Load Excel into MySQL

This page describes how to load Excel XLS Worksheets into MySQL via Microsoft Access, the easy way. You can use this same technique to load data quickly into any ODBC data source.

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Unable to load Access 2007
Win 7 home 64 bit on an i7 build. PC already has Word, Excel, and Powerpoint from my Office 2007 disk. Attempted to load Access, keep getting the following, utterly useless error message:

As a test, I was able to load the same 4 programs (Word, Excel, Powerpoint & Access) on a 32 bit, XP machine I no longer use. How can I determine why Access will not load on my win7 machine?

Load excel to access database
I wanted to load my 10 excel work sheets (Only sheet1) to access using macro only few columns of excel sheets.[ Path will change month on month

Expressions to get a StDev calculation across 10 fields
I am trying, unsuccessfully, to get a StDev calculation across 10 fields. My database collects 10 readings per record (day) of a material that we produce. At the end of the day I need the StDev of all 10 readings but I can't find the right expression to use.

I understand that I need to use a query and I know (sort of) how to build an expression but I just don't know how to do this one.

So far I have | Epression1: StDev([Load 1] + [Load 2]+ [Load 3] + [load 4] + [Load 5] + [Load 6] + [Load 7] + [Load 8] + [Load 9] + [Load 10]). I know that the plus signs are wrongbut I'm not sure what to use.
I am running a trial version of Access 2010 which has been great so far.

Using DSN alternatives with MYSQL

does anyone know where I can get a list of all connectivity methods for Access and MySql? the MYSQL documentation pages are not very helpful.

I have found out that on a Linux-based platform, DSN is not supported with MYSQL unless it is through coldfusion scripts. Now, what that means I have no idea. I know what cold fusion is, but I'm not sure how the 'scripting' part of that relates to a FILE DSN.

So what I have got from my hosting company is that there is more than one method to connect to a mysql server, and that I should use one of those if I want to use Access with mysql. does anyone have experience? More than that though, I need a resource of the different ODBC methods that are out there so I can figure out which one would be the best for an Access/Mysql partnership

Link to multiple sources
But am using it to make viewing/editing the MySQL database that runs my online shopping cart easier. I currently have Access linked to MySQL database through the ODBC link, so I can see and make changes locally without needing to do so inside MySQL. A couple of items that I can't seem to solve:

1. The simplest solution would be to add entries directly into Access, but I need to be able to enter them wherever I want to, and I can only get it to add a new entry at the end I.e. I have 10 entries with Primary Key header ID with values 1-10.

I can add a new entry with number 11, but I need the ability to add a new row at say id 5, with all entries afterward changing id to accommodate.

2. Within each entry is a field that references the id of certain entries, I.e. entry 8 has a field linked to the id on entry 5. If I add an entry before number 5, the id number will change and I need entry 8 field to change with it. Again,

3. I can accomplish both of the above requirements in Excel, so I was trying to import it, but having problems there too! My ideal solution (barring that BOTH of the above can be done is Access) would be to have a table within Excel with the same name as the linked one in Access, and somehow have Access sync all 3 files (MySQL, Access, Excell), I.e.

if I add an entry in Excel then Access updates itself and MySQL (automatically or manually) and vis-a-versa.

how can I cut the info from Excel and paste it into a linked database? Currently when I try I either get an error along the lines of "pastedarea to small" (only dealing with 10 records as I am trying to work the dynamics out, will be hundreds down the road) or "NULL value can't be inserted (even though no fields are empty, theyall have either some text, numbers, or a 0 or 1, and some are actually the exact same as some records that are in the database, though I deleted the duplicates to see if that was the issue).

Forms with external queries taking a long time to display
I have a form with a search field which performs a lookup on a query to a MySQL DB.

The problem I am having is that each time I load the form (it has other functions as well), it is taking a long time to load as I am assuming it is running the query.

How do I only run the query when I have a need to and not every time the form loads?

Convert MS Access to MySQL
I always wanted to convert my access db to MySQL to access it easier on the internet. i used access for my vb programming. i couldn't use mysql. now i needed the exact db for MySQL. A lot of converters only converted first 5 rows of each table so i had to do it all my self. this tutorial is for windows users.

