Access 2010 Introduction to Databases

In this lesson, you will learn about databases and how they are used. You will familiarize yourself with the differences between data management in Access and Microsoft Excel. Finally, you will get a look ahead at the rest of the Access course.

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Access 2010 Introduction to Objects
Databases in Access 2010 are composed of four objects: tables, queries, forms, and reports. Together, these objects allow you to enter, store, analyze, and compile your data as you wish.
In this lesson, you will learn about each of the four objects and come to understand how they interact with each other to create a fully functional relational database.

Introduction to MS Access 2007
This guide will provide a basic introduction to creating databases and using the features of Access 2007

Issues with Access 2010
We have begun migrating to Office 2010 where I work. All of our databases were created in Access 2003 and have remained in this format since the majority of them use user-level security.

When we switched to 2007, there were some minor issues with macros that were easily cleared up by adding some new trusted locations. After those changes were made, the databases ran perfectly just as they did in 2003.

However, now that they have begun pushing out 2010, there are some bigger issues with the databases and I'm hoping it can be fixed as easily as the issues in the previous conversion.

The problems we are seeing now are:

1) The ribbon that is normally across the top of the screen is no longer there.

2) Holding the shift key down to show the navigation pane no longer works when opening the databases.

Access 2003 - Access 2010 Compatabiliy tool
Is there a tool that can analyze Access 2003 databases for potential issues when converted to Access 2010. I have over 200 Access databases I need to convert to Access 2010 and I would like to know if I am going to have issues before I start

Error - Oject or Class does not support the set of events
I have two Databases in 2003 that I built and use for work. Never had any problems until the IT installed 2010 on all computers, so I have both 2003 & 2010 on my PC. Although I still open my original Databases in 2003 I now receive the above message on both databases.

Access Databases with new Office 2010
I have a question to make. I have a production server that is a file server, holds shares and some databases in access 2003 format. (mdb or mde) files. We added a new WS2008 server and want to move the shares and databases in it. We are going to install Office 2010 professional in it. Are we supposed to have any problems? Users in the company will still use office 2003 suites in their pcs. Do all the users need to update to office 2010? We are planning it, and we will do it some day eventually but I want to ask if users with office 2003 can open the network database on the server with office

In this tutorial you will learn about databases in general and about the Access database in particular. The concept of a database is not as easy to grasp as that of a word processor or a spreadsheet. So if this is the first time you are learning about databases you would be well advised to read over the lesson first, away from the computer, and perhaps highlight the text to ease understanding. (pdf file format)

Upgrading from Office XP to Office 2010
We have a number of inhouse Access database that were built using Office XP. Currently all of our users run Office XP.
We are going to be upgrading all of our users to Office 2010. We would like to ensure that our Access databases are still operational.
Has anyone had any expriences of this?
What issues were encountered?
What plans/tasks do I need to consider before the upgrade?
What tasks do I need to do to the databases so that they still work in Office 2010?

Access 2010 XP vs Access 2010 Windows 7
I have an Access 2007 (2010) database on my XP machine - 32 bit. The database creates other databases by taking data grouped by a union (a union can have multiple entities within it) and creates 1 database with that union and its multiple entities.

A co-worker has Access 2010 with Windows 7 - 32 bit - and when he runs the same database creation code he gets separate databases for each entity within the selected union.

We checked for any service pack differences and don't find any.

What would cause that to happen? The code is no different between my machine and his

Access 2010 (x86) on Windows 7 Pro (x64)
Queries result in Not Responding,

Access databases which were populated by XP were copies onto a shared drive for Windows 7 64 and Access 2010 for testing, and Access 2010 queries seem to blow up , access goes to not responding state

Access 2010 to Access 2003
I have been reading for what seems like forever but haven't seen the exact words I need to in order to make a decision. I am trying to decide between Office 2007 and Office 2010. I am wondering if Access 2010 can open, use, and save Access 2003 *.mdb file format.

I have found the following quote and when reading its suggestion it would lead me to believe it would but then there is that little warning that "Because Access 2010 has many similarities with Office Access 2007, such as the same native file format," I'm not totally convinced.

Migration considerations
When you plan a migration to Access 2010, changed, and removed for Access 2010. Because Access 2010 has many similarities with Office Access 2007, such as the samenative file format, you can also review and use the existing migration documentation for Office Access 2007 when you migrate to Access 2010.

So my question is can Access 2010 open, use, and save databases in the Office 2003 file format?

