Importing PDF file into Access

I am running Access 2007. On my switchboard I would like to create a link to a stand alone PDF file located in a folder outside of the database. If I go to the External Data tab in Access it allows me to link to many different types of external files (text, HTML, XML, etc.). But I don't see any way to create a simple link on the switchboard that will open the PDF file. Is such a link possible to be made

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Importing data from PDF to Access
I know I'm a newb, and this might be a dumb question, but I have searched all over the internet for an answer and still have nothing.

I have a fillable PDF file and I need the information in the PDF to be automatically imported into an access database. The PDF consists of 2 pages and has well over 50 different boxes that have to be filled out (its a shipping/receiving form

Link PDF files
What would be the best way to link pdf files in an Access database form?

For each record there could be more then one pdf file. I would like to automate the process as much as possible. The pdf file would exist on a network drive and the user would need to go to their record in Access and then link the pdf files.

I started but am having problems with Access not opening the pdf file, it will open word files but not pdf,

Create one PDF file from many Documents
I have been scratching my head about the best way of doing this for a few weeks now and just wondered if any one who is clever than I can assist!

I have a folder with multiple files in, some .doc, .pdf , .msg, .jpg and I was wondering if there was anyway of producing a single pdf file of of these. It would have to be automatedand I will be doing this multiple times.

I have managed to get the list of filenames into Access and into a table (thanks to Allen Browne!).

I think there are two ways of doing this.

1. Create a PDF of each file in the folder and then merge them together

The problem I see with doing it this way is how do you create a pdf of a file that isn't open(aka the .doc)? Or create pdf of a jpg from within Access?

2. Create one file, no merging, of each of the files.

Printing report as PDF file in Access 2000
I would like to know if there is any why to print an access 2000 report as a PDF file so I can email it. I know I will need to loop through a list of contacts, read in their email address and then send the pdf file as an attachment and think I can do this. The problem I am having is getting access to create the PDF file.

How do I convert Word Documents, Spreadsheets and PDF to Base 64?
I need to file with a government agency who requires all filings to be done in XML. They require attachments to be encoded into Base 64 and then inserted as part of the XML. The application is in ACCESS 2007 so I am using VBA. I see snippets of code on the internet that lets me encode a string, but nothing about how to encode an XLS or PDF.

I am open to importing and then encoding within the code inside the application.or .converting before importing into ACCESS. Any suggestions (other than "run away")? hints? solutions

Hyperlink and PDF
Version of Access used - 2003
Plan - Hyperlink field in a form which would pull up a saved PDF of a saved invoice.
Problem - added Hyperlink - used edit hyperlink function to look up and add PDF file which is saved on PC to the field but the PDF will not open. Tried the same with a word file - it will open.
Question - Can Access 2003 open a PDF file? If so - how can I fix this. If not, will I have to reformat the file to be JPeg or something like that?

Importing a text file to access
K this is to keep track of my inventory on parts for rc cars.

The file started out as a pdf file converted to a text file
Now I want ot import the text file in colums.

Not sure how to do it.

The file contains parts #, description, qty and price

I've included the txt file that I'm trying to use, not even sure if I'm going
about this the right way.

I might even have to vb a script to read into an array.

This is so I don't have to type in all the info I can just read the file
minupilate it to my likeings.

Importing XML into MS Access 2003
MS Access has been around for a long time, and over time it has added support for importing and exporting its data into HTML when HTML was king. When the extensive use of XML appeared on the landscape, MS Access added importing and exporting features to its arsenal. According to product documentation, MS Access 2003 fully supports importing and exporting XML. TOC: Importing XML into MS Access 2003; Importing the file into MS Access 2003; Importing the same file into Excel 2003; One more time.

Create an Adobe PDF File From an Access Database
You need to share a Microsoft Access file with others, but not all of them are running Access. Converting it to a PDF file will not only compress it, it will allow those not using Access to view it. The process for doing this depends on the version of Access you use.

Extract data from a .PDF into Access.
I need to get data from a .PDF file.

I have checked out a number of PDFto EXCEL/Word applications, but the workflow required is far from ideal.

In a PDF-reader, I can Save As a .txt-file. I could decode that output in VBA. I'd prefer to keep the entire cycle within Access, but how do I from Access convince a PDF-reader to do a Save As .txt ? Some shell script? Key-logger?

How to handle a PDF file
I've already made an access application that does the work I expect it to do.
Now I want to make things a little faster.

I now receive by email a PDF form (or file) filled in by a customer. I open it with Acrobat Reader and then manually enter the information contained in the PDF file into a new record in my database.

Now I would like my application to read that file and fill in a new record by itself.

Would somebody know how to do this or at least put me in the good direction

Open pdf file from info in textbox on form
I would like to know if it is possible to open a pdf file from access in the following way.

I have a form that contains and shows a 6 digit number. This number refers to a pdf file in a certain location. I would like to add a button on the form to "view" the pdf, instead of makingthe user browse to it then view it.

Can't sign PDFs created by Access 2010
I have two database front ends, one in Access 2003 on XP and another on Access 2010 on windows 7.
I often create PDF files using Access 2003 (through PDF Create VBA Object Model), open the PDF File in Adobe 9 (or later), and provide a hyperlink in the database.
I can do the same thing in Access 2010.
However, if I open the pdf file through the hyperlink in Access 2003 (user admin), I can sign the PDF File electronically. This would require me to save (overwrite) the file in the directory. This works fine in Access 2003.
If I try this in Access 2010 (also user Admin), it doesn't work. The PDF File opens in Adobe 9, and I can sign it. However, if I want to save it it tells me that I don't have the rights to do so. If I opened the file from the Windows system (now the user is me), I can sign the file electronically and overwrite the previous file.
I suspect that the user "Admin" in 2010 is different from that in 2003. How can I make them the same, in particular how can I make them that of

automated PDF file from reports
We have many reports we manually save to PDF files and then print. This can take hours just saving to PDF and printing.

Once a report opens we touch our PDF icon on our tool bar(I believe this was downloaded). Then it saves to PDF as if it was printing( I guess this is the norm since we have PDF printer setup.

I would like to save(pdf format) and print theses reports automatically(button) on form.
The name I would like the pdf to be is(reportname-datestamp).

I'm having issues because of the PDF format

Form to PDF output
I have tried this code to a command button to save form as PDF in Access 2010
DoCmd.OutputTo acOutputForm, "form_name", acFormatPDF, _
me.textbox_name & ".pdf", True, "", 0
But it outputs all records to a PDF file. I just want to save current record to a file.

Open pdf file from Access form
I have a form where I enter data about Cities (just an example). The user will be able to to pick a pdf file (for example history of the city) and add its location in the matching record. Then anyone reading the form will be able to open (from a simple command button) the proper file.
City File
London london.pdf
Athens athens.pdf

and so on.

I need a browse button to help the user select the proper file and a command button. And I thinnk that the file should always be available in the same URL

Saving File as PDF
Basically it's:
DoCmd.OpenReport "File Temp", acViewPreview, , "[ID] = " & Me.[ID]
DoCmd.OutputTo acOutputReport, "File Temp", acFormatPDF, strPath | strMyName, False
DoCmd.Close acReport, "File Temp"

Works great, gets the report where it needs to go, makes a folder if there isn't one (there's a little more code than I posted above). I need it to file as a PDF. I know acFormatPDF is what that means. However, when you go into the file, you must click the report (and yes, it says pdf file as its file type), choose open with-Adobe, and only then will it open as a "legit PDF". Is it possible that when it goes to file it is saved as an adobe pdf?

Importing Excel hyperlinks - keep getting a text field
I have a multi-tabed spreadsheet that has 4 columns and with a column of hyperlinks. The spreadsheet is getting too cumbersome with all the hyperlinks so I want to export it into an Access Database and I'm having trouble importing it and getting the hyperlinks.

I have set up the table to include a hyperlink field and that gave me an error message (An error occurred trying to import file xyz.xls. The file was not imported). I've tried importing, and cut/copy/paste.

If I set the table to text for the field, it just brings in the text and not the links. I've done the exporting to an spreadsheet and I know I get the text drop like 'DOG09-004#./x/2009/x004.PDF# , but how do I go the other way?

I keep getting a text field.

Can I combine reports into one pdf file?
I am currently running an Access application that creates several reports. I want to put these reports into pdf files, and preferably would love to combine all the reports into one pdf file.

Is there anything out there that can do this, short of Acrobat itself? Has anyone encountered this idea and been successful? Are there any free programs available that can do this, and again, preferably not place their logos, etc. onto the file?

Storing PDF file in Access
Is there a way to store a PDF file in Access?

I want to be able to store the file and if needed print it on request.

The database needs to be portable so linking poses a difficulty