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Macro to export to excel and NOT keep formatting?

Macro to export to excel and NOT keep formatting?
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I have a query that I need to export to Excel. If I do it through the Export on the menu, I have the option to leave the box "Keep formatting" unchecked.this works perfect. However, I want to create a macro to put on a button (since I don't let the users have the menu) but whenever I run the macro, the file in Excel is formatted. How do I get the macro (or vba code through docmd.outputto) to NOT format the Excel file?
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Access export excel file with macro help

I am currently working on a project that involves running a macro off access to export an excel file with the appropriate queries. So far I have been successful in doing that. The next step is where I am stuck, well a couple of things.

1. Is there a way to automatically open your exported excel file after running your macro off access?

2. After the export is complete all of the data is arranged how I want on 2 worksheets. However, I need a way to enable a macro to automatically format the information (which I have created, but don't know how/where to save it appropriately).

But the thing is, since the database is being constantly updated, and I need to export information from that database several times a day, and the formatting macro needs to be applied everytime I export this file (which isn't a problem if I was the only user).

Also, other people are exporting the same information but without the formatting because they don't have the right formatting macro that I have created.

Is there a way to integrate the formatting macro I have created to this specific file forevery user that tries to export this same file?

Automate Export to Excel using macro

Have an issue exporting to excel. I am using MS Access 2007. The query to be exported contains over 130 columns. If I try to make a table out of it, I get a message saying "record is too large". The query runs fine when opened directly. I can also export the query using the excel export button (important - I have to choose the option "Export Data with Formatting and Layout").
But when I try to use the TransferSpreadsheet macro action or command, it pops up the "Enter Paramter Value" window (same occurs if I use the excel export button and do not select the option "Export Data with Formating and Layout"). I tried to check the apprently wrong expressions but the queries work fine and I guess it is related to the fact that the records are too large. My question is, how can I still use a macro to automate the export? I do not want to do the export manually as I have over 30 queries to export to different excel worksheets.

Exporting Table via macro W/Out Format

need a little help here. I'm trying to create a macro that will run a series of queries and export the table it generates without formatting the text file. right now the export keeps the rows and columns with borders around the text and headers. what I need is data to be delimited with the text running without borders and field headers. Is this possible to run as a macro? I can do this via a TXT export and not selecting the export option of formatting and layout, then assign my delimiters and adjust the columns. Is there any way to automate this with a macro

Macro to Export to Excel

I have a macro that exports (transfer spreadsheet) queries into excel. But since I have put a password to modify the data in excel, the macro can't export the data into excel.

Is there a way around this? The error message I get when trying to run the macro is "Cannot Update, Datebase or object is read only

exporting report from access to excel with proper formatting

I have created reports in access and would need to export it to excel with proper formatting . like for example the the font for the header shouldbe bold etc. I have managed to export the files successfully by coding but I am not ableto do it with proper formatting

Report export to Excel with format

I have a beautiful report and when printed straight from access it has nice gridlines and even gridlines null fields (which I want). However when I export to excel all the fancy gridlines and bold fonts are lost. Is there a way I can get it to export to excel what I can print in access? I would like to be able to export to excel to add some extra rows before printing but not have to do all the formatting.

Exporting to formatted Excel file

I need to export data from Access into an Excel spreadsheet with special formatting (several columns have drop-down lists, etc.).

Any suggestions on the best way to do this? I know you can create a new Excel spreadsheet through an Access export, but how do you add data to an existing spreadsheet while retaining the formatting of the spreadsheet?

I need a way to do this systematically, since there are about 100 spreadsheets that will need to be regularly updated in this way

How To Create a Microsoft Access Macro to Export Information to Excel or Word

End-users occasionally find it easier to work with Microsoft Excel or Word than Access if they need to perform calculations or add formatting. They may receive the data in raw format; however, once it is organized in Microsoft Access, they may need to perform additional data analysis in Excel or insert formatting available in Word.

exporting reports from access to excel with proper formatting

I have created reports in access and would need to export it to excel with proper formatting . like for example the the font for the header shouldbe bold etc. I have managed to export the files successfully by vba code but I am not able

Export Access to Excel : from a specific row

I have Access 2010 and I have 46 queries each one is a specific site data hence 46. I export them to excel and send it to customer. Everything so far was fine until two new requirements got included.

New template was designed with a picture Logo in Row A1; row 2 has a note; row 3 has the field names (slightly re-worded compared to queries but the positions remain same); row 4 is where the data starts.

Now I want my macro (which I have created to export these 46 queries into excel) to export the data alone (without field names) starting from row 4. I already have these 46 uniquely named excel files (goes by site name which is what is defined in the macro export command too). Now I don't know how to tell access to export data only from row 4

Can Anyone please help I need to run these reports tomorrow and trying to get a fix for this process so that I need not copy paste from excel to excel.