending records. At times (such as logging out time) the database grinds to a halt due to network traffic (as the users computers are restricted by the server being held up).

If the backend files are made local (as I often do when developing) the speed is massively increased.

Rather than link to the server for the backend, the key tables (the ones doing most of the adding and amending of records) are duplicated on each local computer. When the user loads theprogram in the morning, all tables are updated.
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