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Macro Message Box Pop Up When Append Query Is Zero

Macro Message Box Pop Up When Append Query Is Zero
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I have a 2007 access database with several (5) append queries. These append queries are from a staging area (temp table) then appends it its corresponding main table. Also, these 5 append queries only appends 1 record at a time.

I am about to create a macro so that it will automatically run the 5 append queries simultaneously. Is there a way that when the macro is executed, it will give a pop up message box or anerror message if a certain value of a field is already existing in the main table?

so example:
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Can I create message boxes on a yes/no drop down menu with a macro?

Is it possible to create a macro pop-up message box on a yes/no combo drop down selection menu on ms access 2007? I've created a form titled Admin staff and a label text box entitled "Isthis a tentative booking?" - when the user selects yes a pop message will be displayed and when the user selects no, again a message box will be displayed with a different message.if so, howcan this be done?but when I implement the code in 2007 I receive error messages.

Yes or No pop up

Is there a way to get a macro to have a yes/no pop up message? or is that something I will need to figure out how to do with vba? The only message I can figure out with a macro is a simple message with ok in it.
I am trying to figure out how to get a yes/no message to pop up if certain conditions exist after the macro opens a new form.

Surpress Append Query Pop Ups

I know that you can go into the Access Options and uncheck the Confirm Action Queries under the Advanced section to prevent the Pop Up dialog boxes when you run an Append Query, but I am curious to know if there is a way to prevent them without unchecking this box

Append query runs on its own but not in a macro

A database I created for a client some years ago has a macro which contains an append query. This macro repeats itself until a condition is met and has run thousands of times without any problem.

The client has asked that I make the database work for multiple factories. Without going into too much detail the same macro and append query are needed in the spin-off databases (one for each factory).

The problem is that the append query will not run in any of the spin-off databases as part of the macro although the macro itself is unchanged, but will run in isolation when it performs correctly and gives no error messages. I have run the macro with SetWarnings ON, but only get the warnings that you would normally expect.

I have pasted over the macro, the append query and the underlying select queries from the original database, but to no effect.

Pop-up form to stay on top of other forms while executing VBA code

I'm back again. I wanna ask for some help.

Question: How do I create a pop-up form that stays on top of other forms, or even on top of Microsoft Access (similar to a message box) so that Access freely executes some VBA code, and the user is prevented from accidentally halting its execution?

For example:

Private Sub AppendDatatoTemporaryTable
DoCmd.OpenQuery. 'To clear temporary table of any existing rows of data
DoCmd.OpenQuery. 'To append sales data
DoCmd.OpenQuery. 'To append purchases data
DoCmd.OpenQuery. 'To append collection data
DoCmd.OpenQuery. 'To append disbursement data End Sub

While the above code executes, I want a form to appear. What properties can I set to achieve this form behavior. I can't use a message box for this task because a message box pauses a code execution.

Thanks guys! Glad I found this site months ago

remove Macro Warning message

How to remove all the Warning when the Macro run an click Yes, some of the warning message are

You are about to run a delete query that will modify data in your table You are about to delete 200 row(s) from the specified table.

You are about to run an append query that will modify data in your table Microsoft Office Access can't append all the records in the append query (150 fields to Null fue to a type conversion failure.)

Macro Msgbox

I need some urgent help.

I need to create a pop-up text box that requires me to display the data of a certain field.

for example, I have a form that allows me to update these particulars:

- name
- address

and after manually typing in the details, I would have to click on a command button that creates this pop-up msgbox that displays "hello, (name)! you live at (address)."

i've applied the macro msgbox function. however I was stuck for a long time at the message part! how can I put name and address field into the actual pop-up box

Automatic Pop Up Message Box

I don't really know where to start with this. I'm trying to make a pop up message appear on the Database at 10:00 am asking all users to exist the database so I can run my updates. How would I create the Macro/VBCode to do so

An append query in Access 2010 with a parameter that I want to loop.

I have an append query with a parameter. I want to be able to run the append query several times. I want the user to be able to enter in the parameter in a pop-up box. Is it possible touse a loop command?

open a message box if a query is null during an autoexec macro

I have a query that runs using an AutoExec macro when the database opens. What I want is for a message box to open instead of the query results window, telling me if the query produced any records. I can do this easily enough through a command button on a form, but can't figure out how to do it through an autoexec macro at startup.