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Linked Table lock

Linked Table lock
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I have several databases which have set names for certain linked tables which need to be changed yearly to current year's table. In the past I have just linked to the current table, and changed to name to match what my queries look for. For instance I have the following link fron last year:

T00_Rule14_current <> Z:Welldata\Welldata\Rule14_09

I need to change it to:

T00_Rule14_current <> Z:Welldata\Welldata\Rule14_10

So, I delete the table, link to the new table and rename it.
But, every time I try to change the link, Access07 changes it back. I link to Rule14_10, and when I change the name it changes the link back to the 09 table. I delete the table and link and rename it, Access changes the link again. It will not accpet a changed link. I cannot link to the table I want to and use the name I need. Is there any way to unlock this? I cannot just rewrite the entire application every year.
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Locking specific records via check box

I have 2 tables which are linked, the first table contains "Referral" info, linked to this is an "Activity" table. Both tables have separate forms. The PK on the Referral table is RefID and is obviously a FK in the Activity table. What I want to do is lock records in the Activity table if the master record in the Referral table has a check box ticked (this tick box being Discharged). I dont want user to be able to add to the activity table if this is checked in the Referral table using RefID.

I have done something similar to this before where there was a subform and I had used AfterUpdate to lock the subform, but I dont think this is quite as straight forward.

Any ideas on links to other threads/sites with a solution?

What views lock a table from being edited by another user?

How do I handle multi-user editing and updating of one single table? If I'm in datasheetview does that lock the table?

If I'm in a form view does that lock the table?

I don't want the table locked, as I want one user to be able to insert a new record at any time and still allow poweruser to edit current records.

Lock a record

I have created a payroll using access 2007. is there an option to lock only one specific record rather than the whole table.

For example, if John is no longer an emplyee I want to lock it and never be able to unlock it again

lock a record

I have created a payroll using access 2007. is there an option to lock only one specific record rather than the whole table.

For example, if John is no longer an emplyee I want to lock it and never be able to unlock it again.

if you can help me in the sample file

How to locate linked tables automatically.

I have an MS Access database that has a linked table. For various reasons the location where the database and linked table is stored changes. Is there a way to store the linked table so thatI don't have to go in and update the location in the linked table manager? Like can the linked table be in the same folder as the accde file and it find the links?

Record lock when Checkbox (Yes/No) is Yes

I have a ECN table which contains many fields including ECNID it's related via relationships to another table containing part numbers linked to the ECN record in the ECN table.
The ECN table contains a 'Closed' checkbox (Yes/No) field.

What I want to do is lock the ECN table record and the related Part Number record(s) when the checkbox is ticked (Yes).
Can anyone let me know (a) if this is possible and (b) what I need to do

Spurious record lock

We have Access 2007 linked to a SQL 2005 database through an ODBC link. We recently removed a couple of old unneeded fields from a table in the database, but it turned out that they were needed somewhere in another application, so we re-added the fields in SQL 2005's Enterprise Manager and refreshed the links in Access 2007's Linked Table Manager, and all our Access queriesand the other application continue to work fine except that now when we open this table in Access and attempt to modify *any* field directly, we get the standard record lock message("This record has been changed by another user since you started editing it.

If you save the record, you will overwrite the changes the other user made.") even when no other user even has Access open.

This does not happen in other tables in Access, and did not happen in this table before we deleted and re-added the fields in SQL 2005. We can still modify fields in this table using a query - *except* the fields that we deleted and re-added, which now give the record lock message even if we attempt to modify them using a query.

We tried running the Compact and Repair function in Access, and rebooting the system, but the issue persists. How can we fix this?

LockNavigationPane Action Disables Linked Table Manager

The title pretty much says it all. I am attempting to lock the navigation pane in order to keep users from accessing certain objects so I have an AutoExec macro that disables certain categories and then sets the LockNavigationPane action to true. However, I've noticed that as soon as the macro runs Access grays out the Linked Table Manager. I've confirmed it is the LockNavigationPane action that causes this by running just that one action in the macro and, sure enough, no Linked Table Manager.

This doens't make sense to me, and google hasn't been any help so far. Has anyone encountered this or found a way around it

Lock table contents?

I'm working on a school project where I'm creating a map editor for a game using C# and WPF. I have to add a load of monsters in the map and decided to create the database for this with Access. Each one of these monsters has an alignment like "berserk" etc. The list of these alignments is static and nothing should be added or removed from there. So I have a table and was looking thru the properties of the table but nothing seems like "lock table" or "disable deletions" or anything like that.

So, shortly: How do I make the table static i.e. lock the content

Field lock after entering data

I have a form that I need to lock the field (text box) after I enter the data (and unlock it if I need to update the data). I don't want to lock the entire record since other data in the form is changed periodically. It would be nice if it could lock during a save function.