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How To Turn Off Autocomplete In Access Vba

Autocomplete combo box by repeating first letter...
I'm trying to set up a combobox to autocomplete based on the first letter only. For example, in a name field, if I press A once it will fill Adams, by pressing A again it will move to the next name - Allen, and etc.

I see this function in web forms all the time when filling the US state field.

Combo-Box Filter/Autocomplete Question
I have a form to track tasks by employees.

In this form the user must select the employee and position for each task.

What I would like to do is make one of those fields autocomplete based on the other.

Employees work in different positions from day-to-day. So having a set-in-stone parameter will not work in this case.

Would it be possible to have a form to assign and remove employees to positions at shift changes in order to meet the stated goal? How would I go about accomplishing this?

I had planned on using two drag and drop fields to filter "available" employees, but this will not accomplish my autocomplete goal

Can you disable all menus in vba?
Is it possible to disable menus and the bar down the side that allows you to navigate to different form, menus, tables, etc. using vba. I know I can disable the menus in Access Options, but I would like to allow a superuser login where I can turn all of this back on.

does Vba access = excel ?
I m new to access and do not know much about vba.
my question is does vba used in Ms Excel is same as the vba in Ms Access or these two differ from each other. in other words if someone knows usage of vba in Ms excel can he use same knowledge of vba in Ms access or he has to learn vba for ms access separately

Opening Access causes vba to open
So when I open the access application like an end-user would (not holding down shift), VBA automatically opens and the yellow arrow is pointing to the Private Sub Form_Load() method in the first form. I have looked through all of the menu options, but I cannot figure out how to disable this yellow arrow. If I run the play button in VBA, the application will run but I need to turn this yellow arrow off so that we can deploy the application back to the end users. Everytime I close and re-run the application, I am experiencing the same issues. Has anyone else experienced this behavior before? Any comments are appreciated.

Access 2007 Interface
I would like to use code to turn on and off these features:

1) full menus (ribbon - all commands)
2) Navigation Pane
3) Tabbed Documents

How do I do this with VBA?

Set the number of files shown in the list of recently used files
Microsoft Office programs display the last few documents you opened in that program so that you can use those links to quickly access the files. This feature is turned on by default, but you can turn it off, turn it back on, clear, or adjust the number of files that it displays. If this feature was turned off and you subsequently turn it back on, only the files that you open and save after you turn it on are listed.

Can access be used for VBA?
I have found what I need to do - but its a VBA tutorial.

the code looks very similar to what I've been working with in Access, but I was just wandering, what is the actual difference between raw VBA and the VBA access uses?

Auto Correcting Words
I am having a problems with VBA. When I typed in the word for a form, VBA changed it to a different word (I want Transactions & VBA changes it to tRANSACTIONS) so when I try to run the vba code I get and error. I have tried to do a replace all to replace the word with the one I want but VBA changes it to the word it thinks I want.

How do I turn off this auto correction or make it correct the original word so it chnages all the words to the correct typed word?

I don't want to have to use a different word for I would have to change it in many of my SQL and other places I have the word that refers to a form.

Show VBA editor through code
I try to create my own error screens to trap as many errors as possible. However, sometimes I when testing I would like to see the Access error screen. Is there any way to turn off my error checking with code, so I can see Access's instead?

Turning "Use Access Special Keys" Off and On
In Access 2007, is there a way in VBA code to turn the "Use Access Special Keys" value on and off? This parameter can be set manually and is found in Access Options, Current Database. I need to set it programmatically.

Turn OFF Warnings in Access 2010
im using access 2010 ( I know my profile says I have 2000, I hacve both). my question is when a user clicks on a button on my form, an update query runs but then a warning message pops up asking if im sure I want to update. How do I disable this without going into my registry settings? is there an easy button I can click WITHIN access to turn this off

Access 2007 how to turn off update querry confimation.
Access 2007. How to turn off update querry confimation.
I keep geting a window asking me to confirm that I want to update the table when I run an update querry.
How do I turn of the two warnings that I get?

Disable Access shell and only display what I have created
I want to turn off the access shell and only display what I have created. I want it to float on the desktop as if it's a standalone program.

I searched the forums and I found several useful posts concerning this topic but I just wanted to investigate further. I thought I had done this once before in an OLD access program by renaming the file extension. Apparently not?

I'm using MS Access 2007 and the database I built was for the earlier version. Now, I have less room to work with because of the big bulky bars at the top of Access. Then I realized that everyone will see these big bulky bars and confusing menus.

I don't want them to see all that, is there a way to turn them off? Like in excel, you can turn off a lot of the extras before you send it out. It makes it look a lot cleaner, etc.

I read about the workaround, but my knowledge in Access is not 100%. This option doesn't seem feasible anyway.

ComboBox Autocomplete
Using Access 2003, I have a combo box that calls back data to the Row Source using the following:

SELECT Grp.GrpName FROM Grp ORDER BY Grp.GrpName;

As this is a very long list I would like to know if there is any way to show the details as the person using this types in the name (e.g. they type in an 'E' and it moves straight to the 'E's

VBA For MS Access
Microsoft Access is a development environment used to create computer-based databases. To complement it, it ships with a programming language called Visual Basic For Application (VBA). This tutorial provides, examples, and tutorials on how to use VBA in MS Access.

VBA Code To Global VBA
s I have a question about saving VBA As Global Module.

While working with Access and VBA There are many VBA codes which we use very frequently for example:
Private Sub close_Click()
End Sub

How to save this as Module and then call to a button

2010 Access Query - Turn off auto complete?
When I create a query and start typing in something in the criteria, Access is anticipating what I’m typing and auto-filling a name. How do I turn it off? 2007 version did not do this!

VBA For MS Access
Microsoft Access is a development environment used to create computer-based databases. To complement it, it ships with a programming language called Visual Basic For Application (VBA). This FunctionX site provides lessons, examples, and tutorials on how to use VBA in MS Access.

MS Access 2003 vs MS Access 2007
I want to learn at least basic VBA coding for my job. I have done no programming before yet I'm creating a database as my main job as an intern. I've found a book in the library which istitled VBA Access 2007 but my company uses MS Access 2003.

Are there big differences between the two when it comes down to VBA? Or none at all?

Otherwise are there any better ways of learning VBA online or elsewhere?