List Box to Populate Form

I have a form (frmDispatched), and a query (qrySchedules).

I would like to have a listbox on the frmDispatched that has the schedules information in it that would allow the user to click on any given schedule and have that information populate into the frmdispatched(table).

From there the user would continue and data enter all other information required for the dispatch.

Dont think I am googling the question correctly as I am not having the best of luck finding a solution to this and I am sure it isnt that difficult.

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Populate a text box based on list box selection
I have a list box of company names and I need to populate a text box with the corresponding value from the usage field. my table is named Average. the fields are Customer and Usage. I used this code in the AfterUpdate event of the list box. I cannot get the text box to populate.

To populate listbox in subform from value selected in parent form
How can I populate the list box (list 2) in subform from a value selected in a list box (list 1) in parent form?

I can put in the row source of list 2 a query to match a table's field to the list 1.value, but I don't know how to pass this value from parent form to subform and where I should populate the row source of list 2.

Populate list box based on combo box selection
I am trying to populate a list box based on selected entries from a combo box. The combo box data comes from a different table from the table the form is based on. I have the elements already on my form, but I don't know how to get the list box populated. I have a lot of experience with Excel VBA but this isn't helping me here. What I want to do is, have a user select an item from the drop down box and after it's selected, have that item transfer to the list box. What is the best approach for doing this, using VBA or the expression builder?

Transpose from list box to several fields in Table
I am improving a database to be used in humanitarian operations in South Sudan. I am trying to do the following:

I have a list box that is populated selection. This list can have up to 14 items. I also have a table with a field for up to 14 items.

What I want to do, is to populate the 14 fields of the table, with the values from the list box in the form.

I don't know much of VBA, I am trying to transpose the list box and then populate the table, however I've not been able to do it.

Populate combo box based on selection from another combo box
I've been trying to find a way to filter one combo box based on another combo box selection. My problem lies herein. The first combo box is a list of import dates. I need the second combo box to populate with the Vendor names that were imported on the date that has been selected from the first combo box. Based on the selection of the second combo box I then need my form to populate the records that are associated with the two selections. I would like to do this using VBA.

Populate combo box field on button click based on list box
I have a database with one major form that has a few subforms and a listbox, and on the form there are buttons that link to other forms as well. Once the list box is clicked on, the four subforms automatically populate based on the selection. The buttons that link to the other forms are designed to begin to add a record (based on what subform button was pressed).

I want to find a way for the first field in the newly opened form (after a button click) to populate based on my list box selection. I'm totally 'cluless' about how to do this and would erally appreciate it if somebody could help me.

Text box Autofilling from 3 list box values.
1 Text Box (bound)
3 List Boxes (unbound)

User will choose values for the 3 List Boxes.
List Box 1: Values 1-9
List Box 2: Values 1-9
List box 3: Values A-Z

Now, The Text Box needs to populate in such manner: "LB1""LB2"_"LB3" I want to produce a 2 digit code, "space", then the LB3 value. ex; '12_A'

The Text Box value will then be saved into my records.

The values in this thread's example scenario have been simplified to focus on a method of achieving it.

I would like the Text Box to populate as I choose the value of List Box 3.

Bring up record according to list box selection
Private Sub List47_AfterUpdate()
' Find the record that matches the control.
Dim rs As Object
Set rs = Me.Recordset.Clone
rs.FindFirst "[id] = " & Str(Nz(Me![List47], 0))
If Not rs.EOF Then Me.Bookmark = rs.Bookmark
End Sub

I have a list box on a form. And when I click a row in the list box, I want the other fields of the form to populate according to the data in the list box. I have tried the above code and it does not work.

Refer to Tab Control list box in another form
I am struggling with an Access 2007 database I inherited. The problem is regarding tab controls. I would like to refer to a value in a list box within a tab and use that value to populate a text box in a form.

I have a tab control called "TabCtl4" and the data I want to retrieve is on "page5", from a list called "lstContracts". I want to populate the ID [Russell Contract ID] into a text box on a form [frmIndexAdd]. This is what I have unsuccessfully come up with:

=[frmMDSMain].[Controls]![TabCtl4].[page5].[lstContacts].[Russell Contract ID]

Is there a way to pass a value from a list box on a tab to a text box on a form

Using combo box to populate another field in form
I have a form in which I would like to use a combo box for my choices. Depending on what I choose from my combo box, I would like a related field to populate a text box on the same form.

