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Lock Record for Editing on a Linked table

Lock Record for Editing on a Linked table
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I have linked tables front end application running on network drive. The data is becoming huge and the users are becoming more, as a result the application become slower.

Now, It has been decided to get the necessary tables data in a local tables when application starts, update it locally and then update the original database on server finally.

Everything is done and working fine.

The problem starts here:
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lock a field after editing

Last year I asked the question is it possible to lock a field after editing. Lysander (thanks Lysander) gave me the following code:

Then in the After_Update event of myName put the following code

1) myAddress.setfocus
2) myName.locked=true
3) myName.enabled=false

I have used this this morning (in a different project to the original question) and it works while I'm still in the record. However when I exit the record and re-enter it the field can be edited again.

Is there a way I can lock this field so that it can never be edited. I don't really want to lock the whole record if I can help it.

What views lock a table from being edited by another user?

How do I handle multi-user editing and updating of one single table? If I'm in datasheetview does that lock the table?

If I'm in a form view does that lock the table?

I don't want the table locked, as I want one user to be able to insert a new record at any time and still allow poweruser to edit current records.

Toggle button to lock record

I would like to create a lock button on top of my form to lock and unlock editing to a specific record.

What I am doing now is add a toggle button and the following code for my form :

Private Sub tglLock_Click() Me.AllowEdits = Not Me.AllowEdits Me.tglLock.Caption = IIf(Me.AllowEdits, "Lock", "Unlock") End Sub

However this is not really working well. I can still alter fields in the form. Is there a way to prevent any editing at all for that current record ie all fields are locked and non clickable

Spurious record lock

We have Access 2007 linked to a SQL 2005 database through an ODBC link. We recently removed a couple of old unneeded fields from a table in the database, but it turned out that they were needed somewhere in another application, so we re-added the fields in SQL 2005's Enterprise Manager and refreshed the links in Access 2007's Linked Table Manager, and all our Access queriesand the other application continue to work fine except that now when we open this table in Access and attempt to modify *any* field directly, we get the standard record lock message("This record has been changed by another user since you started editing it.

If you save the record, you will overwrite the changes the other user made.") even when no other user even has Access open.

This does not happen in other tables in Access, and did not happen in this table before we deleted and re-added the fields in SQL 2005. We can still modify fields in this table using a query - *except* the fields that we deleted and re-added, which now give the record lock message even if we attempt to modify them using a query.

We tried running the Compact and Repair function in Access, and rebooting the system, but the issue persists. How can we fix this?

Record Locks checking by VB6

As we know, once a form's Record Locks is set to Edited Record (2), if user1 starts editing of a record, it will show the Locked Indicator state in the Record Selector when user2 edit the same record.

2 Questions
Q1: Instead of relying on the Lock.Indicator in the Rec.Selector, is there any VBA function that can return this state?

Q2: Is there some code to block other users from editing a particular same record

Lock a record

I have created a payroll using access 2007. is there an option to lock only one specific record rather than the whole table.

For example, if John is no longer an emplyee I want to lock it and never be able to unlock it again

lock a record

I have created a payroll using access 2007. is there an option to lock only one specific record rather than the whole table.

For example, if John is no longer an emplyee I want to lock it and never be able to unlock it again.

if you can help me in the sample file

Record lock when Checkbox (Yes/No) is Yes

I have a ECN table which contains many fields including ECNID it's related via relationships to another table containing part numbers linked to the ECN record in the ECN table.
The ECN table contains a 'Closed' checkbox (Yes/No) field.

What I want to do is lock the ECN table record and the related Part Number record(s) when the checkbox is ticked (Yes).
Can anyone let me know (a) if this is possible and (b) what I need to do

Locking specific records via check box

I have 2 tables which are linked, the first table contains "Referral" info, linked to this is an "Activity" table. Both tables have separate forms. The PK on the Referral table is RefID and is obviously a FK in the Activity table. What I want to do is lock records in the Activity table if the master record in the Referral table has a check box ticked (this tick box being Discharged). I dont want user to be able to add to the activity table if this is checked in the Referral table using RefID.

I have done something similar to this before where there was a subform and I had used AfterUpdate to lock the subform, but I dont think this is quite as straight forward.

Any ideas on links to other threads/sites with a solution?

Lock the controls and subforms when user moves to the next record

I have a form and a subform. What I want is to lock the controls of the form and its subforms when the user moves away from the current record of the main form, so that the user is prevented from editing its historical entries.

I have tried using the "Data Entry" property of a form, but its behavior is different from what I want to achieve