macro to check checkbox

I have no training in aand no idea how to use VBA. I have set up a simple database to enter data into then upload to a client web portal.

I have a form to enter the data and the table this data goes into has a check box at the end which I want to have ticked/checked/True after I have exported.

I have created a query that shows me all data that is un checked (not yet exported to an xls)

I have created a simple export macro that sends the query result to an .xls

I want the macro to finish by checking the "export" checkbox once I have done this.

I am using Access 2010 attached is a screen dump of what I have so far

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How to make an active checkbox in a report?
I have a form that runs a query that automatically opens a report. My report includes a checkbox field that correlates to each entry. I want the checkbox to be active in the report. Is there a way to do this?

I want to be able to double check the document attached to every entry and then check the box when it has been checked. However, I want the checkbox to be usable on the report so the user doesn't have to go into the table to check it.

Right now, the checkbox is only an image and isn't interactive on the report.

Clearing Checkbox on New Record
Is there a way to clear a check box in a form if you add a new record?

I tried:

If Me.NewRecord = True Then
Me.checkbox = False

That doesn't seem to work when I have placed a check in the checkbox on the current record, and then create a new record, the checkbox stays.

Check box to trigger event
I've tried using a macro as follows:
I have a form with a checkbox. I'd like, when the user checks the box, for another box to appear. I have that box set to invisible.

I created a macro, and all it is supposed to do is change the property of the box to visible. I've assigned that macro to the On Click event of the checkbox.

When I check the box I get the following error:
"An expression in argument 3 has an invalid value.
You tried to run a macro or used the DoCmd object in Visual Basic. The argument number above is the position of the argument as it appears in the Macro window, the Action Failed dialog box,or the Object Browser (if you're using the DoCmd object)."

When I clear that message, I get the Macro Single Step dialog box which lists the macro name, a blank condition box (because there aren't really any), the Action Name (which is SetProperty)and the Arguments box, which has the name of the field I want to make visible, then the number 1.

The error number is 2505.
All I want to do is have the user check the box, and make this box appear. Otherwise, I don't want the box to appear.

Close window, check boolean
I am really new to access and I was looking for some help. I need a macro to run when I close a certain form, and then check to see if a boolean is checked more than once. I have different years and I would like to have one year be current. I can select current via a check box, and I would like the macro to check to see if the checkbox is checked two or more times. If it is a need it to return a message box and then re open the form. I am having a hard time specifying the form that closes, and also checking the error. I appreciate any help I can get on this.

VBA Access, checkboxes
On a form with few lines, where each line has a checkbox (the same one, with one name), when I check the checkbox, how can I make the code understand that this checkbox belongs to a specific line?
Because as it is now, if for example I check the third line's checkbox the code just takes the first line, it doesn't know what line exactly I'm referencing.
In short: how can I access a checkbox of a certain line?

Creating check boxes
I'm a new access user and trying to create a yes/no checkbox. I have added the checkbox in the subform, but when I check it, for one record, it check all the records. I want to individually check which record of information I need.

I will then create a query for a report to only show the records which have a checked box. How do I do this?

Unmark check box based on a text field
I have a checkbox defaulted to being check. Once a person enters in a date in a text box then the checkbox should be unchecked. Sometimes, the checkbox can be unchecked if the text box is blank.

So what I want to do is once a date is entered then the checkbox is unchecked but I do not want the check box to be checked if the date is later removed.

checkbox_xyz = not isnull(date_textbox)

This checks and unchecks the checkbox based on the textbox status.

I also tried:

if not isnull(date_textbox) then checkbox_xyz = 0
if not isnull(date_textbox) then checkbox_xyz = false

Count of records where checkbox 1 is unchecked, checkbox 2 is chec
I have a table with several check boxes. I'd like to place in the report footer a count of the number of records where both conditions exist: checkbox 1 is checked
checkbox 2 is unchecked.

How to check checkbox depending on string
I want to make a checkbox do something like this:

IF strlen(notes) >= 1 THEN check1 = true

notes=column with notes

If there is something written in the column "notes" then I want to check the checkbox. It doesn't feel too difficult, but I just can't figure it out!

Some one here who can help me?

Right Click checkbox to uncheck?
I have a number of check boxes on a form with control sources of fields in a table. I want the user to be able to left-click on a checkbox to "check" it, and right-click on a checkbox to "uncheck" it. How would I go about doing this

Right Click checkbox to uncheck?
I have a number of check boxes on a form with control sources of fields in a table. I want the user to be able to left-click on a checkbox to "check" it, and right-click on a checkbox to "uncheck" it. How would I go about doing this?