How can I load an image via URL into an Access report?
I am trying to load images (logos) into Access reports from a MySQL database (via image path).

I already tried the simple approach with "X.picture = URL.jpg" but apparently Access cannot open jpgs following this procedure.

I have already searched a lot in forums etc., but I didn't find anything working yet. I don't want to save the logos on my disk since the application is used by several users.

Unparsable Record Error
I am getting this error when trying to load my excel spreadsheet into access. I am only getting it in on a column that is multiple choice on my table. The spreadsheet that I am going to load from will always have that column blank as it will be input later. What can I do about this?

Access vs MySQL
Take a look whether or not to migrate your Access data to MySQL and then how the migration can be done with the help of Navicat, a MySQL database administration GUI.

MS Access to MySQL?
I need to migrate MS Access database to MySQL. Later I will also need to updated some data in MS Access and then synchronize it with MySQL without overwriting the entire table. Can you suggest any tools to do this job

Importing excel spreadsheets while retaining formula functionality.
so here is my problem. I have been tasked with importing data within a massive excel spreadsheet into access. Importing it, no problem, keeping all the functions available so that those people who need to use them are able to do so in access (problem)

I have yet to learn how to do this. The basic reason for the import in the first place is that the excel file is so massive it takes too much time to load and get anything done in a timely manner

Connecting to Mysql Table
ya guys

I'm using Access 2007

I have a basic table to play about with that I am trying to use with Mysql on my website, and I have no idea

I have created a table on mysql called "employee"

I have got the same table in Access,

Can't find anything in access on how to connect to mysql

Import MySQL Database From phpMyAdmin To MS Access
phpMyAdmin is used for storing databases, with simple and dead easy interface, you can handle MySQL databases in a convenient way. But when it comes to exporting data to novice-user oriented applications, it doesn’t support direct data migration. If you are looking for way for data migration/transfer from phpMyAdmin to Microsoft Excel or Access.

Bring in numeric text field to access from excel
I'm having a issue with some source data that I import from a system. the system creates its exports as an .xls file and one of the fields has text in it like follows:

When a user opens the Excel file prior to uploading (I have asked them not to!), Excel converts some of the rows to numbers and I get a data type error on the load because I'm loading it into a text field in the db.

Is there a way to force Access to read it as text no matter what Excel has done to the data

An Access Front-End to MySQL
Using ODBC, Access can connect with a MySQL database. A proprietary front-end to an open-source database? Microsoft and MySQL? Irreconcilable differences would seem to condemn such a union to a rapid divorce. Read on to see how, despite expectations to the contrary, this marriage can work. Why do it? TOC: An Access Front-End to MySQL; Preliminary Steps; Limitations; State of the Union.

Using mysql query causes error
I'm using Access to develop reports on a MySQL database. My first step has been to get the query right using MySQL's Query Browser. On occasion, a copy and paste of the SQL statement will generate an error in Access. Can you recommend a good resource for understanding the differences between Access & MySQL and their allowable SQL statement syntax?

Load Bitmaps
I have an Access 2003 database report that I need to load the pictures from a directory. I have added a bound object to my report and tried to write a function that is executed with the detail section On Format event. Can anyone help me load these pictures?

Running an Update Query from Excel
I’ve done a whole load of searching and come to a dead end regarding running an Update Query from Excel.

I have 35 fields in my Update Query, with each one having an ‘IIf’ formula. My Excel sheet if populated using SQl linked to Access. I then add figures required and run the Update query.

I would ideally like run some VBA that runs the Update Query. But it seams so complicated.

Access, Forms and MySql
I am doing some experimenting with using MS Access 2000 as a front end to a mysql db. I have successfully setup the odbc connection to mysql and the access db. I have also successfully setupa form for one of the mysql tables as follows:

id - int - autoincrement
award - varchar(128)
awardDetails - varchar(TEXT)
client - varchar(128)
time - timestamp

Now, when I run the form, I can see all my previously saved records, but when I add a new record, all the fields on the form have a #deleted# value in them. I then go to the mysql db and look at the records in the awards_tbl and the new record is there with the data that I typed in.

I then go back to the form and now the new record displays correctly. Is there something that needs to be done to the form to get rid of the #deleted#? Also, what other things should I look out for.