how to write code in VBA to insert data to table from form?

I have a table that has (ID,Name,****,.). I want ot insert record to that table from a designed form. my form has (txtname,txtsex,.) as field in table. so when I click button on form, I want it insert all of textboxt value on form to the table. I'm using ms access 2010.

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Insert Query
I have the data in form and it is not connected to the table, I want the data to be saved in the table through code. Something like insert into table sql statement.
For example I have the following database table Fields.
Name EmpId secondname

and I looking the data to be updated in the table as follows

Asif 589 Pasha

Through code or by running query

Update table via VBA code
Have a table (several hundred entries) which must be updated weekly using VBA code. I know how to write the actual VBA code (for each record) but I do not know how/where/what is necessary to open the table, read each record seq and update based on VBA code (function call return value) and to finally close table.

VBA search code
Having a little trouble with some VBA code designed to grab a number from a form (MRN) then use this data to find the corresponding data in a table making a small change to that record (changing a checkbox to true).

The table opens but only the first record is updated. The code works well as a standard VBA search code on another form.

Editing in Form Controls
I have total 15 controls text box and combo box on my form.
I want to know in which control user edit data and I want to insert only edited controls data in other table. how can I write insert query

VBA Code on Form
I am trying to write a VBA access code that will help with displaying an error message to user trying to input new record into table, if 4 fields contain identical data. I have beenworking on this for 2 days straight now, and NOTHING seems to stop that record from inputing into the table.

Table Name: tblAwardsLog
4 fields: LastName , FirstName , Recommended , DateInitiated

All fields are TEXT fields. even DateInitiated

I have this Awards Log almost to where I want it, but just can't seem to get this one thing to work right.

Error when viewing the form in design view or closing the form
I am created a form to add row of data to a table (Access 2007). The form has been completed and tested and seems to be working perfectly in terms of adding row of data to a table and updating also works fine.

However, the problem I am facing is that when I try to edit the form (design view) or close the form, it gives an error:

ODBC --call failed

Cannot Insert the value NULL into the column. Column does not allow nulls. INSERT fails. The statement has been terminated.

When this error starts to appear, I am unable to view the form in design view or save it. But I am able to make entries to the table.

I am using this VBA code for the 'Add Record' button:

Exporting Data from Microsoft Access with VBA Code
Access gives you two ways to export data, visually by going to File Export and then selecting an export format from a dialog box or by using VBA code. In this article we will be looking at how to export Access data using VBA code, since even a beginner can use the visual interface to export data. Using VBA code requires some ability to write code and also a basic understanding of the target applications object model.So why code? Because it offers you a wider choice of formats to export data to. It supports all the formats that is available in the dialog box as well as a whole host of others such as Microsoft Outlook contacts, appointments or a Word document .

Populating an Access table from a text file
A text file has data in a format like the below:
I guess I can read this using some VBA code posted at | [LINK] and | [LINK], add an Instr function to it so that when I read the text file, I know when to | insert the data properly in the table.

1. Is there another way I can directly import the data into an Access 2007 table without VBA code? I know Access allows import from data, but my data is not as formatted as I want so the data might end up being in the table in a way such as:

Populating an Access table from a text file
A text file has data in a format like the below:
function to it so that when I read the text file, I know when to insert the data properly in the table.

1. Is there another way I can directly import the data into an Access
2007 table without VBA code? I know Access allows import from data, but my data is not as formatted as I want so the data might end up being in the table in a way such as
2. If I have to use VBA, are the methods I linked to proper(Am I going
in the right direction) and advisable or are there better/easier ways to do what I want to achieve.

how to insert records on some table using data on fields from other table
in Access 2010
I have two tables and I want to insert records to one table, using the data on fileds on the other table ?

how can I do this ?
what is the simplest way ?

AFAIK I can use ADO connection to read the data from one table and the use INSERT command on the other one, but that is really a pain especially when there is more than 20 fields .

is there a better way ?

is it possible to access tables and their data directly (not with ADO) in VBA macros

VBA for Export to excel
Access 2010.
I want to add a command button that exports my the data on my datasheet view Form to excel. The issue is that the data is filtered with macros. Below is VBA code that allows my reports to run off the filtered data, can I apply this same idea (me.filter) to the export to excel VBA code?