How do I populate a field with a value using a CheckBox
What I am trying to do should be fairly simple. I have a form with an unbound CheckBox (named F1CB)and a field in record 1 of my table (named F_1). What I want to happen is if the Check Box = T Then put the value of 1 in Field F_1.

If the Check Box =F Then put the value 0. If I check or uncheck the box I also want to change the value in F_1 to the appropriate 1 or 0. All that happens currently is if I check the box, F_1 = 1 and it doesn't change.

I created this code in the Checkbox properties.

1) Private Sub Feature_1_Click()
2) If IsNull(F1CB) Then
3) Me.F_1 = 0
4) Else
5) Me.F_1 = 1
6) End If
7) End Sub

Changing Yes/No CheckBox Value
I am creating a survey that has many boolean (Yes/No) check boxes. The problem is, the values we want to use are (0,1) instead of (0,-1 Access defined).

First question, can I preset the True/False values differently than what Access has them? That would be my best case scenario.

If not, from what I can see I could just change the chkbxs to Number (instead of Y/N) data type and then use the ABS() , absolute, function to get 0 and 1. Is there a better way to do this? Or do I even need to change them to Number data type?

IF the Abs() function is the way to go, is there a way to code a macro, or is there a macro, that would run through all the controls with 'chk' in the name and then run the Abs() function rather than calling it for every CheckBox control

Keyboard shortcuts for checkbox
Is there a way to define a keyboard shortcut for a checkbox? While doing data entry, everything is done from the keyboard but the check box. I want to be able to check/uncheck from the keyboard, so as to be able to keep tabbing on and entering data, without always moving to the mouse.

Populating another field based on a checkbox
I have two fields. One is a checkbox and the other is a text field. when the checkbox is checked I want the other field to populate with text.

Field Names
PayrollErrorOccuredCheck - Check box field

Once the checkbox field is checked, I need the text box to be populated with payroll error occured

IIF statement based on check box returns #error
This is my statement:


It works great once I've manipulated the checkbox, but before I touch it, it returns an #Error. I don't know what value to assign in order to get a "no" if the check box hasn't been touched.

I've also tried
=IIf([Checkbox]=0 OR [Checkbox]="","No","Yes")

Binding a checkbox to a subform
Is it possible to bind a checkbox in the main form to a filed in the subform? When I go to the property sheet of the checkbox & see its control source, only the fields in the main form are shown for binding but not the fields in the sub form.

Actually I have four check boxes one each for Video,Audio,Photos and Notes. Whenever numbers of their discs are typed in the subforms, check boxes relating to them in the main form should be marked as checked. If the fields are left blank then they should be marked as unchecked

Suppressing a msgbox
I'm being driven crazy and there must be a way to do this, or at least a way to change my form so that what I need to happen actually happens.

My form.this is a check out system. A user will type in the record number and the type of record will appear, as will a check box, a box for student name, and a box for check out date.

If the record is being checked out, the user will click the checkbox. When that checkbox is clicked, I need a message box to popup that says "Please enter student name and check out date". I managed to accomplish this using the expression builder.

NOW.when that checkbox is can I get that message to NOT appear? It appears on click, but I only need it to appear if the box is checked.

I can't get any conditions to work, in fact, I'm pretty sure I'm not even writing them correctly. If this isn't possible, does anyone have any other ideas for the design of this and how I need it to work

Convert Checkbox to text
Can you assist me in converting a checkbox to text? I need to do it two ways: 1. Checkbox on = X; Checkbox off = (null)
2. Checkbox on = Yes; Checkbox off = No

Check a checkbox if not already checked and vice versa
I am trying to create a medical records inventory. We have physical charts which each have a barcode and I have a scanner. The idea is to have employees who want to check the chart out scan their barcode (on their badge), scan the chart's barcode and leave.
I have a table called tblCharts with the fields: ID (primarykey which is also the chart number), a checkbox, Employee ID, Date, and Time checked out.
I have Employee ID linked to my tblEmployees that simply has a listing of the employee ID's and first and last names.
I don't care about keeping a record of who has had the chart in the past.
I just can't figure out how to tell the checkbox to be checked (to indicate the chart is out) when a number is added to the ID field (via scanner).

So here's how it would go:
Scan the chart's barcode which would populate into the ID field. Search to see if the record with the same number is already existing, if not create a record. IF it does exist, check to see if the checkbox is checked. If it is checked then the chart is being checked back in (so uncheck the box). If it is not checked to begin with (still in), then check it out and associate the employee's scanned barcode with it.