So for example, the combo box has a list of vendors and I wish the text box to display the USDOT number of the vendor of whom I choose.

I have a table set up of the Vendor and their corresponding DOT numbers to refer to, however I am not able to return the correct value.

Have several unbound textboxes populate with different records
Is it possible to have several unbound textboxes populate with different records. I have a list of tools in a box for example. When I search that box I want the list of tools to appear. I cant use a list box because I cannot format it to the set standard needed! any ideas? Basically Im trying to make a listbox out of several textboxes!

Split Form - Auto Populate
I am having an issue creating a database and wanted to see if anyone could help. I have a contact list with names, addresses and phone numbers and I would like to create a search splitform so that when I type in a name it auto populates into the form and datasheet.

For Example
Combo Box - County - Saginaw
Text Box - Johnson
Form - 1st Johnson in list
Datasheet - all Johnson living in Saginaw County

I hope that this makes sense, I have been racking my brain and I cannot figure out how to make the form populate.

create a combo box with dynamic & static data?
- this is my first post and issue!

I have a combo box on a form that has it's list populated by a query. It works well. However, I need to set the first item in the list to a fixed item and have the query populate the list dynamically from the second list row on. Is this possible and if so how?

list box size restraints
Win 7 32 bit pro, Access 2003. I have a list box with 404 rows, total size of the value list I am using for the rowsource is 42,059 characters. I get Error 2176, The setting for this property is too long. What are themaximum for the number of rows and length of the value list used to populate the list box? Google tells me max rows is about 65K, no mention of value list size.

Bounded list box query on continuous form shows repeated data for all list boxes
I am still getting my feet wet in access. I have a continuous form where the user selects values from several bounded combo boxes to update information in Table A consisting of 27 existing records.

The row source for the combo boxes are Table 1. The resulting values in the combo box are bounded to Table A to populate the fields. An additional field is populated into a bounded list box through a table query on Table 1 using the combo box values.

The resulting list box value should populates the list box for 27 records when it should only be modifying one.

Is there anyway I can limit the update to one list box and prevent the 27 list boxes from being updated when the contents of the combo boxes are modified?

Entering Text in Combo Form
This is a very basic question. I have created a combo box. I have it set to a control source with a query lookup to populate value list. I can select an item in the list with a mouse click. However if I type the value in, it is not accepted. Can typed values be entered in a combo box that do appear in valid list? If so, what properties do I have set that is preventing me from typing value into combo box

list box items
I am trying to populate a form with table data that is linked to a selected item presented in a list box. Each of the items in the list box have data stored in a table. I am looking for maybe some VB that when that item is highlighted and a button at the bottom is pushed, it opens another form and the table data is displayed. To complicate things, the form I want to open up has 2 subforms that also need data from the table with sub tables.

Populate a combo box with a list of values (not from a query)
I've created a combo box in Access 2003/XP/2000/97. I don't want to populate the combo box with an SQL query. Instead I want to add my own values. How do I populate a combo box with a list of values that are not generated from an SQL query?

Combo Box to populate selected information in a form (Web Database)
I am looking into a way to create a form with multiple combo boxes and depending on what is selected in the first combo box certains values will appear in the second combo box, for examaple if if have a list of employees and want to see which department they work for.

So the first combo box would have department and I would choose HR and then in the second combo box I would get a list of all the personells working in the HR department

I have started of by creating 2 tables. one with a list of departments and a second with personells.

I am trying this in Access 2010 web database linked to sharepoint

Enable users to find a record by selecting a value from a list
When you design a form in Access, you can create a list box (list box: A control that provides a list of choices. A list box consists of a list and an optional label.) or a combo box (combo box: A control used on a form that provides the combined functionality of a list box and a text box. You can type a value in a combo box, or you can click the control to display a list and then select an item from that list.) that can be used to find a record when a value is selected from the list. This makes it easier for users to quickly find existing records without having to type a value into the Find dialog box.