Any known problems going from Access 2002 to Access 2010
My company is transitioning to office 2010. Within this transition we will move from Access and Excel 2002 to Access and Excel 2010. I would like to know if there are any known issues we can expect as a result of this transition. We do have Access databases and Excel files that contain VB code.

Import XML File In Access 2010
Today databases contain data in incompatible formats, which eventually begets the problem of exchanging data between systems over the internet. Converting data in to XML can mitigate the probable of encounter incompatibility problem. XML is use to store data in files or in databases, and through Access 2010 you can retrieve data from XML files for performing advance operations over it.

quick access toolbar for Access 2007/2010 runtime
I'm deploying an Access 2003/2007 project to a mixed environment of users -- some have Access 2003 full version, some Access 2007, some Access 2010, some Access 2010 runtime. I there a way to have one project that will display a Quick Access toolbar that has a couple of basic items on it? E.g. a button for Form View, one for Datasheet View, one for Print.

This was easy with Access 2003, and I can customize the toolbar for people with full Access 2007 or 2010. But I'm stumped on Access 2010 runtimes.

I looked into custom ribbons, but they seem to only work with Access databases, not projects.

Question on removing permissions from tables after 97-->2010 conversion
Our organization has several 97 access databases scattered throughout and are getting updated to 2010. The update has gone fairly well, however, as we go through these individual databases, the users ask that we provide them with changes that have not been implemented since the DBs were new.

The business does not have a full time DBA, and has contracted work like that in the past, but I would prefer not to call on such a person for what appears to be simple changes (adding records to tables, etc.).

and I foolishlymentioned that I have some experience with Access, so I have been tasked with all Access problems.

Herein lies the problem: Currently I am working on converting a table and find that the DBA who built these DBs not only hid the nav pane, but apparently has locked the tables for editing as well.

I can get the tables to show with F11 fine, but I need to get around those permissions set on the tables. I am unsure exactly how to go about it with 2010 not having permissions (from what I understand).

Windows 7 X64 ODBC Driver and Access 2010
I have build several Access 200X databases for several clients with a SQL Server 200X backend. With clients that have Windows 7 X 64 I can connect to the ODBC connection using the Administrative tools, but when I go into Access 2010 I can not open the database. It works fine with Access 2007 but 2010 is failing.

Has anyone run into this and is there a solution

Introduction to Data Sheets
Many techniques allow you to create a database, the fastest of which consists of using one of the provided examples. Microsoft Access 97 shipped with 22 sample databases while Microsoft Access 2000 ships with 10. Furthermore, the 97 version allowed to provide sample data into the database. This is not available with the 2000 release. The databases that ship with Microsoft Access can help you in two main ways: they provide a fast means of creating a database and you can learn from their structure.

2010 new feature overview
Microsoft Access is one of those applications you either love or loathe. Some of the features are quite useful for smaller databases, like address books and CD/DVD collections, but the 2GB database file size limitation is constricting. The Office 2010 release of Access offers some improvements that make the application more usable, including reliability enhancements.
This post will look at some of these new and/or improved items to bring you an overall picture of just what Access 2010 brings to the party this time around.

Access 2007 vs. Access 2010
My computers were recently upgraded from Windows XP and Office 2007 to Windows 7 and Office 2010. I am responsible for three Access databases that are used by some of our affiliates. I recently made changes to those files in Access 2010, and now our affiliates are receiving error messages when they use the files.

The files will not compact - they receive an error message that they do not have the correct version of Access to do that.

I had Access 2007 installed on one of my computers and receive the same error when I try to compact the databases. Thechanges I made included modifying queries, relinking a table from a SQL Server database, and changing a couple of macros.

They also receive a warning that the files are incompatible.

I made new files using Office 2007, imported the objects from the files I'd worked on in 2010, and asked one of our affiliates to test the file. Same issues except he did not receive the compatibility warning.

Using 2010 accde with an earlier version
I have a database program created in 2010. with the exception of the Linked Table Manager. The program I have will use 5 databases in the setup process.

It will go to several different sites. That is why I need to use the Linked Table Manager. All the networks are going to be different. Added tothat, there will probably be different versions of Access.

Here is what I think I read on a web page I was referred to.

You can save the databases as accdr files. If they have a full version of Access on their computer, my program will open as the runtime version. First, is that true? Second, if that is true, I believe the Linked Table Manager will not work. Is that true?

Next, will the accde only work with 2010?