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Limit to fields in a Table

Limit to fields in a Table
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Just a quick question, is there a limit to the number of fields you can have in a table, if so does anyone know what that limit is
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Limit / Password protect the number of fields in the a table

Is there way to password protect/ or limit the number of fields in a table. Lets say, if I have 10 fields in a table. No one can add or delete the fields or/ and change the field order?

I only want certain users (with some sort of log-in details) can add or delete the columns. Or is there a way to disable the add/ delete field feature but only do that by using the macros?

Exceeding the 255 field limit

I am linking a SQL table in Access which has more than 255 fields. Access is showing only these first 255 fields. Is there a way to let Access link fields beyond this limit

Calculating Values in a Query

I have 4 fields in a query, Drawing Dim., Tolerance, Upper Limit, and Lower Limit. I am trying to calculate the Upper and Lower Limit fields by taking the Drawing Dim. +/- the Tolerance (this works fine on my form for entering the data).

The problem is that the Tolerance is a combo box (dropdown), and the user chooses from values in the table. I am pretty sure this is why I am getting a Data Type Mismatch Error in my query, but I can't figure out how to get it to work.


I have a report with many fields from one table. Six of the fields are memo fields that can grow. I am trying to add a grouping to each of the memo fields so that I can force a new page and / or keep together.

The memo fields are not showing on the field/expression dropdown. They are valid fields and are present in the field listing.

Do I have too many other fields? Is there a limit? Can you not sort/group on memo fields?

I tried having each of the memo fields as a subreport, but that does not work either.

Too Many Fields Defined in a Microsoft Access Database Table

Ever received the "Too Many Fields Defined" Error message when saving your database table?
Microsoft Access keeps an internal count of the total number of fields in a database table and has a limit of 255 fields per table.

Character limit in form field

I have created a form in Access 2003. One of the fields titled "Description" typically will have more than one line of information entered into it. Right now, there appears to be a character limit.

It does not allow me to enter any information beyond just one line. Is there any way to extend the character limit of this field, or even better, make it unlimited?

How to work around the number of fields limitation of 255 in a table

I need to work around the number of fields limitation of 255 in Access 2007. I am working with large tables out of necessity. I have a total of 114 fields in my table, but I get an error that I have exceeded the limit.

I read that there is an internal counter which is suppose to reset when the database is closed. This isn't happening.

"Too much detail"

I'm getting a message when adapting a table (admittedly super large, and I know it shldn't be.) - even when I've deleted fields that are no longer required, I'm not "allowed" to save new ones. Any additional fields are not saved. I'm within my field limit &, as I say, even delete fields to ensure I'm not overcrowding the table

deduct order quantity from credit limit

I have on my customer master, a field for credit limit. The user can input the credit limit for that particular customer. When the user then goes in to the order screen, in the line item section, I would like for an message to come up if they have reached their credit limit. So I know I would have to compare the order quantity against the credit limit. Would I do this in a query? Do I need to create a different type of query instead of a standard one? So I would want to see:

Insert entire row from query into new row in another table

I have a query with x number of fields. I would like to copy an entire record in the query into a new record in an unrelated table.

The field names in the query and the table match but there are more fields in the table than in the query.

How can I copy an entire row from the query into a new row in the table - without specifying each and every target field and value? I have run up against the 256 character limit of the SQL statement.

eg: Query has field 1, 3, 4, 6, 8 & 10
Table has fields 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10