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Human Resources (hr) Database

Human Resources (hr) Database
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I would be pleased to know about any available human resources (HR) databases on which I can build. database (mdb included) or template on which I can build.
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Time Clock

I work in Human resources and my company has very limited resources. I am trying to put together a database that will allow my employees to clock in and out on.

What I would like to happen, is to have a button to clock in, clock out, break in/out and lunch. When the button is clicked I would like to have the text box below the button display the date and time and time.

Building an Estimating Database

I have two tables; Activity Schedule and Resources. I would like to add many different resources to one activity from the activity schedule. I think i need another table but i am not sure how to set up the relationships effectively.

Eventually i would like a form where it has the activity listed in the top half and the resources listed in the bottom half and some buttons where you would click on them to add the resource to the activity. This would then calculate the cost of the all the resources for each activity.

Looking for a Good Template

I am looking for a good Human Resources Template in Access.

Introduction to Microsoft Access and VBA

A database is a list of items stored somewhere to make their values easy to access or retrieve. This means that a database can exist anywhere, including human or non-human memory. A computer database is a list or a group of lists created as a project. There are various ways and various types of applications used to create such a list. To make it more useful, special computer applications are formally developed to help create and manage computer databases.

Construction Cost Estimating

In order to create construction unit prices (the price for building a brick wall per m2 for example), I need to combine 'resources' to formulate a price per unit (per m2/m3/nr etc).

There are 3 areas to this:

Unit Prices
Complex Resources
Simple Resources

I want the Unit Prices to be formulated in a form, with a sub-form to show the build-up of resources in the unit price...

Adding, updating and deleting thorugh a form

The user add a record that includes the customer's id, the date and time of the visit, the term of the visit and the resources recommended on this visit. The resources are selected from a list box, so the code will add to the table as many records as were selected on the list box.

If the user selected 3 resources for this visit, the code will add to the table 3 records where the id, date and term are the same and what changes in each row would be the resources.

So later the user has the option of updating the resources for this visit, so the code is supposed to find a match in the id, date and term and then update the resource id in the table by replacing it with the one now being selected.

Where I am stuck is: the table might have more resources already than the ones I am selecting now, so the extra rows have to be deleted. Or the table might have less rows than the ones I am selecting now, in this case we would have to add a row with the corresponding info.

This Guide brings you the best in Access resources

Microsoft Access provides an inexpensive yet powerful database solution for small-scale projects. This Guide brings you the best in Microsoft Access links and resources.

10+ reasons to use Access

The truly smart and effective IT professional knows that there are many tools. The key is to know which database engine is the best for the job at hand. Why throw massive resources at a simple need? In other words, you don't want to pay for a Rolls Royce engine if you're building a go-cart. Knowing when and when not to use Access will help your budget and make you look good, whether you're a freelance developer or you're managing IT resources.

Runtime Error 3075 - Access 2010

We use an access database for our Human Resources department. Recently we updated to Access 2010 on a couple of workstations. In Access 2010 we keep getting Runtime Error 3075 missing operator. I click debug and this is where the error is happening.
While playing with the code I noticed if I take out the "AND" in the bold line above. The error is removed within Access 2010; however, it creates the same error in Access 2007, 2003. We still have a couple users that utilize Access 2007 and need it to function properly in both instances.

This is a program that I have inherited and my programming skills are minimal at best.

I have worked on this for several hours already, or 2007; however, not in both.

Different Table

I've created a form that so far does a couple of things.

First: The form will record the users name, E-mail address, and the User type (Human Resources, Security, etc.)

Second: It also takes the current date and the current time and inputs them into two seperate text boxes.

My question is this, How do I take the information garnered from the Date and Time boxes and, when I push a button, the two are saved to a different Table for recording those specific things.

All previous information, name/e-mail are to be saved to a user table seperatly.