Private Sub cmdOpenHeadcountSummary_Click()
DoCmd.OpenReport "rptHeadcountSummary", acViewPreview, , Me.Filter
End Sub

Can someone show me how to write the code for export to excel utilizing the me.filter

Storing info from a form into a table
So I have a form with a bunch of unbound textboxes. Once the user finishes entering the data into the textboxes, I want to be able to click a command button to save the input to new records on several tables.

I can add a new record to one table, but not sure how to do it for more than one table.

How could I write VBA code to do it directly

I am writing some vba code in excel to insert/update rows in an access table. I've done queries into access through excel before, but can't for the life of me figure out the proper way to write this query.
I need to test if a productid exists in the table and if it does update the row with values, if it doesn't exist, then insert a new row with values.
I have SQL code from a program I wrote a while ago that does this, but of course access SQL is pretty picky. A query with an access udf won't work or I would have done that (since this is run from excel

Trying to write a simplet vba code
im trying to write a code based on a form control.

what im after is if stage_code_complete is left blank ie you enter the cell but dont enter any information the code will not run

but if you enter data which is a combobox then you will be tabbed to control nrd_finding and you must enter a reason, if you try to exit then a msgbox stating information required.

VBA Code to prevent editing in Access 2010
I recently purchased Access 2010 and have created a DataBase, a Data Entry Form and a split-screen form. The split-screen form is ideal for inquiring the DataBase, but it permits anyone to change values in the DataBase. Can VBA code be written for a module that will prevent whoever opens the split-screen form from changing any value within the DataBase? Now the hard question. I do not know VBA, so is there a volunteer willing to write that code? Any

Insert Into versus Select Into
I was using "SELECT INTO" in access 2007 to insert all values from one table into another. This function deletes the table then reinserts everything. If I wanted to use INSERT INTOand insert all values from 1 row of one table into another how would I write this?

Form SQL insert into
At the moment I am building forms. I could write away the forms data away with a conventional way. But I would like to use an SQL query for it. Now I am aware of it that VBA is required to do this.

But every time the SQL query seems to be placed in the VBA. I am wondering if its possible to make an reference to an query which is saved in access it self (so the SQL query is nothard-coded).

Table Data Analysis
So I am a new access user, but have a good amount of experience programming VBA in excel. I have a database for which I am trying to write some code to analyze data regarding fish movement.

In one table I have a list of each fish in my study tagged with a unique numerical ID code.

I have a system in the field where 12 different antennas are setup that can detect the presence of the fish when they pass the antenna location.

What I want to do is count the number of paired detections for each fish. For example if we have a record of fish #1 passing antenna 1 and 2 then that is a single detection. Or if fish 1 passes antenna 6 and 8 that is a single detection.

This would be somewhat easy to write in excel, but having trouble figuring out how this would be done in access. Specifically how I can reference table values from access and how to write the total count values to a new table

Write data to table without closing form
I'm still a novice at VBA so forgive me is this is laughably easy!

I need to log the date a certain form is first accessed by the user, so I can display a message that further information will be required by a 14-day deadline. This date will also trigger certain actions later, so I need to store it.

The form's record source is a table which contains (among other things) a field called ActivationDate. I have put this on the form but kept it invisible. I'm trying to use code to log the date the user first opens this form. So far I've got

If Me.ActivationDate.Value = Null Then
'If no date is yet stored, then
Me.ActivationDate.Value = Date
'store the current date.
'<-- what should I put here to physically write the date into the table? End If : : .(rest of code for this form). :

I've tried DoCmd.Save and I've tried Me.Update, but so far nothing works

Using Access VBA to check if the record exists in the table
Ive got a form with subform

Main form consist of


and in the subform
ProductNumber,Product Description, Stock, Price, Final Price.

Now the form and subform works as insert

What I want is to check if the productnumber exists, then the productdecription filled, and I insert values to stock, price, etc.
If not, then we add a new product.

I figure out with Recordsets. but where should I put the vba code?
on Form Load?
using after update into the product id