Make a text box grow or shrink as you resize a form

When you resize a form, why not take full advantage of the available space? In Access 2007, you can use the anchoring feature to make a control stretch down and across as you make the form bigger, and then shrink as you make the form smaller. Experiment with the available stretching and anchoring options to get the effect you want.

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Make controls stretch, shrink, or move as you resize a form
By default, the controls on a form stay anchored to the upper-left corner of the form, and do not resize when you resize the form. To change this behavior, you can use the Anchoring command. For example, you can configure a text box so that it stretches down and to the right as the form becomes larger. This lets you see more text in the control.

Resize only Label field size and Associated text Control source as it is?
I'm stuck with a form wizard .The tabular format is having a label and associated text box. If I would shrink the label size then corresponding Text box also shrink. As I want to shrink or resize only Label field and Text field size remain same.

Resize only Label field size and Associated text Control source as it is?
I'm stuck with a form wizard .The tabular format is having a label and associated text box.
If I would shrink the label size then corresponding Text box also shrink.
As I want to shrink or resize only Label field and Text field size remain same

Text box resize horizontally
Is there a way to have a text box that will resize itself horizontally depending on the size of the data? The can grow property allows it to grow vertically which I don't want. If there isnot an easy way to do it I would imagine there would be a way to do it with VBcode.

detail.height not to shrink after accommodate a large text box
Have set detail.height in OnOpen event of report. Have set Detail to can grow/can shrink. Have set text boxes in Detail section to can grow/can shrink. Have set detail.height in OnFormat event of detail section.

However, after the first time the detail section needs to grow (which it does OK) it does not shrink back for other records displayed in Detail section. LIne height is changing as it should,but not Detail section height.

Can Grow/Shrink
does this only apply to BOUND textboxes?

I tried adding an unbound text box (for a compamy name and address) - but it didnt grow with the data.

I found the help a little unclear

Finally got my subReport to grow and shrink!
I've been fighting with this thing for a while, searching all over the internet, and I finally stumbled onto the solution with random clicking

I'm using Access 2010 and I needed a report in my navigation form, but I wanted the user to be able to filter from an unbound text box and click a button to open the report in print preview.
I finally went with a form containing a subreport and the text box and buttons. It worked ok, but the subreport wouldn't grow or shrink.

I finally got it to work by changing the Vertical Anchor property for the subreport control to "Both".

Hope this helps someone out there

Text is cut in memo datatype textbox in Report
Here's another issue with Access 2007. I have a subform that have two group headers; Branch_Name and Commit_ID. The Detail of the subform have four columns; Section (Text), Date Completed(Date), Action Progress (Memo), Action Location (Memo).

The issue that I am having right now is that text that is in the Action Progress field is being cut. I set the Can Grow, Can Shrink of the text box and the Detail as YES and it did not solve the problem.

Then, I set Can Grow, Can Shrink of the text box as YES and NO, respectively, and the Detail as YES for both cases, and it did not solve the problem either.

Vertical lines that grow/shrink
I have a report that has a "comments" field that can grow. I need to get vertical lines between the headers to form columns. How can I make the vertical lines grow with the fields so that it looks like one continuous line from top to bottom

Expand a Rectangle or Frame as a border
I have a report where I have several text boxes and Labels that I would like to place inside a rectangle or something similar so that they are enclosed together in the report with a nice border around them and will stay within this border. The rectangle needs to shrink or grow around the labels and text boxes when they grow or shrink

Changing the format in a text box
I have an issue that is driving me nuts. I have a report that is printing out what is called a "talker". It prints out in 2 columns and and 2 rows so that is 4 per page. The issue I am having is there is a text box that has information in it. That info is different per "talker" and depending on the length of characters in that text box, I want the font to grow or shrink so that it covers most of that text box. I have tried a few different solutions but nothing is working 100%. If any one has any suggestions, I would be very grateful

Resize Page Footer only on page 2
I have a flyer (access report) that I want to print an advertisement ONLY on page 1. But there is another graphic in the page footer that needs to print on ALL pages.

I have made the ad image invisible on page footer format and print events, however, I cannot seem to get the page footer to shrink (even with Can Grow/Can Shrink properties set to yes) only on the second page.

So, the page footer graphic AND the ad need to show on page one and only the graphic (no ad) on page two with the page footer resized on page two to allow detail to fill the space where the ad was.

Maximized form disappears when clicking on "Restore Down"
I have a database that, when opened, automatically opens a form. The form is not modal and is set as a pop up. Until recently, when I wanted to shrink the form to move it to another monitor (dual screens), I could do so with no problem. All I did was add some information to the form, which didn't affect any of the form options.

Now when I try to shrink the form to move it, it disappears completely, but Access sees it as still open. I then have to close Access and reopen. Did something change with the options that I am unaware of? Again all I did was add some text boxes to the form and before I made changes I was able to resize

Populate text box in code
I want to populate a text box in code, but it isnt letting me do that in the open event.

e.g. mytextbox = "some text" (doesn't work)
mylabel.caption = "some text" (does work)

Do i need a different event or technique/syntax. I have changed them to labels - but i don't get a "can grow/shrink" property with a label.

How to add page 3 and 4 ?
I'm using Access 2007. My report data is currently be squeezeed to get onto two pages. How do I get Access to grow to three or four pages ? In design or layout view I can not get the right hand data space to grow larger than 22 inches on the ruler above the space.
I understand "Can Grow" and "Can Shrink" elements on property sheet but that is not what I want to do. I would like to expand to three pages.

txtbox moves everything else down
In my report if I have a text box that has 10.1' and the size of the textbox is too short so it appears like this:
The problem is it moves everything else down on the page. I am aware of limiting characters. I have the setting "Can Grow" set to yes, what I want is for the text box to grow horizontally and not vertically

Variable width text box
I'm using Access 2010. Is there a property to make the width of a text box grow to whatever the length of the text? I know about the Can Grow property, but that only controls the height of the text box.

I'm trying to make a sub-report to list the contents of a field separated by commas, such as: Abcd, 12345678901234567890, 1234567890.

Basically, I want the contents of that field displayed in a sentence-type fashion, separated by commas.

I've tried a 5 column report that goes Across the page, but the length of our data varies from 4 characters, to about 100 characters. A list of all the data is what I'd like to get.

Can list box auto shrink?
Is there any way to make the size of a ListBox auto shrink if the number of selectable items is very little and hence there's a lot of white space

Grow text box on form with focus
I have a subform set up in continuous forms.

I usually have only a few words to put in a "notes" field. But sometimes, I need to enter an explanation, and then look back and review it later.

I would like to have the text box expand to view all the text when I click on the field (got focus?) and then return to it's original size when I leave the field.

If I make the height on the text box bigger, it takes up too much real estate on my form. I would like it to pop open or zoom and then return to normal.

Text Box Calculations Failing - #Name?
I have a text box that calculates a subform and up until today it work perfectly!

I have not modified the subform or anything else. This is my calculation: =[Child562].[Form]![txtItemValueCalculation]

If I move or resize the text box and then select View Form it works, but once I close the database and reopen it, it does not work.

The text box shows the following error in it: