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Import txt file into Access Table

Import txt file into Access Table
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I have around 30 reports that run daily. These reports are always formatted the same. X then current date. I am able to import a single file just fine, but when trying to apply the date formatting it gives
Run-Time Error '31519':
You cannot import this file
\/ this works...
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Import txt files based on date

Here is the situation:

I want to import 3 recent txt files (based on date and time) to an access table. Each txt file is to be imported to it's table.

These txt files are located in a directory which is populated everyday with new txt files, hence the txt files keep changing.

A file is named as "Locations20120315.TXT" where 20120315 represents March 15, 2012.

How can I achieve this by click on a button

import txt file to access 2007

I am trying to import a text file to a database but I am getting 3 rows for each record because the txt file is setup the same way. How do I fix the issue?

txt file stores the data like this:

line 1 name ssn dob
line 2 add city zip
line 3 pcp nurse

those 3 lines belong to the same patient and they're imported to access table the same way.

Batch import .txt

I'm looking for help here and this is the problem. I have thousands of .txt file. Each .txt contains data of one person and there're multiple records/rows of this person in the .txt. The .txt files are tab separate delimited. 1. How do I import these .txt files into tables in Access? I don't want to do > File > Import a thousand times. 2. My goal is to stack these .txt files into one huge file that contains everyone's data. This should be a simple query if I have the tables (imported from .txt) linked to the primary key. Again, I don't want to set the primary key in each table and I don't want to draw the relationship lines a thousand times. Is there a way to do it? Any thought would be appreciated. Many thanks, Helena

Importing data from a .txt file

I receive a .txt file daily and want to import the information into a table. My problem is that the currency values in the .txt file do not contain a decimal. For instance $7.12 will come in showing as 712. How do I get Access to recognize it with the decimal?

Importing .txt files

I am trying to import a .txt file into an Access 2007 table. The file contains values in Euro format. How do I import them so they so as a value in US format.

This is how it is in the file: 1.200,00
I want it to import as: 1,200.00

Can it be done easily. I tried changing the specs to show the decimal as a comma, and it works for anything under a thousand. Anything over a thousand does not get imported

Importing text file performance question

I am importing a pipe delimited .txt file (500k records) into Access via VBA. I'k using the Split function to both split the .txt file into records and the records into fields.

While importing the .txt data, I clean the data by skipping some fields and also some records. Is there something I can do to speed the process?

Would it be faster (much faster) to first import the entire .txt file into Excel, clean the data there with VBA and then import the outputted .txt file into Access using a saved import routine?

Txt File Importing Question...

I use a madule to import multiple txt files. Is there a way to import a file and at the same time extract part of the file name to populate a column?

All the files I'm working with have the following format:

When importing them is there a way to extract the date portion and have it populate a date column within the table? Unfortunately the file lacks the date in the data itself

Access 2003: Import Multiple Text Files with different filenames using a Macro

I am using Access 2003, and I am trying to import several text files from the same location. Each text file will have a different name. For example:

From location:
Y:\Incentive Data Reports\Rejects\UPLOAD

I want to upload the following files:

The files are all formatted the same way, and I've created an import specification called (DM_Rejects). I want the files to be uploaded to the Table named "LoadFiles" in Access.

The file names will change daily.

import txt file with multiple headers

I have txt file which have header and footer occurring every 70-80 lines. how to import file avoiding this header and footer, just to get data into table?
File looks like this:


Class 1
Value 1 Value 2 Value 3
Value 1 Value 2 Value 3
Value 1 Value 2 Value 3
Class 2
Value 1 Value 2 Value 3
Value 1 Value 2 Value 3

I need code which reads file line by line and when it comes to header ignore it, when it comes to class1 puts in table in different columns values 1,2,3 until it gets to class 2. I've been looking all over the internet and have three access and VBA books, but nothing

Switchboard button to open txt file

I was wondering if sum1 can point me to the coding needed to get the windows browse and import txt file by clicking on a button within a switchboard. I have a table that is formatted to the correct layout but every txt file is different name so I need the user the ability to select the file that is needed to append to an existing table